I I comes GALLERY University of lighthouses and stations. v Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400 I PEME'S PALACE mutt Glasgow Ewan Moody explains why he believes ; ext 2:812. Mlolgl—Fri 10am-5pm; Sat ()[2D2]3.Ch:toen—Sat 10am-5pm; Sun noon pm. . . . “mam “metatgga: ) to be A Decade of Flue Art: New Work by Once a museum for the working class. now a the at or 0 mo at Graduates ol Duncan oi Jamming repository for all sorts of ephemera

College of Art, 1982-1992 Until 6 Mar, A connected with Glasgow's history touring version of the hugely succesful show everything from old cigarette packets to

"am i m

organised to celebrate the college's suffragettes‘ campaigning material.

ix'xe' animal,” are "Sled by cm’ the" centenary. which featured artists David Mach I Ml m Centre for

i i alphabeticany by venua' shows "in be m l and Alistair MacLennan. Developmental Arts. 18 Albion Street. 552 "fled' prom!“ gm: “culture?” ouArga::s l I COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent 2822. Mon—Fri loam-5pm. j 3‘ "mm" “"5 ° m l’“ ‘3 °"- 1 Street. 221 6370. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm. Art In Town: Until Thurs 18 Feb. Project 12. t [minimum “sun” can")in by Wanda : Plllllp Braham: I“ Paintings and Drawings European disabled artists present examples of l - Fm“- : Until Thurs 25 Feb. Works by an unusual their billboard artworks. which have been i ' ; new talent. inspired by Bellini. Holbein and displayed in six European cities. See Art

l Breu e1. Gallery and Museum. i . - 3.9": EXPOSURE 38 Bath succt‘ L I COgIlPER IHSTITUTE 84 Clarkston Road. I MAN’SLMIIP 3 Castle Street. 552 l ‘~" 5' 2‘ 61‘ MOQTSat '0" Owl-(3pm Cathcart. 637 2264. 8819. Mon—Fn 10am—5pm; Sun 11am—5pm. g . : Umll 4 Man A“ hxp‘x‘mr? annual Craft Fair Sat 20 Feb. 1 lam—4.30pm. Plus The only surviving medieval house in ' 9 “h'b”"’",Pm’“e-“ {he “"5 of Swill-“h . all-day cafe. Glasgow. built in 1471. Period room displays . a . female artists. In this selection: Alison, - I cyan GERBER "K m 148 west Regent range from 15004918. ~- : Eh'Slltgllhel-Cslcy Agiliu; Catriona Quu‘k- I Street. 221 3095. Mon-Sat 9.30am—5.30pm. I SCOTLAND STREET 80m MUSEUM 225 r .6 s i i "’"a "W" “'l "l m Works trotn Stock including works by Scotland Street. 429 l202. Mon-Sat ' ' l ' " ' l szm'" Wu"; “fig'NROVE Gustav Klimt. Derain. Eric Gill. Penrose and lOam—Spm; Sun 2—5pm. cafe. [D]. Mc‘l’aggart on the beach at Machflhanis “9‘ Mon—8‘“ Hmm‘ pm' u" 3 well-known Scottish artists. Desrgned by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and

l 1am—5pm. Cafe. [D] Voluntary guides are i I EWAI MINDY FINE Al" 48 West George now home to archive material on education available free of charge to conduct parties or Street. 33] 2406 Momsat 9.30am_5.30pm' in Scotland from 1872 onwards. individuals round the main galleries. Ask at ' mm” Henson" (18354910,: m Fm Reconstructed classrooms give a flavour of

looking at Mclaggart’s pictures from 1850 to 1900 you see a man who was

primarily trained in the glue-pot the enquiry desk; y or Modern Scottish Painting Until 20 Feb. Victorian. Edwardian. Second World War

Victorian idiom developing almost into ri::’u$ancufim zghfjcb' 2mg"? {mm the Sir James Caw saw ‘the whole evolution of and 19605 schooldays. .

a Post-1m resslonist alnter. Idon’t a 0‘ m." a "y" ‘5 3“ c .‘N "W" modem painting from pre-Raphaelitism t0 3"" m“: 7" MY.” Um” 23 Feb-

know " use impetus cpame "om seeing retrospective of the scottlsh artist. who draw Impressionism. and even farther. embodied photographs of Children in Scotland. Sudan. on llls Highland inheritance and love of in MCTaggants work. This Show focuses on Ethiopia. Nepal. Romania. the west Bank

lmpressronist works in Paris or Londol fishing communities_ . his output from I 880 m 1910. and me Gaza Strip. or in Scottish collections. 1 think for Exploitation Earth Until 18 Apr. A timely I mow prim studio 22 King Street. W 36"!th 3! ll" "tilt"

me when he starts to lose the figures, examination of some of the ways in which 552 0704 Momsat mam_5.30pm. Um“ 5 Mar. which are very awkwardly done in the natural resources arecxploitcd and fat what naviti liens paving; prints, mm and I m MUSEUM Ayr Street. 557 803 and early 90s, when they become PU'WSC-‘i "‘6 cthlblmf" mm?“ “mm” Paintings Until Sat 20 Feb. Surreal images 1405. Mon—Fri 10.30am-5pm; Sat Integrated into the landscape, that’s e""”°""‘e""f”?“‘,“y “hemamcs' which draw on the artist's experiences 10am-4.30pm; Sun 2—5pm. the great achievement of his painting. . n y . H, d . H _ b.” I, d I. g , rave me an at arms In us a la. n , ~ . . Mcl’aggart was obviously interested ll? “"9" 0 ‘13 Mme“ f ‘19:" ‘3‘ 'IM‘") Africa and Russia. museum In Bnlaln- St I l UStl'llllOllS an scenes 0 i an ear y of "‘8 Mom: 0... Sat m Tm.”|.: m m m of m a A" century DUlnbanon Mar. Evocativc pictures leel'ng sometimes he would Palm who revived interest in etching at the turn of I m 167 Rent-few document the demise of the locomotive Since landscapes for his own pleasure and the century. . ~ . S"ch 332 9797. Momm 108m_5pm; Sm 1937_ A tdevoied amateur, Tosunoglu's then, to satisfy the market, he would Project 12 Until Sun 21 Feb. 178 varied mummmn. [D]~ main subjects are people and their throw in a few tigures. it is a problem Works by‘ disabled artists from the twelve lzC Look um” 37 Feb. M by people with mile environments and vanishing traditional he finally resolved by integrating the “NF”??? 36%??an "‘0 Bc'g'um'ba-‘cd or no sight. values. ' figures into the landscape, so they :E‘ednl'l” i'of‘" "3‘ ; . , , . 5 Design Photoeleth Department: Work III I m m 279-281 High Street. 552 8‘0 ed be." a sore emba ant an 8' 0. go bntll 4 Apr. TWO works "com Um” Sat '3 Feb. 215]_Tue_sat Ham_5.30pm_ i lap . 9 "335'" by the intemationally renowned artist. to “new.” at swimml m SaI 20 m who M 2 Um“ 27 Feb. Newly n t emiddle. The west-coast sublect! complement the Niki dc Saint Phillie Feb—5 Mar. commissioned works on the theme of the are lmmamy 0' "smug sublects! he s retrospective at the McLellan Galleries. I "mam m may University of waterway _ ancient source of folklore. food‘ looking at a way of life which is now Davie painted these works alter his Glasgow. 82 Hillhcad Street. 339 8855 ext trade and me foundation of many towns and 'm us. collaboration Wlth the artist In l . Mon_Fri 9.30anl_5pm; 88[ cities. artist/photographers took pan in lie must he one at the few painters ti mm: "'3- collamml" will?“ 9.30am—5pm. the shiny. which also includes archive come from a Gaelic background and “'7‘” ‘4 Mar- Evan“ 9‘“ 'h? "f'cf‘ d'g'm' I American Screenprints trout the material from the Summerlee Heritage Trust. he a major and tormidable painter. I "ammo" ‘CChn"'°g.y '" Sm“ 0'. . . Collection of llcba and Dave William Until The project was organisediomtly by these think all the Glasgow Boys and the P“‘.’“’;“’*$.°f‘fl‘fifh‘hcfiif, in wiiwdm" l 7 At"- .Thc only Scottish sbowing on. an two galleries. and Stills Gallery. Edmbutght colomifls had a great Issue“ for mm m 50‘" y' ‘x y “r ' U‘ L international tour of this unrivalled pnvate Where work IS also 00 Show. Here: Martyn b h h S‘kaat 1058!“? Brodsky and “the” collection. which stretches from the i920s to Greenhalgh. Jim Hamlyn. Annette Heyer and ecause ‘3 “35‘ e "‘3" ""0 chant!“ accompany the ""8868- . the heyday of Pop Art in the 1960s. and archive photographs brought together by in m "and until Apr. WOOGCUIS includes works Warhol. Pollock. Jasper David Peace and Haddow. browns of the 18503, Compared to his from the‘last five centun'es and drawn from Johns and Roy Lichtenstein. I m“ my 23 King street. contemporaries he painted with the Wl'ém' European COPmncfi - cenmng 0 I iitittTEiilAll MUSEUM Glasgow University. 552 4813. Mon—Sat noonjbpm. iDl. coloufs 0' the mlnbo'_ "craggan “a. particularly on the pioneering work of -(lth University Avenue. 339 8855. Mon_sat Law “mm Um” 27 Feb_ The me only homegrown palm" to century illustrators.‘includlng examples by 9.3()am_5pm_ intentionally dry title indicates the lack of mtmduce ""5 Dole." a". “we 0' Will“? ROdSCT and Stephen campbcu- The bequest of William Hunter. a student of innovation which has come to be associated. painting which omemlse ourd om I Bum“ W.“ 190 0"ch R‘md‘ Glasgow University in the 17305. who left rightly or wrongly. with this genre. Monk.

"ad In France' "a aImost verges "no spring ammo" Throughom Feb' Featuring and various other curiosities to the university. p0llthS alld Pmconceplions 0f landscape- alistract Impressionism in some very ceramics by Christine Cox and Geoff Cox. mm“, mm”. m, m in W“,

great late examples, exploring I Bllllllill CON-50m" Pollttkshaws R030. 1880-1918 Until 27 Feb. A British Museum EDINBURGH atmospheres and senses and colours 649 7151- Mon-Sat mam-5pm? 3”" touring exhibition. and light. There’s a complete freedom ‘am‘SPm' Cafe- “31' I LIIJJE ART GALLERY 1 Grange Ave.

The collection of Edwardian tycoon William Mil" avic 943 M0n_Fn' loam_5 m. _ to his colour and hmsnwork that "one Bun‘ell. including furniture. paintings. Sm afid Sun 3_5pm. p . . m m George W Budge' 225

of his contemporaries ever developed . - ' - S 9 l ' ceramics and glass. housed in an elegant "an Mack: palm." Um” 27 Feb_ 5534- Mon—F“ 9am—9pm». 3‘ am- Pm- lle moved the whole gamut of modem purposebum gallery, Recorded descriptions " . Harvesting tor Health Until 13 Mar. A look I McLEIJMl GALLERIES 270 Sauchlehall . . . painting. and thennoforms available for the benefit of . _ _ . at the history. tradition and future of some 0' Ms painnngs are awn“. . n _ . d _ . Street. 331 1854 . Mon Sat 10am 5pm. Sun Herbalism Visua y impalre VlSltOl’S. and Mon 1 lam_5 m. D . ~ - and don’t worlt- Bill l’d Still that from "Will" it WWW Until 28 Feb A rare iiilti tie Saint Phalie: I'lorlllte and Art Until 4 . ' m m W Market 3m" 225 the 18503 m 1910 h k I chance to see a large show of works by the , . . . 2424- Mon-53‘ lOam‘5l’m- , e ma es a onger I 9th C I n. 1 t f h I t . g Apr. A major retrospective of the exuberant n" '0." pun.“ Um“ Sat I 3 Feb_ How lourney than any other Scottish . . c? uryna mo; (my 0.38 0", pu '5 French artist best known for her outsize docs gender affect production and painter has made, from the dark gglgvngfiing SCUlercs "f “mm” and her eccemfic presentation? This show examines the subject de ths of Victorian alntln to the .i . - i - . . muabormi‘ms With late hmband Jean throu h the work of five contem ra Scots. ' em '1 l 'm I p ist 9: I ' people at the seasrde resort of TrouVlllc. and Tingucly. m 8 Mb.” U .1 ll;on '3 a " mess on m" 9' "93 0 rare market and street scenes. as well as a I ""6"le "BM." Nonh Street M0n_Fri 8" "I Sh' {m a" . the landscapes around his house selection of contemporaneous costumes; I 9 mama m, Sat 9 mam_5 m ' SPOIllghl 0" the many Clean“? USCS ‘0 “well outside Edinburgh and on the west Boudin was noted for his elegant depictions "hm ma 5, m em Up 1'27 F b A mbb'sh “33 been 9‘" across “'3 “’.°""‘ . coast In ms '9 N am" (“the periods faghiom . . _ n" . e '_ _ sandals made out of rubber tyres in Zambia: ai st b 7:“ "I P I you . CENTRE FOR Am pictorial record of the history of shipbuilding Can-wean steel drums; the perennial problem can mo tea a a a f. ( ) in the Clyde 18l 349308. as depicted by of rubbish disposal and recycling is re_

s 346—354 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521. , ,, r , . - . Some of William Mcl’aggart s Tuc_5m l laws.”me [D]. James Viotherspoon in the 4000 or so examined and mummy.

palnflngs are cunenuy on Show at Next exhibition. Tracer Mt'Kt’IlIltl. starts 27 '"ufic‘fifi‘qzamshlps‘ Ml O’Connor Sat 13 Feb—20 Mar. Near- Ewan Moody Flne Al’t, Glasgow. Mar. 5 'p u' “5' m" m“ ‘m eng‘mer‘st abstract works which retain elements

52 The List 12—25 February 1993