I Lesley, wear those high-heeled patent lace-up boots for me again. 8.

I HQ” Valentine to everyone at Factory Records. Thanks

for the beautiful art that changed our lives and best of luck for 1993. Forever watching love grow

I John We think you‘re the biggest hunk in the office. Love from the girlies.

I To the gorgeous boy at No 41 you‘re the biggest. wannest. most generous sweetheart 1 know! See you soon with lots of love and cuddles Susannah.

I To my wee baby baby love you loads. Squidgy bum xxx.

I To the gorgeous boy in the back room of The List. Happy Valentine‘s Day. Love?

I Torn Feel like being close to you Monsieur Bergerac. so 1 am sending you this ‘wee dram' on Valentine's day. Much love Jane. I To Paul the next pastorius. Let's stick together and make music forever. And you can fondle my Fender anytime! Love (-bites) from Morticia. X





T T L.

p ..__. ._.

74 The List lZQESl-February 1993


2 3

I Roses are red Violets are blue. for Box 192/2 it‘s heaven

for you. Lots and lots of love. hugs and all things sexy. Remember heaven is in a Box Number.

I Mr Motor 1 love your back seat driving. and the way you

like to park. you can pull into my layby anytime. just please don't leave your mark. Phyllis. xxx

I The Georgie was a porgie she was a pudding. she was a pie! 1 will love you forever. even when the Garibaldi sauce is done - will you? Love Garibaldi.

I George maybe it will be okay being weird friends. Face it. we can't break that spell. Love you. Kitty. xx

I Tom saw your photo in The List at Christmas. Thought you looked like a bit of a lad. Love from the Grumpy Bitch.

I 6a: Womble-features you're the brightest glitterball that

ever did sparkle in T-shirts or out. Here‘s to endless quality

times with kites. stripes and ripping nights. From a Calvin fan. I Little Nanie Noropie Happy Valentine‘s Day. Thank you for the last seven years. 1 love you. All my love. sweetpea. P.S. Cannot wait until the first of May. I To Fireman Sam! Come on baby. light my fire! And together we can extinguish it! Love from force 9!



Print in BLOCK CAPITALS and send to:

CLASSIFIED ADS. The List. 14 High St. Edinburgh. EH1 lTE or CLASSIFIED ADS. The Old Athenaeum Theatre. 179 Buchanan St, Glasgow, G1 212.

(Not for publication)

E Address ........................... ..

O o O O I o O o o O I 0 o O O O o o I I I I o O O O o I o o O I I I I I o I O o on .90...I0....I.0OOIIIIOOOOOOOOOIIOIOOOO

Print message one word per box (NB Telephone Numbers count as one

Which Section? How many issues? Money enclosed £

ick it you want a semi-display ad

ick it you want a box no (obligatory in personal)


{J .1



I Nicky glob. glob. glob. kiss.

kiss. kiss. Who loves you? x x x I This is to lay sweeten Donna who is almost surely gonna believe me when I say that maybe I love you more than Jelly Babies. I To my darling Sarah Thank you for an amazing eight months. I love you very much and can‘t wait until June 19th! Love and spooky tongues. Jen.

I Mr liiggl Is it true that you have a biggie? I'm dying to know.

I Kirk Please can we be friends again. you ginger tiger you?

Love Mr T.

I George Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for the last ??? years. Love you.

I Nick 1 love you forever and ever. Happy Valentine‘s Day. Nicky.

I lain 1 can't get enough of your number 25. Number lsjust

won‘t do anymore. Love you always. N.

I Gillian Wishing you everything you want now that your confusion has evaporated. Loving you was easy. understanding you and leaving you is difficult. Forgive me. love you always. bye. Adrian.

I Jane Cathanic first year. emotionally sublime. This one will run and run. Many raves to come. Love the Managing Editor.


It has a border all the way round and we can include your company logo.

Rates are £4 per single column centimetre (excl VAT). Minimum size 4cm.

THIS IS SEMI-DISPLAY It has a line above and below and the lineage is centred. The minimum is 20 words and costs £8. Personal ads in this style. including Box Number.

cost from £14.

I This is a lineage ad.

A maximum of 30 words will cost £5 only. Personal ads in this style. including Box Numbers. are £10 for 30 words.

Please note Lineage and Semi Display ads are

inclusive of VAT.

DISCOUNTS lineage/Semi-Display/ Display

2 consecutive insertions 10% 3 consecutive insertions 15% 4 consecutive insertions 20% 6 consecutive insertions 25%

I My IIIIII’ Stay gold and on and on passion and on. Always. Bill & Ted. x

I To Flurry Bunny Feet 1‘" model your lino anyday. From the cat lover.

I iiicits - ‘lt doesn‘t mean we are engaged or anything.‘ I still love you. Ripley.

I To Alex at The Tron. I wanted to write you a poem. But nothing rhymes with Alex except Daleks (and that‘s daft!) Kisses from ?

I Laura; My devil in a black dress. come fly with me to the temple of love. Your dark angel (M)

I Mandex Spandex. may you be

lurexed to my durex. Fluffy. xxx I Bike Girl; lead a double life for

me. V

I Meeko; your bum smells. Love Laura.

I Squeeze me, please me. hold me tight.

Its only you Sue. who‘s my delight.

Swing me. twist me. turn me round and round.

An Eightsome Reel won't hold me down.

Dash my sergeant. strip my willow Then rest your head upon my pillow.

The monster dancer.

I Had K. That hair. those lips. that willpower . . .plus 97 other things. Loch Ness Monsta.


SECTION ransom


I Jo ‘Day after day. 1 will walk and 1 will play. but the day after

I Jessie Brae. you are the best. How I‘d like to be your vest. Riding around. I'd be so high With your nipples in my eye.

The Tree-trunk.

I To Dandelion Dolphin:

Roses are red. violets blue. Perhaps one day I’ll get over you. Wendy.

I To Katherine F. of statistical bent. I

I‘ll cube your splines with good intent.

My mean is high. my median too. A bell-shaped curve is waiting for you.

A square from the hypotenuse.

I Fire on the mountain. fire by the sea.

My heart is glowing with felicity. Fire in my belly. fire in my pizzle: When we‘re together. we won‘t half sizzle.

To The Big C from your fishy friend!

I Tequila. Through the good times. the bad times. I’ve always loved you. Let's slam one more time for old times‘ sake. Do 1 win or what? Gary Nelson.

I To the leader of the Monkey Boot Gang. Do you fancy a long creamy one with a full head? Or a pint of cider and black instead? The Marlborough Man

Lineage: £10 per 30 words (min £10).

Semi-display: £7 per 10 words (min £14).

Box No: included in price.

Lineage: £5 per 30 words (min £5) incl VAT. Semi-display: £4 per 10 words (min £8) incl VAT. Display: £4 per single column cm. excl VAT. Box No: £5 EXTRA per insertion.

1. All ads must be pre-paid. Cheques and PCs made payable

to The List Ltd.

2. Advertisers must supply full name and address (NOT for


3. The List reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement at our discretion and without explanation.

5. With series bookings. alterations cannot be made and no refunds allowed on cancellations after the first insertion.

6. In compliance with current legislation. ads from gay men can only be accepted if both the advertiser and person sought

are over 21.

7. Addresses and telephone numbers are not acceptable for

publication in personal ads.

WE WELCOME CALLERS at 14 High Street (opp. John Knox‘s House). Edinburgh. during business hours.

today. I will stop and 1 will start . . .‘