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' J. French New Wave Videos and T-shirts To Be Won!

Electric Pictures release three classics of the French New Wave on video this month. Borne out of the stuffy 50s. the New Wave directors. Jean-Luc Godard being the most influential. celebrated wit, daring, mum _ Ray Bans and Gitane cigarettes in their films. I "'25:," | m I. The List is offering three copies of Godard’s Pierrot Le Fou and line m a" m a“. 1. Femme Est line Femme and Jacques Demy’s lola and three lola t- m “u. 14". “a. M. shirts to the first three arty cinema buffs who can answer to the m. M,“ , following question: “mug-11m 'III 14 Ml, b their SUI! Which groundbreaking French movie was remade for Hollywood starring Richard Gere‘? M~ Wain-Mute

Send your doubtless correct answer on the back of a postcard or sealed envelope, with your name, address and daytime telephone number to: HEW WAVE COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE, to arrive no later than Monday 29th February.

WI“ Damage Books and Oils!

introductory otter trorn The Whole Works, entitling one person to £6 towards a massage Damage is the latest celluloid offering from the 0" ammaihempy French director Louis Malle. Described as an $323”? a; "I? Who'ei ‘erotic drama’ (aren’t they all these days?). it mgses’zgnzzglsmle stars Jeremy Irons and Juliet Binoche tackling Edinburgh, 225 mm Book by appé'mm. om" her second English-speaking role after the considerably more sedate Wuthering Heights. The Cameo Cinema has given us 5 books, 2 OO soundtracks and 1 pair oi tickets to distribute as is our wont among you lot. but only if you can I

valid from 11 Feb until 11 Mar. answer this question. Correctly. of course.


Which film did Jeremy Irons win his Oscar for? I .-

Answers, along with name, address and daytime telephone number to: DAMAGE COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE, to arrive no later than Thursday 25th February.

Win Singles Soundtracks and Tops!

A Thirtysomething for I twentysomethings with guitars and a greasy hair. But enough about E] Singles, the Matt Dillon/Bridget Ii. Fonda goofy romantic comedy ‘fl‘ the soundtrack is the real prized A item. featuring tracks from all your ‘grunge‘ favourites like Screaming Trees. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and

some chancer called Jimi Hendrix.

The List has me on copies 0' the Ten sets oi two tickets for the price oi one to see mm soundtrack and me long_ The Britten iiuartet perform at the iiueen's Hall,

sleeved Singles tops to give away Edinburgh on 15 Feb. Drier doesn t apply to

concessions. to the first five people who can answer the following grungetastic m question: cutout-mausoleum“

I mumnummmm Alice In Chains’ current hit single INN-“Mmmumfl! 4 ', features on the soundtrack. Name O‘mmhmum

that tune. m Correct answers only please. with your name. address. and daytime “mm”, “mug...” telephone number to: SIIIOLES m “3 .1 m b W m M COMPETITION, The List, 14 High W on the outside II that your one I‘ Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE, to alias are attached to one! answer. seal the arrive by Monday 29th February. m m u I. W '3" m “a

, p ' . m... MW.W" L FOB COMPETITION WINNERS SEE PAGE 75 mum'wum. J'

The List IZ—ZS February 1003 79