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Hopes were raised. then dashed. in the campaign to save the Glasgow Salon when a bid to purchase the cinema by the Robins cinema chain was rejected by the owners. CAC Leisure.

‘We have asked them several times if the cinema is for sale.‘ says Robins‘ boss. Ben Friedman. CAC have refused to discuss the matter because they ‘have already agreed terms' with the adjacent Western Baths who want to turn the cinema into a badminton court. However. the manager of the Baths has gone on the record to say that if a firm buyer for the cinema is found. they will

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withdraw from the deal.

Ian Lang. Secretary of State for Scotland. has taken an interest in the cinema‘s future and will be personally presiding over a public inquiry into the controversial removal of the seats last year. The seats are believed to be an integral part of the listed building's fabric. The List understands that they were removed to another CAC cinema. the Playhouse in Perth, when it was renovated in January. However. flooding at this cinema on 17 January ruined the seats and their current whereabouts is unknown. (TD)

I EAGER tor environmental action: A new four-year environmental initiative, Effective Action Glasgow for Environmental Renewal (EAGER). has been launched in Glasgow with the aim of improving run-down areas of the city by directly involving local people. The first projects will take place at Balbeg Street in Govan. where a wildlife garden is being created. and at Meiklewood Road. where 1200 native trees will be planted on the cleaned-up site. Each Environmental Action Team will comprise a team leader and four workers from the local community. who will receive training in a wide range of skills designed to provide vocational qualifications for the long- term unemployed. EAGER. a partnership between The Scottish Office. Glasgow District Council and The Scottish Conservation Projects Trust. hopes to involve local businesses. and already Esso have donated safety clothing for the project.

I SAC grants: The Scottish Arts Council has announced a 2.l per cent increase in grants for the financial year 1993/94. a figure slightly above the 2 per cent rise in the government‘s grant to the Arts Council of Great Britain. achieved by SAC limiting increases in its overheads. Literature saw the largest budget increase (up 9.8 per cent). with more funds available for writers‘ bursaries. Elsewhere there was an increase in support for Gaelic arts and significant rises in grant for the Edinburgh lntemational Festival. the Scottish lntemational Festival of

Photography. Scottish Ballet and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. ‘Our priority has been to sustain the infrastructure of the arts throughout Scotland,” commented SAC Chairman Dr William Brown. ‘This means that less funds will be available for one-off projects and schemes during the coming year. and we will be unable to respond positively to as many requests for assistance as we would have wished.‘

I Young homeless: Research by

g Glasgow University has identified major flaws in the efforts of both

government and local authority social

. services in dealing with youth

homelessness. As well as criticising the current ‘arbitrary‘ system of operation by social workers and the poor handling of individual cases that this brings about. the study also pinpoints

' the withdrawal of income support for

i I6 and l7~year-olds as a major factor in

' perpetuating homelessness among

: young people. The number of homeless

; Scots rose by 124 per cent between

1979 and 1991. with over 3(XX) of these

5 under the age of 18.

i I Pedestrian Mlle: A public exhibition

of proposals to make Edinburgh‘s

Royal Mile more pedestrian friendly

opens at 44. The High Street on 1

g March. The exhibition will display

design proposals for the area. including

traffic calming. lighting and street

! furniture. and is open each day between

10am and 7pm until 5 March. Representatives from Page and Park Architects. who have received a £173.(X)() commission to implement improvements, will be on hand to answer queries.



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