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Free range

In reply to Derrick Rogers‘ letter in issue I‘M. I find it incredible that he defends meat eating as a matter of ‘people should be free to eat meat‘ in other words. One little point that is nicer forgotten and ignored is that surely animals should be free to live. Are they given the choice to be killed fur the greed and selfishness OI.

choice ’-

othcrs'.’ Animals are not ours to do with

as we please. and Rogers' lack of respect for the other creatures we share this planet with makes a mockery of his ‘meal—cating animal—lover act‘.

“1th (itihlttt

Dundas Street


Underfne 'Worth catching if you’re part of the Reservoir Dogs brigade.’ comments your reviewer on Bad Lieutenant. It is the last in a trio of particularly violent. amoral and brutal films which started with .llan b’ites Dog. All of which received positive reviews in your pages. I don‘t wish to censor these post-

llenry.‘ Portrait o/‘a Serial Killer gore-

fests. but I think the level of violence portrayed deserves more than a glib

mention in The List. preferably some

informed debate. I notice that all the people who reviewed these films are male. While I don't have any purist

‘politically correct‘ point to make. I


feel that a female response to this new genre would be. at the least. highly interesting. Men tend. on the whole. to identify with the perpetrators of violence. while women see the same events from the perspective of the victims.

This difference is highlighted by the following comment made by the Iiilmbouse education officer Shiona Wood and reported in The Seotsman: ‘When I saw Man Bites Dog. the audiencejust laughed all the way through. It’s a disturbing film and if

that's what people are finding funny it‘s

very worrying.‘

. Ruth Donald

Marchmont Crescent


J '0



Fair point. And one that wins you the

tequila. Please call to ('olleet itfrom

our attire.

. Grid lock

In the spirit of sycophantic letters inaugurated by Mick Johnston of j Polwarth Street in your last issue. will

you print this if] say that the new ‘at a glance' theatre grid is a great innovation and worth keeping? Actually it is useful, so why not extend the idea to all the other sections and award me the bottle of tequila for coming tip with such a brilliant idea! Laurence Iiarl

Palmer Avenue


I Yes. as you can see we 're keeping the

theatre grid. But itjust wouldn 'I work

for the other sections. most oft/rem are

already in diaryjorm anyway. And no. you don 'I get the tequila that easily.

Love Less

All You Need ls Love. eh. Mr Jones?

Not when it comes to ageing (too late : to use this word?) Welsh ladies’ bingo

hall singers with talents the si/c of their

sexual equipment you don‘t. In these cases. all I need is a large baseball bat

and a blood-resistant cheese grater.

Why. Tom. why? Why did you do it? Why did you choose to appear in a video with horribly sickly cute children and an ‘I'm So Concerned About The Problems ()f The World‘ smile? Why did you decide to cover a Beatles song? Do you like hate mail and death threats? Why do you persist in taking the songs of people with skill rather than chest wigs and cold-heartedly slaughtering them into listless submission? And just as l was almost ready to forgive you for what you did to ‘Kiss‘.

I mean. what‘s next? Dylan‘s “Times they Are a' Changin'"? Hendrix‘s "All Along the Watchtower”? Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit"? ()n. no, hang on - Tori Atnos has already done that one.

John Lennon thought love could save us all. You seem to think that there are people outside the Planet of Sad who like you. You are. now more than ever. mistaken. I know it’s all for charity. but that‘s still no excuse.

Dillan Anderson

Sanda Street


Come on l)illan. don 'I you think it 's a hit ehildish to be attaeking sueh a

sitting target."

Client base . Why does '(‘atherine' of Iiden liscorts think so little of us 'I‘homsons‘. or the

Johnsons for that matter (The List So what‘s this Lurve thing all about'.’). that she regards our names as ‘suspicious'. And what does she find so respectable about the Smiths that she would accept them without a second glance as suitable clients for her ‘best girls’ to escort'.’

I know of several boring bank managers called Smith. not to mention a disappointingly grey Leader of the Opposition. hardly what ‘Catherinc' would wish upon ‘her' girls. I hope. By contrast us 'I'homsons lead interesting. exciting. lives. which give us plenty to talk about when we go out. The stories my uncle Norman tells about his life on the bins: the strange and foetid objects which surface overnight at the dump. the corpses in bin—liners. the gold ' plated wrist watches and even the seven i dos and don'ts of how to get a dead




Christmas tree into the dustbin cart.

I am a life-long member of the Thomson clan and proud of it. Where would we be without DC Thomson? (Imagine a world without Dennis and Gnasher!) Try looking fora reputable local service. (such as an escort agency. ‘Catherine' ). without Thomson's local. It is quite unacceptable for ‘Catherine’

; to try to rub our good name in the dirt in this underhand manner and for The

List to go along with her. I demand

'; reparation. I demand a bottle of tequila. Iiddie Thomson

Braeside Street

5 Glasgow.

The Letters Page refuses to be moved by such blatant threats. Eddie.

Sunday 8 art

I atn writing [Pcomplain about the intrusion of Sunday .S'port~type photographs into The List. I refer to the gratuitous picture in the last issue of someone from the Jim Rose Circus

mutilating himself by hanging large ; concrete blocks from his nipples.

I suppose you will argue that this was

;' merely representative of the show and

that worse images were broadcast on The Word but why join in the bandwagon of hype for such disturbing performance. lireak shows. bare- knuckle boxing bouts and cock fights might all attract an audience and readers but surely even you. the media. agree it is right they are banned.

Andrew Mason

Balfour Road Iidinburgh.

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Who 's afraid of Virginia Wool/I": Not Tilda Swinton. in Orlando. What 's in a name 3’: The Cholmondeleys and The Featherstonehaughs in a dance stance.

Coming ol'agef’: Deacon Blue return with a new album.

Plus: Look out. the Candy/man‘s out to get you. Brian Moore‘s No Other Life. Tag Thatre Company‘s Sunset Song and that Ben Elton bloke. I kid you not.



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