Served at the Lounge in an Open

Mussel Tray from Belgium, this is a

bubbling, delicious, seatood least

which can he rustled up at home. MUSSEL PIZZA

(serves 4)

2 kilos of mussels. 200 grams of cheddar 200 grams of gruyere 2 cans chopped tomatoes. 1 tube of tomato puree. 3 cloves of garlic. 2 tbsps Italian herbs 1 1 tbsps basil Salt and tresth ground pepper Put all the ingredients except the mussels and cheese into a blender to make a tomato sauce. Whizz them up and then cook tor 20 minutes. Place . the mussels into a large pot and cook tor a tew minutes until they open. Lay mussels in a halt shell on a plate and smoother with the sauce. Sprinkle thick layer of cheese on top and a . large pinch of Italian herbs. Place 3 under the grill until golden brown. : Serve immediater with crusty Italian l bread and a bottle of Chianti.

The Lounge, 142 West Regent Street, ; Glasgow. 041 221 9555

Le Sept

7 Old Fishmarket Close Edinburgh

lunch and dinner Monday to Thursday all day Friday and Saturday Sundays dinner only

telephone 031 225 5428


78 The List 26 February—l 1 March 1993

Lounge 3 Lizard

Beatrice Colin checks out

' the background to Colin

. Barr’s latest venture. Glasgow‘s answer to the Pied Piper oi

revellers. Colin Barr. sits quietly in his

. brand new bar. The Lounge. With a ten-

: year track record as glowing as his all-

i year tan. his relaxed conlidence and

easy chuckle is mixed a la gumbo with

Al ,--/‘

2:71" " k/II/ \ L ’1 Q g t\\.\\§/l\ (, T 11/

U U 8

.7 Ubiquitous Cbip



hrewd. sharp. business mind intuitive sense of where the city's

i movers and shakers want to be seen.

' This time his tune is a slow mambo.

The Lounge is a juju peach of a place with smouldering candles in sheep

: skull holders. a succulent colour

l scheme and an atmosphere so laid

I back. it almost limbos. Inspired by time

i spent on South Miami beach. currently

the hippest stretch of sand in the western world. Barr saw. consumed and brought back to Glasgow. ‘My last

I three projects have been industrial and Bladerunnerish so I wanted to get away from that. The fantastic colours and the

i art deco architecture of the area gave me lots of ideas. The theme here is a voodoo bar. not gloomy but fun.‘

Rather than bringing up design skills

I U iii?“ :



:.--c'.-: I] mgmtilzgz a



TEL: 041-334 5007

and an

/ an .4’.

-/;.";li.’,:.',l «-

from the deep south. ' rr has collaborated with local talent. Graven Images. Timorous Beasties and Stephen

' Strykner. have all added their


distinctive styles to the interior. Strykner's bar is especially groovy with chilli peppers and whitebait arranged and encased in sheets of glass.

The menu. however. doesn't stretch to hocus pocus and instead is intended to appeal to everyone. ‘lt's a bit like Californian food. you know‘.", Barr enthuses. ‘lt‘s everything. I‘ve got pizzas. pastas. burgers. mussels. Mexican. deli-style sandwiches. salads . . .'

Like the menu. Barr‘s past ventures have appealed to a huge cross-section of Glaswegians. Ever since he turned Bennets from an empty disco to a packed gay club. he has been repeating his success with rocketing prolits. From Fresh at Joe Paparazzis. Choice in Royal Exchange Square. to taking over the Cul de Sac and the creation of the Volcano and the Tunnel. he hasn't seemed to have put a designer—clad foot wrong. ‘l‘ve got so many markets who I‘ve appealed to over the years. from students. the sun tan brigade. the gay community and they always come back and see what I‘m doing.‘

The Lounge is the first in his three- unit plan. Still to come are The Living Room. a bar which will open in the West End and The Apartment. a new club proposed for 1994 in the centre of town. ‘1 love this. I love getting places together and opening up and people saying. ‘this is great'."

(Beatrice Colin)