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Student charity events are usually something you want to run away from: tradition demands - who knows since when or why that a student raising money has to do it in a nightie. or a furry costume. or on top of a float.

Edinburgh University students raising money for the Students Cancer Appeal are much more decorous: they do it in Versace. Armani. Hamnett and Gaultier. This is the second year that the organisation. whose committee comprises seven industrious third-year students. has raised money for cancer charities by holding a fashion show at Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms.

Daniel Marks studies History of Art and is chairman of the committee that

organises the show. He was succesfully .

treated for testicular cancer live years ago. when he was studying for A Levels, and his parents set up a fund in his name by way of thanks for the attention he received. Marks has worked as a stylist and assistant writer for Vogue. and it occurred to him that a fashion show would be an effective and entertaining way of raising money. refreshingly free of the worthiness that clings to so many charity do‘s.

‘I was very keen on it being a student- based event.‘ says Marks. ‘1 think a lot of people have the wrong impression about students they think that they're lazy. that they don't do anything except stay up late and talk about philosophy. without really knowing what they're saying. There are groups of students that aren’t like that.‘

Students model the clothes from the Spring/Summer collection. lent this year by Cruise shops in Edinburgh and

Glasgow. Clarins are doing the models‘

make-up. and Charles Kivlin has once again offered to arrange their hair. Haagen-Dasz are providing the all—

Salton changes

A radical manllesto designed to shock Edinburgh’s Salton Studios into lite is being proposed by the venue’s newly- appolnted events manager, Peter Scott. Ceilidh nights, male strippers and lesbian discos will soon otter an alternative to the city’s regular club scene. Salton Studios has suttered numerous management changes in the past, but Scott’s intention ‘is to create a venue which caters for the widest possible spectrum of the community.’

A tonner miner, Scott has worked closely with thtrical

fundamentalists The Gressmarltet Prolect with whom he is collaborating to convert the club into a Fringe venue for East German theatre. But the real lun begins later this month, when Chippendale-nos can enjoy a cheaper version oi the beetcalte bimbos on 24 February, and a season of cellidh benellts starts one day later.

By offering a diverse mix to appeal to a broad (and broad-minded) spectrun, Scott may succeed where others have failed. ‘The Dalton has had a bad reputation’, he admits. ‘But in the last tew years it has been trouble-tree, and our aim now is to otter alternatives rather than more of the same.’ (Aaron llicltlin)

Anyone interested in booking the venue should contact Peter Scott on 1 558 3758.

Brian McMaster

I Festival clears delicit: Encouraging figures from the 1992 Edinburgh lntemational Festival have cleared the organisation’s deficit of £180,000. The results from last August's events. which are subject to final audit and Festival Council approval, show a surplus in the region of £190,000 despite a reduction in ticket sales and a drop in total audience frotn 480.000 in 1991 to 472,000 in 1992. Savings in production expenses and overheads. combined with strong support from sponsors. allowed the Festival to surpass its target ofclearing the deficit over two years. ‘That this has been achieved in the midst of a deep worldwide recession is a fantastic tribute to the Festival‘s staff and our local supporters.‘ said Director Brian McMaster. ‘However. it is essential that we invest considerably more resources in the programme for 1993 and beyond if Edinburgh is going to maintain its position at the forefront of the world's festivals.‘

jewellery shop in St Stephen Street will lend a priceless head-dress and diamante bra tres Gaultier.

The money raised by the event is to be shared between the Royal Marsden Hospital. Sutton where it supports a consultant working in the Testicular Tumour Unit and the Diagnostic Radiology Department and the Fairmile Marie Curie Centre. an Edinburgh hospice that cares for more than 300 patients every year.

Testicular cancer is curable in 95 per cent of cases. but. says Marks. the treatment might be briefer and less painful if men learned to examine themselves and spot abnormalities earlier. 'While women are taught to examine themselves. men really aren't. and there's a great taboo around the subject. Very few people die of testicular cancer and 1 never doubted that l was going to get better. but all the i

same. chemotheraphy isn't very pleasant. it seems silly to have to go though all that treatment just to become aware of the risks.~

Marks hopes that the annual fashion show may carry on in Edinburgh after he leaves. if he chooses to work in fashion. the experience will prove very useful to him and to the other members of the committee. who will be able to say that they organised and executed a major event for the city. and made about £6000 for charity at the same time. (Miranda France)

I Glasgow rector: A last minute appeal ; has allowed Helena Kennedy QC to ,5

join the list of candidates for rector of Glasgow University. Invited to stand

several months ago by the university's 3 Labour Club. problems arose when the letter of consent from Kennedy was signed by her assistant and not. as the rules state. by the candidate herself. However. a second letter was dispatched by rail which. after a dash across the city. made it to the Principal‘s office ten minutes before the period for appeals closed. Kennedy now joins eight others including Taggart‘s Mark McManus. Eastenders Pam St Clements. broadcaster Johnny Ball and poet/playwright Liz Lochhead '— contesting the student-elected seat

The Students Cancer Appeal Fashion Show takes; plaee on Mon 22 Feb at 7. 30pm in the Assembly Rooms. George Street. Tiekets are [/8 eaeh for the show and ehampagne reception. or £8 currently held by pm Kane. The for the show only. and (‘an be obtained election takes place on Friday 5 March. from Annabel Oakley on 03/ 55 7 I 7/8. E I water privausaflon; Citizens Advice

Scotland has published its response to the Scottish Office‘s consultative paper on the future of water and sewage in Scotland under the ominous title ‘A Flood of Problems'. The organisation recommends that. whatever option is finally chosen. consumers' rights must be protected and that all households receiving income support should receive a 100 per cent water rebate. with tapered rebates for those on incomes above that level. CAS also criticises metering of water and moves south of the border to evict local authority tenants for non-payment. l Valentine message: Scottish students will attempt to create a world record for the most popular Valentine cards in history this weekend. But the sentiments. delivered by an anonymous student to Scottish Education Minister, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton. do not express undying love. The Valentines - signed by students from across Scotland are the latest in the NUS's campaign against government plans to legislate against the student movement and. instead of the usual ‘Roses are red . verses. their message is clear: ‘Don‘t break my heart Don‘t break my students union‘. Student leaders hope the cards will draw attention to the threat posed by the government policy of Voluntary Student Membership to the welfare. social and representational facilities offered by Student Associations across the country. I Dundee merger: Dundee University's Court has voted to support a merger with the city‘s Duncan of Jordanstone College of An. Now that the proposal

has been agreed by both institutions. a merger document will be passed to the

Secretary of State for approval. The new establishment would cater for

l around 6500 students. with the art

college retaining its identity as a faculty

j ofthe university. I Video course: Edinburgh Video Training Course is currently accepting

applications for a full time practical video production course which starts in April. No previous experience is necessary. but applicants should be _! aged 18—24. live in the Edinburgh area | and have been unemployed for six ; months or more. Contact John McVay

at EVTC, 36 Thistle Street Lane North

West. Edinburgh EH2 IEA (031 225 g 6519). The closing date for completed

forms is 26 Feb.

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