Quireboys. 31 Mar; Jeff Allen, 27 Man Henley. t Apr: Deacon I GLASGOW SEGG (031

3 MUSIC LIVE REVIEWS my '4' 11 Apr; Scottish Folk :5: v m v Charity Concert. 23 Apr.

’3 ALICE IN CHAINS Concerts listedarethose LIGHT . , _ I . _ at major venues, for - I Gummy cchcch'r Q 9 Which “chm 3'9 0" am (227 551 I) Slim 3 public sale at time of Whitman and George 9.. _ 90in“ 0' “953' Hamilton IV. 8 Apr; Pat g gogne. fight/1r; ngrpe'nters a. - t. n ute. . pr; ac u ‘5 I GLASGOW Distcl, 14 Apr; Elaine g . BMBOMD (226 4679) Page. 20 May; Patsy Cline is: ' ' * Jesus Jones. 26 Mar; Tribute, 28—29 Nov. b, " Living Colour. 28 Mar; I GLASGOW PAVILION 5.: _ I I . Cttl’crcaimci 30 M1"; (332 1846) Foster and


Blue. 3. 4 Apr: Fish. 7 557 6969) Barry Maniiow. La Belle Ang‘ele. Apr; Lemonheads. it) [4 Apr; johnny Mathis; ; Edinburgh. 7 Mar. I 3(,£5l;-m_wnc" “sum 5 The smoke wafts out . : “6.13171 c c :m (“8 '1“) sum fromthestaee. i . . l- ew- ~ ! v. 7-, p i engulfing the heated i earrowland, Glasgow, 2 Mar. mandatory Satanic goatee tuft, looks . ('2 32:33:32.“???“ti—t crowd in a blanket of 1 As prophetic entrances go, this one I like some enigmatic Beelzebub figure. I GLASGOW cones," i Smog. unseeing. 3 rates high on the Geiger counter. Alice I Shedding his leather coat but 3 mm (337 5511) Boncy i CLASSICAL expecting the , In Chains are the latest Yank retaining the fiendish leer, he . ; M. 26 Mar; Elkie Brooks. 1 I cuscow cm am ,e unexpected For this ih‘ it ; harbingers of fear and loathing with a resembles none other than patriarch i 4(Apr: hverly grotgers. n i (227 551 itchy a: f; bend with}! tethet ; commercially viable metallic crust, of the unpredictable, Perry Farrell. By g I“) 1-. ; satiégiéénhiar. different htie-UP item } and you better listen up, punk, ’cos the time the shades go, he could : gala] 01;),an nth-dawn ~ 3 "All on w 1) “milk in your usual stage set. 1 they’ve got the rehab documentation almost be a member of the human t Shbwuddwaddy‘ 24 May; Palm-l: 26A”. Victoria F. who are constantly 5 to prove it. To heroin hell and back on race. Is this some metaphor for Alice i Buy (.ilvaoncrs. 29 May; dc L05 Angclcsj Ma“ S‘ :5: experimenting With their ; a Stygian vessel. 4 Real. Au-then-tic. In Chains’ alleged music? A seemingly ! Nam Grimm. 8_ .0 Jun. l Pcmsburg PM I Hi at Sound tint] Pittyittg I It’s an oldie but a goodie. Initially impenetrable lladean wall of 1 1mm, my H Oct. 3 May. Leipzig R30. 17 p. around With it” kinds 0' : silhouetted behind a king-size sheet misanthropy gradually stripped to i I GLIISGOW GREEII (031 1 May 3. him” e "tithes and i of bed-linen, in case they catch expose a fleshy, vulnerable heart? i 556 1.12) Flglevllufioiun. : I cuscgw 33mg ( 333 .0: sampling equipment i anything from their audience - like a _ Perhaps not. . gfjusggWR b S y E 5057) Junior 7(()rch. as I" The melti‘te'ettted l soupcon of awe, naivety or purity —- the ; (For those who don’t enjoy spurious 3 ({9- Rh‘: 0:) g 3 If. 7% BBC. :2 member-h 0i Odd . ! screen drops to reveal the shamanic i metaphor-mongering during the fallow Rpm H'W Blind Boys 0} tBtuhAyan. firiirerrt—Rimhryn p, Bodhran all play a Wide l perpetrators of this feral guitar lash . . patches of a set,.Barrowland also . ; Alabama“ 3 Ma). S Sum. 2' MW. e}. range of instruments , .Well, the illusion was nice while it 5 provides an efficient bar service, with 5 I GLASGOW seen (03, g I Gussow'mumf 1“ including: heSS/eeeuhtie i lasted, and their formation fury grips ' a host of friendly staff poised to serve e 557 6969, Dam Essex, g i any“ (333 9000) Norma :5 guitars. tom-tenth for at least two minutes. After that, you your choice from a wide range of ' May; Michael Bolton. 9 (Cm-aid), 31 Am 2; thumb htttttttmieth 5 it’s adieu to attention. l beers and spirits.) . = 9— It) May: Iron Maiden. i I GLASGOW TRAIJWAY 3: didgefideti and. iii (Incidentally, were you aware that f It’s all momentum, no dynamics. Rev ‘3 3.1 $133036" “Gust-oh i Shii )- VS (scm 51 Course Several = Barrowland vend victuals? I only i the guitars, keep them turning over (557 6969) Dem)“ Bluc‘ itgfiiuB-G" News 5 hetihtitnh . ' 5 mention this because when-spirits flag : and leave to overheat. confronted with g 3] Mar. 1 “m (668 2mg) David J Hidden by the htttehe . and minds wander mid-gig, it’s ; this supposed supreme distillation of 7 I EDINBURGH HOW 28 Mar: Erik fir: hank. the group comforting to know that some i the essence of rock’n’roll, a young ' humans; (557 2590, ; Khopihskh 30 Mar; :3 accompanied by the 1 matronly manifestation is on hand to I girl’s thoughts turn to action. Like i gone). M. 27 Mar; Ethic = Leonard Friedman. 3, :33 slow beautiful moutt ut' ; proffer a butty.) I going home and making a nice cup of : Brooks, 3 Apr; Pat . Mm; Duncan Mcncr, 1t) 5; the didgeridoo. The Vocalist Layne Staley, sporting gtea. (Fiona Shepherd) i Metheny. 12 Apr; Everly i Apr; Thoma, Martin. 11 :5 smoke stuns clearing ' 1 arisitnhlafahahcarl-IEEN’S . 2pm :Zegingld lro * r v' ' i ; -' a no. r : 5"; [O "All. (668 2W9) LOUan i Sciiittisit Ensemble. 2.2 :3 drumbeats weaved i m fast approaching the door marked 2‘ ; gig/£5? 5 infamy?) algoundfaih l ‘snupfir’i 9 to 0 do ,t need to be i HALL (228 1155) Suzanne I Kathryn Siott. 2(3) ‘6' 0‘ er w" t 0 Wm 0 T V n s "e y u n Vega. l4 A r; Neil - I EDINBURGH u H a" the harmonica. coming 31/2 MINUTES/BABY CHAOS to understand why 3% Minutes have ! Sedaka. 278w; Buddy ; tutu, (338 1155, ERCU J to other in crashing ~ attracted a crowd equivalent to your ; Guy. 23 May. ; Elijah. 3 Apr; Kevock 5: thheendu- Nice’n’SIOflV. Glass“. 5 Maf- average Highland League travelling l JAZZ t Choir. 24 Apr. 3: The gig progresses A night of discoveries, no less. In less support on a rainy day, Pale at face, . 3 I sunscnlpflofl ‘4" with some brilliant time than It took The Thin Men to lank of locks and stripped of any .‘ E guiscow ‘mzm' . l SEASONS Programme ,5 instrumentals and a few : realise they had a duff name and originality that would confer on them gifizrrz‘u‘ofpr‘ i detailS anti tteiteth‘ it)? :5 vocal tracks giving a : choose one even duffer, by George, a fight to entertain us, no wonder they i Band 6 May. i liznZNégggognecizggsx). :3 nicely mixed. fresh feel they’re endearing themselves to look uncertain as the the reasons for E I anmguncn Emilablc from :3 to the whole thing. The 1 anyone who likes their pyschedelic their being on stage. ‘Parrot Fashion’ ; Puvnouse (557 2590) i Tickctccmrc‘ Glasgow high points are - nectar-poo to rush around town In a (‘ouch,’ said the foot, as the bullet t Pat Metheny. 12 Apr.’ , (227 55, 1,. Usher Ha” ‘Sanctify‘. their . turbo-charged brat-mobile. There’s entered it) and ‘Feelings’ come on like hitting?” gush-[sh . Edinburgh (228 I 155,. we environmental song, E plenty of us around, you know. The Cure circa ’83 never went out of ' i - e. t Queen‘s Ha”. Edinburgh :3 which has a brilliant. 1 Boating no traffic laws other than style, but never had any either. 7 Sfitlfinlzegtitrfi: teatime" (668 2019). Ticltets for § driving basslinc i ‘compose thy three-minute songs in ‘hothihg rh [lo/Nothing To Say! 5 9 Apr. e - - ; Scottish Iopera lgtlimy . throughout, ; five or six glorious “shaz-a-a-a-am”s proflers the chorus or the cessptt at I “wanna” "sum t (71h3c7atgtxmoy; in :‘asaow r’ ‘Expcrididgc‘ and ' of heads-down harmonies’. Baby despair that is ‘A Little liowl’, astuter mm .328 i i 55, M 1:5;er Edinburgh (229 :5 ‘Dubcous-cous’. two Chaos are gloriously driving all pro-empting the jury’s verdict. If they Lawrence, 5 May, 5 12m) r tracks fused together by : competition for major label moolahs could be bothered to appeal, the Fol-K ' backing tape and i 0" the "lad in Style- They do hollow Temple-Of-Goth ring of the 3 .‘r’ didgeridoo, ‘Fives‘. 3 everything right, honest. They have following number sounds its instant . I GLASGOW a: which has an excellent 3 dizzy choruses to kill for. They got dismissal. rm not saying 31,4 Minutes eARRoerAllo (226 4679) :3 drum/percussion intro ! attitude channelled into energy. They are dun, just that they couldn’t set a C upereutllte. 30 Mar which climbs to another ; take their cues from Manic Street leaking gasworks ah the, Okay, so it’s fever-pitched crescendo t Preachers, The Standells, The patently obvious from the off that the d‘ 2) Apr. "3: of noise. and BUHCOCKS and. waddya know. The only crush tonight is gonna be for the i I GLASGOW pAVluo" , ~ / 3:1 ‘Ducksweat‘, another Police songs people love but still exit, but are style, seihhehet and t ( 332 ,846, wolfwm 9 j of; superb instrumental with won’t admit. They even have the coherency really so absent from the May. it :- Tibetan chanting ' occasional bad rap, and moments sorry state of this band’s agenda? A I EDINBURGH OOEEII’S . i / :1 bringing proceedings to when you wonder where the buggery rhetorica| question, they’ve already llALL1668 2019) Siieas I . I / = :3 a smoky finish. (Joe their terrlffo riffomania has gone to. occupied 209 seconds of your time 3"" Guesth- 3 Apr: Na = 1 .'¢ I Theyste only human, that’s my. Lmore than deselve. (Calvin Bush) Clarsairean. Apr; Allan. “ONCI

34 The List 12 ——25 March 1993

I...‘ ‘I ‘I’a‘d’e