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An initial accredited teacher training course in Teaching of a carpet Glasgow/Edinburgh.

English to Speakers of Other languages. Taken over 5 3:22“... Good

weeks full-time or 14 weeks part-time, this course leads rates: single item £15m

NATIONA l. MUSEUMS . . . . . . h m.“ m wing approx £35. Free W “(m A“) to an Internationally recognised qualification. Further .:..:,:....; Handgun help m. l I details homg lifting. No hourly charge.

Sympathetic and friendly service.

Scot Ed Courses (British Council Recognised) Tel: Neil on 031 447 7583.

7 KOW TOWN _ I Joiner IE. Duggan. Reliable Edinbu h tradesman. All types of '9 joinerwork undertaken in Central

lOl Scotland. Phone Penicuik 76565.

The Department of Public Affairs is looking for a suitably qualified candidate for the postofEducation Singing/plug l Officer (Schools). The successfulapplicant will work qualified teacher for all styles

' front pop tociassicai ‘_ as a member of the Education Team. (including ABR‘SM. grades). Beginners welcome. Good rates.

You will be expected to develop school programmes Phone 041 554 5075 (evenings) l to complement exhibitions in the Museums and the | \ 1 C changes in the school curriculum in Scotland; to “3'9 3‘?" "m WW.“ I d te chers' resource material' to establish a 'mpm'smmn (any '"sm’mcm’ Q pro U09 3 . O . . I with experienced tutor with music programme of m-servrce training for teachers honours degree and exclusive particularly in relation to the 5-14 programme; to holistic method. You are net-er marketNationalMuseums ofScotland resource packs midst)"; ‘(S’p‘ggfg‘i'fi ‘0 . e' . o e .. .. and programmes effectively. THE SALISBURY CENTRE This is a permanent appointment Aromatherapy Massage: with

Gelda MacGregor. Sat 20 Feb. . . . 10.30—6pm. Hts/£12. This will be You must be a graduate, have a teaching qualifica- a day of free-style practice

tion and several years of teaching experience in in developinglhc arlnf schools; you must have proven verbal and written “amtgjfffilgcs'iggi1::“In?”

. . . . . ' S CC C ‘6 communication skills and be aware of the exrsting

other styles of massage. Bring I l

and potential education role of museum collections. Q with you: large towel. small hand towel. small oil bowl. vegetable oil and loose clothing.


Salary: Initial placing on the Curator E scale in the . , , . A Day oi Reflexology and ra nge £13, 449 to £17, 916 subyect to qualifications and General p00, Massage. with Gem experience. Progress within the scale is performance MacGregor. Sun 21 Feb. related. 10.30—530pm. £18/L‘i2. A basic introduction to the theory and techniques of Reflex Zone

TELEPHONE: O41~429 3838

Application forms may be obtained in writing to Therapy. Mrs. M. Donaldson, Personnel Office, Royal Bring with you a small cushion. Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh . “Wm WM" and a “"3” EH1 iJF uotin th b v fe be . hand mm" . Cl 8 ea. 0 9 ’9 Hem." mil“ 7- g The Breath Within the Breath: Closrng date for receipt of applications is 19 j with Nivcd and Bat-ara. Sat 27 and 2 February 1993. ' Sun 28 Feb. Sat iO—Spnt. Sun f

9—4pm. Sat only £17.50/L‘25. whole weekend £3()/£-1(). A weekend of meditation using the breath as the door. To book contact: The Salisbury Centre 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH6 5A3. Tel: 031 667 5438

An Equal Opportunities Employer

I The Edinburgh Pilates Centre l8A Torphichen Street. is

the only Pilates-based exercise

A studio in Scotland. Pilates is a PS highly specialised method which cogouusflum scam” (Eh Strenglhensr [oncsr and Improves offers 5-day training courses I S - llllll Posmre- Personal Programmes during weekends in Edinburgh. t devised to suit individual F t. -h ~ t 1 if he. 1, The Queen 8 requirements. Phone Jane Paris on or pwp L 0 “an 0 b O (

_ increase self confidence. or to Clerk Street Edinburgh EH8 QJG 031 229 2868- Mon-F“ {mm break out of old behaviour

' I 9.30am; Sat from 10am. patterns. Co-counseiling is self- s help therapy: people taking equal

18 February time to be ‘ciient’ and ‘counsellor , - 'nt m. For more info: . . . . 12°00 N°°" 3009'“ 'nti'ne 0313328661. Drstnbutzon Since 1987 Workshop m) in °- . W performance practise and THE cam Lastyear we distributed 304, 000 posters, 4.3 ear'y mu.s'c ‘eChmques A 12 WEEK course in personal Learn to partner dance to any type 4 million Icaflets & "flaw" brOChures' we for mus": smdems by ' development and global V of music anywhere. collect & deliver/or recycling all out of date CrISpian Steele-Perkins understand"! pmsented Ceroc is an exciting. stylish form . I (Brass) a d Gillian Fisher 0" "fm‘xlcmj‘VC based 0" mater” ' bghwew French rock and roll. l-hour IOSOD. I ISS d2h sf 5! . . . .. Open to the public 4th Maw" 7-0097" deanfirhglilNo ngdkl torliizirl: To dlStnbUIQ 0r recel V3 pUbIlClly F f b h [e hone partner. Wednesdays. 7—i()pm. t ° Admission Free °{031'f§5§%°11"5(§ay, The Venue. 490 Sauchiehalla material contact us on tommmmn. 558 3455 (041) 339 2901 (eves) M,§‘;;g;;fi':ng°g,figgggm 03] 555 1897 or 555 2905

70 The List 12—25 February 1993