I A-lia, Bros, The Bee Gees, Suedemlnusthednm. .. all sensational pop trlos in their time. but can any comers with the indisputable iollttastic clout oi Eddl Reader, Clive Gregson and Boo liewerdlne? We doubt it. Find out, when they play Glasgow hiayiair and Edinburgh Queen’s liall. See Music preview.

I ‘lt were all green ilelds round here when I were a lad . . .’ ‘Yes. it still is, actually.' Georgia’s Arrested Development go back to the land with their critically acclaimed and commercially successful agrarian rap at their eagerly awaited Barrowland show. See llocli listings.

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I ‘Just don’t mention those

bagpipe guitars . . . t Leatherclad Stuart Adamson

and co attempt to convince

themselves and others at Big

Country‘s musical voile-face

with a show at Glasgow

Barrowiand. See Music




‘Ifthe Bible is true. then I‘m Christ, but so what‘.’ Look at 2,000 years ago. What‘s so great about being Christ? A man is nailed to a cross. A man of sorrow acquainted with grief. You know, being Christ ain’t nothing.‘ David Koresh. leader of the Branch Davidian cult involved in an armed tete-a-tete with US government agents, takes being The Messiah in his stride.

‘1 think anybody who has served in the Army must have some regret they did not become the field marshal . . . At the end of the day. there are still those who will say to you and to others “Ah. Tebbit would have made a great Prime Minister".' Nonnan Tebbit shares witlt us his vision ofwhat could have been.

‘livery young actor gets compared to James Dean . . . James Dean was an OK actor who died in a car crash but he only did three movies worth mentioning. i wish they would compare me to someone else. Montgomery Clift I could live with.‘

Beverly Hills 902 l 0 star Jason Priestley eschews the 'Iivefast. die young' mentality in favour of the alcoholic drug addict image. ‘Labour‘s search for a solution to their constitutional conundrum is somewhat akin to Monty Python's search for the Holy Grail only more comic and less successful.‘

Scottish ()jfice minister Allan Stewart sees the Opposition 's approach to the Scottish problem as a bit of a flying circus.

‘Does masculinity mean making love to several women a night and drinking fifteen pints of beer? Or does it mean standing up and being true to what you are“? Some of the roughest. toughest men in history had a sensitive and gentle side. You have to make people reconsider their views on what makes a man a man.‘

Airdrie striker Justin Fashanu proves

there 's more to a football interview than ‘a game of two halves".

The List 12 455 March 1993 3