antiques-related skullduggery with Ian 5 ' McShane as the amiable rogue.

changed name from Jenny to Annie l v DRAMA and all the eccentric locals have l I 000"" Finlay (Scottish) 9-10pm- The I me “am” Buds 0' "'7 (SC‘mi-‘hl i

Finlay returns from the War to find the medical practice rundown and his fiancee I Steaming (Channel 4) l(). l()—l l.55pm.

central significance in the series and absent. David Rinth stars. with Annette Assorted Brit actresses Vanessa some incidents are entire" Crosbic as the [rusty lunch and [an Redgrave. Sarah Miles among them fictionallsed for the sake of dramatic Bannen as crusty Cameron. See preview. (“W-St ‘hLTJ‘lSc'f’CS f‘f usmrlCd items 0i imam“. only the rather feeble Bag of I I Arena: Masters of The canvas (33(3) clothing in a1 urkish bath and sound off calling the postman Marcel the Parcel 9.30—l().30pm. A strange documentary. “hm” glhc',’ J'VCS- Very Wl’rdX and has survived. l uniting painter Peter Blake and masked “‘"Cl‘l‘c‘d' S fiRWr “’ ‘hcumcfll Smut) Maybe the authof rather fancies t wrestler Kendt) Nagasaki. Nagasaki .5 therapy than him. but engrossing all the

same. mm" as Jon" Thaw’ hm he certainly i removing his mask in public. and Blake I "ale And Pace (SCOlllSh)

v . . . , . .. . 7.55—8.55pm. Bucolic frolics with the : suffered similar name chan es. Events 2 i500“ 00“” mum“ '" “‘“mp "f ‘h‘ . .- . _ - - . . no . at which the Ma I 9 classic medical drama. lt's I946 and L‘m‘m" “amng Pam mm“ and Dav'd y es were mere Jason.

spectators in the book take on a more

well-known for never speaking or

isn’t complaining at the Shon'cms has long nurtured an ambition to paint his Ill-20‘ 10-50Pm- The midi—CV d‘Wth'uCl and teaps of imagination producet Ken Imam“? continue to churn otlt their unsubtle brand Biddington has undertaken. ‘I’m 3 I Cheers (Channel 4) ‘).3()~—-l()pm. The i 0" “WWW

absoluter delighted with the result l Boston bar regulars are visited by 3


I Roots Schmoots: USA (Channel 4) 9- l()pm. The first part of a new series in which novelist Howard Jacobson explores

: and don’t think [could have asked for I Rebecca's father. who wants to take her anything mom” says Mayle. ‘My wife back to San Diego. .‘ and I started to watch and within I Roseanne (Channel 4) l()—l().3()pm.

. Roseanne and Jackie‘s mother arrives with

" minutes we were entranced in the th h( kin ' n ws til it sh is mov in" '

ele' e'.‘ are: '- s. ~ .-

1 who“ story. At the end 0' the g 'e e dillcrcnt notions of Jew lshncss around the closer to Lanlord. worm Sec prune“:

. l 3 episodes “'9 “m mm“ H to °"- n I Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Channel 4) I 5x.s; the Magdatenes (83“)

\I \ l is VOW mm to 599 bits 0' your me l().3()—l l.()5pm. (‘live Anderson hosts 10.4” 1 1.10pm The Magdalenc \i .f r? v .g x f 1“ - being played out on screen though. i another round of the improvisation series Institutions “we established in the 19”] v, H. .r "‘-“~. ; it g, p K had met John Thaw for dinner a couple that seems to have become bogged down century as humcS for (fallen “mm”: John «thaw and lindsay nun-aft of times before he started and he was With 11“ (lb-“9590” Willi unfunny “mi—’5 Later they became refuges for homeless very firm that he wasn’t doing an “hm” hull-“Chow “Whimcu‘ people. runaways. petty thieves and single As Denis llorden WOUId say, it’s . impetsonation of me.’ ' E '- ' -- mothers. The last closed ill 1975. Andrea probably a sign of incipient : thaw neverthe'ess spends much of ' E, Miller's moving lilm traces some of the

former inhabitants who still nurse the scars of their experiences.


I Distant Voices, Still Lives (Channel 4) l()~l 1.35pm. A poignant study of a working-class upbringing ill the 40s and 50s. Terence Davics’s film paints a vivid portrait of a family dominated by a stern patriarchal father who menaccs his wife and children into obedience. Ambitious and moving. if occasionally oppressive. I Scottish Books (Scottish)

l 1.45pm 12. l()am. Jenny Brown hosts the discussion about the latest releases on the

i 1‘ - - Scottish literary scene.

C O M E A N D M E E T ITeenage MonstertchanneH) 12.()5--l.2()am. A horror/Western (yup)

about a young boy who. after being struck

by a macoritc‘ grows mm a hideous‘ Igchostbusters ll (Scottish) X---l()pm. . hair), homicidal teenager NU Nigel Disappointing sequel to the spook-busting Kennedy parallels imchdcd hit. reuniting the old team of Ayckroyd.

T Murray. Ramis. Moranis et al. They are

I Helium (BBC-2) 13-05-‘1‘108'11. ll'ht‘ called back into action to help combat a

acclaimed German drama series following rit-cr 0t gunk t'ucucd m New York'S had M A l I P I N “f6 in a rural Village 3' vibes. l‘ceble stuff with the occasional decent gag. 6 I Food File (Channel 4) 8.3()--9piii. The

food and food issues series with a dsta 7 _ . . . . .. G'a'.‘ ."d (88(1) I“: 1.5 S'lspm‘s concentration on healthy eating. including Featuring live coverage of Scotland s i‘lVL‘

N 1. Ch . h. b I the regular slot, The World In A Slew

' ) S ' S Y ) . ,

Tl 1‘ ‘m‘p'f’f‘ . 1p mi: 3 mu u" U featuring viewers nutritious and cheap With lzngland at lwickenham.

He will be reading from and si’ninico ie ofhi n w n v a E" E" p S S e 0 6" Illdventuresz‘rhe Africa Passion '11:;ng gudidlh rld'

(Kc‘hmlm'c' 4) A journey thrimgnh " l().4()~l 1.40pm. More late-night chat. - my“ ‘md minim” b3? John HUmmN) music and comedv. hosted bv Stuart who was bom in Jamaica. emigrated to (snsgmw ' '

London. but grew up longing to see

Am” at I Porterhouse Blue (Channel 4) ‘)—l()pm. 11

“faterstone’s lgooksencrs A repeat run for Malcolm Bradbtlry‘s I The Snow Show (BBCZ) 8—8.3(lpm. A - adaptation of the Tom Sharpe novel set in network repeat for Muriel Gray’s on-the- ‘Vest '41 nd lat-anch‘, a fictional Cambridge college. the domain piste hotchpotch of advice. interviews and

menopause When You Staflfletfinil the series munching asparagus and UPS“ about the TV dmmatlsatm" 0' A swilling wine in best Mayle fashion. Year In Provence not being faithful to twelve hatthout episodes tout", the the book. That said, the 380 do seem Maytag year as they thgtatlate

to have taken plenty of liberties in themsehtes with the defiantly. bringing Peter Maile’s much-reviled unsubtltled locals and indulge in best-selling tale of smug Brits abroad countless gastronomic orgies. At least to the small screen. that hasn’t changed. (Tom Lappin)

For a start Mayle’s wife (played by A Year In Provence begins on BBc1 on Lindsay Duncan) has mysterioust Sunday 28 February.


. V. O of crusty head porter Skullion (David ‘celebrity' guests. 1 [)rlnces‘ Street, [44‘1"] burgh Jason). The arrival of a new Master (Ian I Chef (BBCl) 8—8.30pm. Lenny Henry Richardson) heralds unwelcome changes. stars as Gareth Blackstock. temperamental I Moving Pictures (BBCZ) chef at Le Chateau Anglais restaurant. in 9.15-l().()5pm. Including an in-dcpth the sitcom by Peter Tilbury.

interview with Spike Lee about Malcolm I The Secret Life Of . . . The Electric

Tuesday 9th March

X- Light (Channel 4) 8.3()--9pm. Tim Hunkin I Mo’ Better Blues (BBC?) and the faithful Rex take a typically l().()5pm—12.l()am. Followed by Lee‘s idiosyncratic look at a rather basic gritty tale ofjazz trumpeter Bleek invention. W) N a n, I! "(l/’1‘, ,0 “1”,” (I. sign (,(I pupil“. Gilliam. whose personal and professional I Harry Enfleld’s Guide To Opera ' ' ' . life reaches crisis point because of his (Channel 4) 1030-] 1.05pm. Second ('1! H [H' l'l’.\‘(’l’t'(’(/ by telephone from obsessive dedication to music. Denzel edition of the six-part series. with Harry “'1, [lirsymui ‘3 I; 0 0 [esp/[yrs Wazhlingtpn andeesley Snipes star. along visiting Italy to find out why opera is as . Wit .ee imse . ) ular as soccer. 19 W: 03 l 33 6 3666 niharried iiitit children (Scottish)

7 1040—] l.l()pm. More off-colour comedy

with America‘s least sickly sitcom family. I Loveloy (BBC!) 7.30—8.20pm. More the Bundys_

l’t.liil;ilii i’i‘css

66 The List 26 February—l 1 March 1993