A selection of television highlights. listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Tom Lappin.


I "3 (Scottish) 7—7.3(lpm. A special look at the history of Glasgow's Barrowland from its heyday as a 50s dance-hall to its current status as a live music venue.

I Love Hurts (BBCI ) 9.30— 10.20pm. Tessa (Zoe Wanamaker) heads off to Moscow and the Ukraine. while the irrepressibly irritating Frank (Adam Faith) is going into the cheap restaurant - business. I Cheers (Channel 4) 9.3()—l()pm. Carla

is indulging in a night of perverted

passion with obnoxious restaurateur John Hill when he has a heart attack. Meanwhile Cliff has tracked down Adolf Hitler. I Roseanne (Channel 4) l()- l().3()pm. Roseanne and Dan jump to the wrong conclusion when they discover boyfriend David has spent the night in Darlene‘s ' room I Absolutely (Channel 4) ; I().3()—l I.()5pm. The filial collection of ; absurd antics from the Stoneybridge crew. : with Don and George setting out to save the world.


I Sounds Of The Seventies (BBCZ) 7.25—8pm. Glam. disco and schmaltz with Abba. Sparks. Wings and l()CC. l I Birthnight (BBCZ) Spm--l.45am. Two i weeks after their Valentine's Special. ( BBC2 have a substantially less romantic theme for the latest of their all-nighters l childbirth. Interspersed with the programmes are a number of first person accounts of giving binh. ranging from the nauseating to the also nauseating. Programme highlights include the first of a new series Making Babies from oral history specialist Steve Humphries looking at childbirth in the first half of the century. and The American Way ()fBiri/t in which the exceptionally witty and incisive Jessica Mitford exposes the . bizarre and disturbing aspects ()f birth in the USA. The evening is rounded off with 1 the tastefully selected movie Rose/Italy's Baby. I Adventures: Into The Great Solitude (Channel 4) 8—9pm. Naturalist Robert Perkins travels 700 miles solo-canocing along the Back River in Canada's Northwest Territories. I Casualty (BBCI ) 7.5()—8.4()pm. Holby General is the scene for more high drama in the final episode of the current series. as a large gang of youths run riot on a housing estate and end tip setting fire to Holby‘s casualty department.

I Saturday ZOO (Channel 4) l()—l l.()5pm. Jonathan Ross hosts more daft chat.

comedy and music with Denis Leary and the house band.

I Over The Brooklyn Bridge (Channel 4) HBO—2.30am. A feisty New York Jewish comedy starring Elliott Gould as a Brooklyn cafe owner whose rich uncle Sid Caesar demands he give up his Irish Catholic girlfriend Margaux Hemingway and marry a nice Jewish girl if he wants his uncle’s financial support.


I Football Italia (Channel 4) l.l5—3.3()pm. More superior live soccer from Serie A with Sampdoria taking on champions-elect AC Milan.

I Moviewatch (Channel 4) ()-—().3()pm. The cinema review programme where the reviews are provided by punters. Tonight‘s show visits a cinema in Bristol to review .T’hllt'U/"l X. Honeymoon In li'gas and Sniper.

I The Darling Buds Oi May (Scottish) 7.55—8.55pm. A new series of HE. Bates adaptations hits the screen. with Pop and Ma Larkin summoned to the twins’ school to explain why their offspring are becoming a disruptive influence.

I A Year In Provence (BBCI ) 8.25——8.55pm. The first episode ()f a ll- part serialisation of Peter Mayle's best- selling tale of bourgeois Brits setting up house in rural Provence. John Thaw and Lindsay Duncan star as the Mayles. getting their first blast ()f the Mistral in January.

I Dancing: The Individual And Tradition (BBCZ) 8.2()--‘).2()pm. An investigation of the handful of choreographers who have made dance one ()f the great expressive art forins in the 20th century.

I Lipstick On Your Collar (Channel 4) 9—H). l()pm. Dennis Potter's 50s drama continues. Francis‘s worst fears about who lives with the beautiful Sylvia are confirmed.

I One Foot in The Grave (BBC) ) 9.10—9.40. The suburban sitcom with Richard Wilson as the cantankerous codger Victor tonight called tip for jury service in a particularly surreal episode. I Castaway (Channel 4)

It). l()pm»—-12.2()am. Based on Lucy Irvine's story ()f her experiences as a bored clerk who agrees to spend a year alone on a tropical island with a man who unfortunately turns out to be ()Iiver Reed. I Screen Two: Prague (BB(‘2)

l()- l l.3()pm. lan Sellar's unusual romance stars Alan Cumming as a young Scot tracing his roots in the Czech capital. He meets the unpredictable Elena (Sandrine Bonnaire) and begins an affair although she is involved with curator Josef (Bruno (ianz).

I The South Bank Show (Scottish) l().5()—l 1.50pm. Gay American writer Edmund White is filmed in Paris as he researches a biography of French novelist and political agitator Jean (ienet.


I A Secret World Of Sex: Acts Of Violence (BBCZ) 7.3()—-8pm. Steve Humphries's groundbreaking series using personal reminiscences to convey a picture of sexual attitudes in the 2()th century. The fifth programme looks at the way the law punished victims of rape.

I September Song (Scottish) 8 -9pm. A new drama series following widowed teacher Ted Fenwick as he accompanies his former showbiz chum Billy Balsam. who is attempting to resurrect his career in Blackpool.

I Lethal Weapon (Scottish) 9—710. l().4()—l 1.45pm. First in the gung-ho buddy cop movie series with Mel (iibson and Danny Glover as wise-cracking partners assigned to bust an underground drug ring run by CIA-trained killers.

I Seven Songs For Malcolm X (Channel 4) 9—l()pm. Tieing in with the release of Spike Lee's film. this original documentary traces the influence and

legacy of the assassinated black leader by way of interviews with Lee and followers of Malcolm X interspersed with songs.

I Northern Exposure (Channel 4)

l()--l lpm. Maurice is shocked when a family of Koreans show tip claiming he is their father.

I EX-S: The Shamen (BBCI )

l().4()—l |.l()pm. A profile of Scotland‘s successful and controversial band featuring footage from San Francisco with psychedelic guru Terence McKenna and a version ()f ‘Ebeneezer (‘ioode' from the Glasgow Barrowland.

I Sport In Question (Scottish)

l().4()—l l.4()pm. Archie MacPherson is

v joined by guests Andy Irvine. Terry

Cassidy. Steve Cram and Alan Parry.

I Late Show Special: John Updike (BBCZ) 1l.lS—-l 1.55pm. The Pulitzer Prize winning American author speaks to Ian McEwan about his latest book .l/It'nttn'it's ()f The Fort! Atlniinistraiiun.


I Haggis Agus (Scottish) 7.3()——8pm. The (iaelic cookery show featuring top chef Kenny Mackay and Mairi Machines. cooking up the rather disgusting—sounding crab and pineapple basket. I Taggart: Death Benetits (Scottish) 9 l()pm. The third and concluding episode with Taggart and Jardine still trying to find a connection between all the deaths. How they keep theirjobs is a mystery. I Without Walls: The Art Of Tripping (Channel 4) 9‘ l()pm. The second part of Bernard Hill's exploration ()f the influence of drugs on artists. John Sessions turns up to impersonate Ken Kesey and interviewees include Allen (iinsbcrg. J.(i. Ballard 'llld Timothy Leary.

I Hope And Glory (Channel 4) l()pm—-l2.()5am. John Boorman's comic and moving account of a young boy growing tip in the Blitz. Sarah Miles and David Hayman play his parents. I 40 Minutes: Away The Lads (BBCZ) ‘).5()--l().3()pm. (ieordies on the rampage in Benidorm are the latest subject for the nicely voyeuristic 40 Minutes cameras. Birds. bevvy. beaches and plenty of male bonding are the order ()f the day as Cam and his mates live it up. I Dream On (Channel 4) 12. l()-}lZ.45pm. Martin embarks on a steamy relationship with Nina after meeting her in his building's laundry room.


I Scotsport European Match (Scottish)

7.20—9.3(lpm. Rangers resume their European Ctip campaign with a tough match against Belgian bad boys Brugge. Gerry McNee and Gordon McQueen provide the commentary. with Jim White and Davie Cooper in the studio.

I Mr Wroe’s Virgins (BBCZ) ‘).25—l().3()pm. Episode two of the four- part drama serial starring Jonathan Pryce as the self-appointed prophet and Lia Williams as the sincerely religious Joanna.


The List 26 February -

I Fireiox (BBC l ) ‘).3()—l l.4()pm. Clint Eastwood produced. directed and starred in this rather weak Cold War thriller about a retired pilot assigned to steal the latest Soviet super-fighter. Look out for a cameo . appearance by lugubrious Brit Warren Clarke.

I Talking Loud (Scottish)

i().4()--l l.4()pm. Stuart Cosgrmc introduces the first of a new entertainment and chat series from the Strangcvsays Bar in Perth. Sec feature.

I The New Statesman (Channel 4)

I030 11.05pm. Alan IkStartl seeks out bribery and corruption in Brussels - to make sure he’s on the receiving end.

I ENG (Channel 4) ll.()5pm--l2.()5ani. The Channel ll) crew from Toronto stumble on a drugs story when Antonelli gets the chance to shoot a rock v idco.


I Paramedics (Scottish) ().3()- -7pm. The l second programme looking at the work of i the elite ambulance crews. Tonight the cameras are in the .-\mbulance Control : rooin in (ilasgovv. where 09‘) calls are


I Gamesmaster (Channel 4) (will 7pm. Daft Dominik Diamond intrtxluccs tiiore computer games antics. hints and news. with Aston Villa striker Tony Daley trying his joystick thumb at SIri/(er appropriately enough.

I The Secret Lite Of: The Word Processor (Channel 4) 8.30 9pm. Tim 1 Hunkin presents an investigation of the simplest fortn of computer. asking w by | they occasionally go wroiiiV r>i<V= 3-325.

I Minder (Scottish) 8.30— 9.3(lpm. Tirctl Cockney humour as Arthur‘s money- making schemes threaten the closure of the Winchester Club.

I French And Saunders ( BBCZ)

0 9.30pm. Featuring a homage to Ingmar Bergman. a recreation of Guns .\” Roses last totir and the adv eiitures of two fat car park attendants. Maureen and Katie.

I Turning The Screws ((‘httnncl 4)

‘) l()pm. Roger (iraef's behind-the- scenes documentary series reaches its climax as the threat of indtistrial action by the prison officers looms. I I Drop The Dead Donkey ((‘htinnel 4)

10-» [0.30pm. The topical newsroom sitcom team ltead off to the woods fora spot ()f 'adveiiture-harmonising‘ in the forth of paintball wars.

I liarry Eniield’s Guide To Opera (Channel 4) l()Jl) ll.l)5pin. An accessible and irrev :rent introduction to opera with Harry and sidekick Patil \‘l'hitehotIse in an assortment of guises.

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