cult bit if it can find its audience in the first place. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Won (PG) (Mark Joffc. Australia. 1992) Anthony Hopkins. Ben Mendelsohn. Bruno Lawrence. 93 mins. Hopkins. a sort of 60s version of Sir John Harvey-Jones. investigates an Aussie moccasin factory that‘s not keeping up to production levels. Soon he's seduced by the sheer eccentricity of the place and its employees. Ealing-style comedy that undoubtedly exists out of its proper time. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Soft Top, Hard Shoulder (15) (Stefan Schwartz. UK. 1992) Peter Capaldi. ljlaine Collins. Richard Wilson. 91 mitts. A Scot living in London has to return home to his native Glasgow for a family party. but meets varioUs hazards on the road north. not the least of which is the slightly bizarre Yvonne. (‘apaldi‘s script perfectly captures that typically Scottish balance of innocent charm and sly humour. Not in the fast lane. perhaps. but motoring steadily towards its destination. Strathclyde: WMR. I Some like It Hot (PG) (Billy Wilder. LS. 1959) Tony Curtis. Jack Lemmon. Marilyn Monroe. 120 mins. Two impecunious male musicians inadvertently witness the St Valentine‘s Day Massacre aitd take refuge in Florida with Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopators. an all-female band. Brilliant. brittle. crackerjack farce with all concerned at a peak in their careers. lidinburgh: Filmhouse. I Stamnthelm (15) (Reinhard Hauff. W. Germany. 1986) Ulrich Pleitgen. L'lrich Tukur. Therese Affolter. 105 mins. I‘siiig court transcriptions. letters and prison memoranda. this controversial film recreates the trial of the Baader-Meinhoff group in the 1970s. In a memorable and highly intense attempt to analyse the causes and effects of terrorism. Hauff criticises the intolerance of both perpetrators and those who inflict narrow-minded judgements upon them. Glasgow: GI-T. I Stay Tuned (PG) (Peter ily'ams. tis. 1992) John Ritter. Pam Dawbcr. Jeffrey Jones. 89 mins (‘ouch potato Roy Knable and wife getted zapped into T\' Hell and have to survive 24 hours of deadly game shows and other broadcast spoofs in order to return to the real world. Basically an excuse for a succession of lame parodies. it plays to the attention span of TV audiences by never being in one joke situation for more than a few minutes. Try another channel. Glasgow: MGM Parkhead. l-‘ife: Glenrothes. All I'(‘ls. I Strictly Ballroom (PG) (Ba/ ~l.uhrmann. Australian. 1991 ) Paul Mercurio. Tara Morice. Bill Hunter. 9-1 mins. Dancei‘loor hopeful Scott Hastings incurs the wralli of the Australian Dance Federation by using his own steps in competition. loses his partner and his friends. but finds love and artistic integrity with the local wallflower. The ultimate feelgood movie. it is crammed with colour. glitter. music and spectacle. lidinburgh: Cameo. (‘entralz MacRobert. Strathclyde: Mothcrwell. Magnum. I Take Me Out to the Ball Game (t') (Busby Berkeley. US. 1949) Gene Kelly. Frank Sinatra. Esther Williams. 93 mins. Trading in on the success of ()n The Town. this MGM musical has a non-swimming Williams as the new owner of a baseball team who tries to charm her chauvinistic eriiployees. Good score. great routines. lidinburgh: liilmhouse. I Taxi Driver (18) (Martin Scorsese. LS. 1976) Robert De Niro. (‘ybill Shepherd. Jodie Foster. 1 14 mins. An alienated taxi driver in New York is so repelled by the squalor and the moral decay around him that he is driven to terrible violence. One of the key films of the Seventies with the Scorsese-De Niro partnership at its peak. Edinburgh l‘lllllhtMsc. I Terminator 2: Judgement Day ( 15) (James Cameron. LS. 1991 ) Arnold Swar/enegger. Linda Hamilton. Edward l-‘urlong. Robert Patrick. 136 mins. The most expensive film ever made. In a reprogrammed role that says much about his changed image since the first movie. Arnie becomes the underdog fighting to protect mother and child from another more advanced cyborg. With an element of uncontn'ved human compassion lurking throughout the gloriously expensive action sequences. as Swanenegger‘s cyborg develops human feelings. this is more than just a $100 million fairground ride. life: New Picture House. I Thelma & Louise (15) (Ridley Scott. US. 1991) Susan Sarandon. Geena Davis. Harvey Keitel. Michael Madsen. 129 mins. The ' buddy/road movie genres are turned on their heads as Sarandon and Davis grasp the steering wheel and head off leaving a trail of murder and mayhem in their wake. On one level. the film is the critical catalyst that had the feminists cheering and put the stars on the cover of 77me magazine; just as importantly. it‘s an accessible piece of entertainment with excellent central rformances. Glasgow: GI‘T. I “"8 i8 Spinal I” ( 15) (Rob Reiner. ITS. 1983) Christopher Guest. Michael McKean.

Harry Shearer. RJ. Parnell. Ed Begley Jr. 82 mins. Certainly the most ingenious. accurate and funny of all spoof rockumentaries. with wonderfully spontaneous dialogue. convincing fly-on-thc-wall camera work. self-penned heavy metal parodies. and of course the amp that goes to 1 1. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Mn Peaks: Flre Walk With Me ( 18) (David Lynch. LS. 1992) Sheryl Lee. Kyle McLachlan. Ray Wise. 135 mins. The move to the big screen to chronicle last seven days in the life of Laura Palmer allows Lynch to go to greater excesses than in the TV series. A dark-hued and disturbing miasma of small-town comiption and perversity. filled with Peakie faves and new cameos. Strathclyde: Motherwell.

I Under Siege ( 18) (Andrew Davis. LS. 1992) Steven Seagal. Tommy Lee Jones. Gary Busey. 103 mins. Die Hard on a boat. with martial arts ace Seagal as the ship's cook and the only man who can take on a group of terrorist revolutionaries who have taken over its nuclear arsenal. A kind of ultra-violent comedy. it should take Seagal out of the video ranks and into the big league. as he's simply a better anti-hero and actor than Jean-Claude. Arnie and Dolph put together. See review. General release.

I UMOTQlVOfl ( 15) (Clint Eastwood. LS. 1992) (‘lint Iiastwood. Gene Hacknian. Morgan l'TL'Clllflll. 123 mins. (‘lint returns to the saddle as a former killer. tamed by his late wife. btit pressed into joining a bounty hunt which takes him to the town of Big Whiskey and into the presence of its sadistic sheriff ( Hackman). A darkly disturbing western which destroys the genre's traditional notions of clear-cut good and evil. instead presenting violent acts as physically and psychologically painful for victim and perpetrator alike. Strathclyde: Motherwell.

I Video: The Left Hand Should Know Acclaimed video artists Breda Beban and llrvoje llorvatic examine the power of memory. the passage of time and the flow of nature in a series of almost archetypal narrative scenes that force us to look below the surface of everyday life. Tue 2 only. lidinburgh: l‘ilmhouse.

I Video: To Barrera . . . light The first in a series of programmes that charts the links between video and pcrfoniiance across more than two decades. with emphasis on the motifs of light. action and sound. Features work by L'lrike Rosenbach. Nan Hoover and Breda Beban. Tue 9 only. lidinburgh: l‘ilmhouse.

I Waiting ( 15) (Jackie McKimmie. Australia. 199(1) Noni Hazlehurst. l)cborra-Lee l:urllt:s.\. l-‘rank Whitten. A surrogate mother awaits the delivery of her child in an isolated farmhouse. surrounded by girlfriends and hangers-on. What on the suface may seem to be a familiar post- feminist treatise on pregnancy becomes a fine slice of comic realism in the hands of McKimmic. Glasgow: GI‘T.

I "to Vieterdance ( 15) (Neal JiminellMichael Steinberg. LS. 1992) liric Stoltz. Wesley Snipes. William Forsythe. 106 mins. After a climbing accident which leaves him in a wheelchair. a young writer is transferred to a rehabilitation centre where he comes to teniis with his

disability and his fellow patients. A powerful buddy movie which gives any latent sentimentality in the subject a hefty wheel- swerve and which combines moving scenes with

I Waterland ( 15) (Stephen Gyllenhaal. L'K/I'S.

1992) Jeremy Irons. Sinead (‘usack. Iiihan Hawke. 95 mins. An [English schoolteacher on the verge of a nervous breakdown confronts his troubled past by: turning it into a history lesson for his teenage pupils. Gyllenhaal‘s version rushes the pace of the story a little too quickly but. by remaining true to the broader intentions of Graham Swift‘s much acclaimed novel. it should intrigue newcomers without insulting the original‘s many fans. Glasgow: GI-T

I The Wild Bunch (Sam Peckinpah. US. 1969) William Holden. lirnest Borgninc. Robert Ryan. 145 mins. The bloody but emotionally sensitive tale of a battle to the death between rough-riding Texans and Mexican revolutionaries. A classic and highly influential Westem. which creates a paradoxical beauty from explicitly violent ingredients. Glasgow: GI’I.

I Withnell & l ( 15) (Bruce Robinson. UK. 1987) Paul McGann. Richard Ii. Grant. Richard GrifTiths. 107 mins. Two (iul-of-wol’k actors surviving 1969 London giro squalor take a break in a picturesque Lake District cottage. where one of them suffers the attentions of the ageing homosexual owner. Reasonably entertaining British comedy with a tendency to rely on the all-too-easy targets of drug-taking and gay stereotyping for its humour. lidinburgh: Cameo. I IONS and music (1') (Norman Taurog. L'S. 1948) Tom Drake. Mickey Rooney. Gene Kelly. 121 mins. Musical biopic on the songwriting team of Rodgers and Hart has so many numbers that the narrative distortions don't matter. Big scale entertainment that keeps on coming. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

1 gallows humour. lidinburgh: l-‘ilmhouw. 1 l

' Didier Bezaee...remarkable” Alexander Walker - THE STANDARD

“Satisfying, fully-rounded, full-blooded drama” CITY LIMITS “Just as gritty as Reservoir Dogs...

more telling in its insights” Hugo Davenport DAILY TELEGRAPH

“You feel the tension shaking the air” GeolIBrown - THE TIMES

.627 @



i .2 i :3 E E a B


I'BIIII'IIS to the screen

***** “Opened the floodgates lor... SCARFACE and RESERVOIR DOGS. It remains superior to both... A SINFUI. PLEASURE INDEED”m...

“One of the best American lilms ol the decade” "is... 3‘


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