Once the lunatics have taken over the asylum, they move out and set up home in American suburbia. Alan Morrison plans a trip to Eerie, Indiana, where life is definitely not

what it seems. , vases: " . fs, ".154 Omri ltatz checking out ‘the centre of weirdness tor the entire planet‘ Eerie‘ Indiana' Popumiqn: 16'661' A decent-Sized 0f its 0w“- The Programme does» ht’Wet'er‘ hat'c a the first show. Marshall's familv are no sooner settled tow“ th the State that‘s "tekttamed the crossroads 0t Wicked sense of humour that will appeal. regardless into their new house before a neiohbour comes round Amettea° A State that‘s hm "t the country for the of age. to those of us with a healthy disregard for to invite his mother to a cult kitchenware partv. manufacture of recreational vehicles, piston rings. adults and their logical explanations. While the women are mugling mu 5mm“. ppm“. StttP Steel ahd~ ehm’ funeral eaSkets- The kind 0t . For fifteen-year-old Omri Katz, who plays Marshall. storage utensils. Marshall is tipped oi'i~ bvta set of Place Where the Stars and Stnpes “Utters Pm”th 'h Eerie. Indiana is a long way geographically and the identical twins that ‘Foreverware‘ isn’t as innocent as the Centrat Square and there‘s always the Smelt Of hOt I'CSI from previous locale. [)(IIIUS, \NhCTC he it seems. Sure enough‘ [he boys have been [uckcd up apple ple m the air' "‘5 also the kind or place Where Spent the final eight Seasons 0f the Show 115 Luff)" each night for 30 vears in bed-sized containers that Edward SCiSSOthands might VOlumecr to mm your Hagmahts 50". 10h“ R055 BMW; “1- He‘s ill-‘0 keep them as young and fresh as a crisp bacon. hedge and Dthd Li’heh t3 lurking round the Comer notched up an impressive list of other television lettuce and tomato sandwich, trying to See What he? beneath thts PartteUlarl)’ Stekl)’ appearances and has recently completed two movie As each episode ends. Marsha” is able to add example of the.Amcncan Dream m ‘ict‘on- Because retes as a boy Caught “P in the CUbah MlSSllC another item to the ever-growing lierie Museum of Ecne‘ Indiana is that pom-war Amencan nightmare CTIStS in Matinee With 10h" (300thth imd its 21 Horror. a special collection of oildities that allows “0W” as SUburb'a' . newcomer to a Strange town WhO brings t0 lift: thFCC him to come to terms with life in his new hometown. Eerie. however,.docsn‘t hide the same degree of witches in Hokus Pokus with Bette Midler. And despite the Icvel-hcadcdness that ()mri Katz menace that S thdeht tttrthet north "t TW'" Peaks- ‘1 don't think there's really any similarity between brings to the role, even he was able to relate to one of The behavmur here ‘5 btlme rather than maleveleht~ me and the character of Marshall.’ he admits. Marshall‘s adventures. ‘The last episode we did was the atmosphere more T‘t'thgh’ 20"? thah 31“? Veh’f’t- “Marshall's more like a creative. very imaginative. really bizarre.‘ he says. ‘Marshall‘s parents go to a And It .8 to tms self-Styléd tccmrc 0f weirdness for very weird'mthded kld- I“ fOUOd myself in thC Same movie and he finds the script. Then when becomes the entire planet’ that thirteen-year-oid Marshall situations. gee. I guess i‘d be scared out of my pants. back home, he finds that the whole piano is u mtwio Teller ahd hts tamtt)’ move m order to Seek OUt ‘1 Ijust try to live my life like any normal kid. I go to set. none of it was ever real. It would be a nightmare gentler llfeStyle’ on a. surface level‘ ,Eerie’ Indiana is Work every days €0th haCk hOmC jUSt think 'dhOllt it for me if I came back from filming one day and mv a Comedy-fantasy SCI'IOCS that plays derCtIy [0 a kIdS‘ as my jOb. It's what I do and I‘ll] not going [0 lCl It gt) \yholc faynily “lure actors and [hcrhc “as a can]ch ' “(hence by “Sing the" Off-km“ View Of the world to my head.’ behind me and a director there. Like. wow. what‘s as the baStS for the town’s reattt)’: "0 one Who lives Maybe someone who has survived Southfork and going on.’ here tseurprtsed it a dog‘s thoughts e?" be . home life in Los Angeles wouldn't find much to raise transmtttett to your btalhOWheh a dehttSt fits you thh an eyebrow at in Eerie. Indiana. but for the rest of us. Eerie. Indiana begins on ('liannel 4 an 'I'uesdav 23 a braee 0’ it 3" approaehmg tornado has 3 Personality there's a double-take waiting on every sidewalk. In March a; (3,3(),;,;;: I _ drastic story and then you just don’t ’2 programme, Out in the Cold, looks at l the Programme first filmed her last know what happened to the person the plight of the young homeless. i year. She was lucky and has now got a atterwards,’ says the series editor Val ‘Everybody agrees that institutions ; place in a small residential home in Atkinson. ‘In these three programmes Q are not the place that young adults ! lbrox. Others, like Alex who is still a u we have done that follow-up because f should live,’ says Paddy Christie, ; patient at Gogarburn Hospital near the community care legislation has f reporter on Going Somewhere? ‘That’s ; Edinburgh and is likely to be one of is the policy or core in tire community been fully implemented now. We also fine, but there are not nearly enough ; the last residents to move out, have providing adequate support tor the talked to people in social work, asking small residential units in the r not been so lucky. most vulnerable members or our them If they think things are going to community to take the profoundly i ‘Everybody seems to have a society? BBC Scotland’s social get better.’ mentally handicapped, and it is the commitment to Care in the documentary series, Focal point, met The first programme, Who Cares, profoundly mentally handicapped we Community,’ observes Christie, ‘but asked the question tour years ago, broadcast on Thursday 11, tinds out are talking about here, we are not they’re just not coming up with the low, as the policy comes into tuii how live mentally ill people, i talking about people who can look money. There should be some implementation in April, the institutionalised in hospital, have . after themselves in any form what-so- ; commitment from central Government programme goes book to tiint three tared under the policy. Protoundly ever.’ T to their own pollcy.’ (Thom Dibdin) groups of people to rind out novr rnuon mentally handicapped young people ; Judy was one of seven adults can the comunlty is taking or them. are the subject of Going Somewhere?, i threatened with eviction irom East - Going Somewhere is on BBC 1 ‘So often television tells some the second programme, while the final I Park Chlldren’s Home in Glasgow when : Scotland, Thursday Mate" 18. 8.30m.


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