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translated by Don Taylor directed by Iain Reekie

l Antigone: the idealistic daughter of the dead king. determined to bury the body of her fallen brother.


by Arthur Miller



Creon: the new ruler. The Dower~politician determined that his authority would not be

undermined by this resolute young woman.

The indivrdual conscience against the power of the state. and between them. one man. Creon's son Haemon...who loved them both.

In the shadow of the Gods. a battle of wills that would shake the pillars of their society.

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7% 0f the population of this country owns 84% 0f the wealth (source The Economist 1966)

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Tuesday 2nd - Saturday 6th March 2,, 0m Tongue Tied present

M cGrotty and Ludmilla

By Alasdair Gray



scotland’s festival of new dance ianuary - march'”3

Thurs 25, Fri 26 8: Sat 27 Feb 0 7.30pm 0 £5/£1

Rosemary Butcher (UK) THE SELL OUT SUCCESS OF THE FESTIVAL OF One of the most ambitious of Butcher's collaborations. these live installation NEW IRISH THEATRE RETURNS”...

peformmces involve architect John Lyall, composer Simon Fisher Turner (Derek Jarman's films), designer Paul Eliman. visual artists Anya Gallaccio and Ron

HaseIden and six dancers. Thursday llth - Saturday 20m March 1.3529 ‘the most influential exponent of the chaster minimalist school of New Danoe' Arches Theatre Company prcscnt

- The Independent Thurs 4, Fri 5 & Sat 6 March 0 7.30pm - £5/£1 R 0 h d, C k L Fuga (Spain) lC ar S 0r eg An all female company combine traditional Flamenco with erotically charged original ' ' movement to question and reinterpret the origins of Spanish dmce. Brendan Behdn ‘very original and passionate with humour in the movement‘ - Hinterlander Anzeiger "madly rrcsistable " Scotland on Sunday

'most beautiful, it gives Hamenoo a new meaning' - Het Nieuwsblad . . ,, , . "highly enjoyable The List see The List’s dance listings for more details . _ .

centre for contemporary arts

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