Williams. Also features Penny Marshall (Laverne from Laveme And Shirley. now a big-time director) and Henry Winkler (The Fonz himself. now a big-time . . . er. . .). Stay tuned for a season of Williams’s films in April. Shazbat!

I Without Walls: Every Time I Gross The Tamar I Get Into Trouble (Channel 4) 9-9.3()pm. Al Pacino is obsessed with the work of Heathcote Williams. the reclusive English writer of such ecologically-sound epic poems as Whale Nation and Autogeddon. Without Walls coaxes actor and writer before the cameras —- an intriguing coup. See preview.

I Without Walls: Diana Unclothed (Channel 4) 9.30— l()pm. Celebrated and controversial cultural theorist/academic Camille Paglia tums her attention to Princess Di (Gawd bless ‘er).

I 40 Minutes: Will They Ring Tonight? (BBCZ)950—1030an Gritty realism or seamy voyeurism? Four seriously ill people wait for others to die so that they may live. saved by the donation of vital organs.

I Lamb (Channel 4) l()pm—IZ.()5am. A compelling. grey tale of repression and religion in a remote remand school in Ireland. Liam Neeson is the young priest who finds his faith tested with the arrival of fragile ten-year-old ()wen Kane (Hugh O‘Conor).

I Dream On (Channel 4) 12.054 2.35pm. Nina is arrested and charged with eco- terrorism against a chemical plant. The enviromentally-unaware Martin is taken aback.


I Scotsport European Special (Scottish) 7.20—9.3’lpm. After routing (look. they did. okay?) the Belgians a fortnight ago despite having most of their midfield missing in inaction. the Gers tonight continut their steady march to European supremacy. Will Alexei be able to rememb:r the difference between his head and his shoulders? Will Huistra‘s haircut still make him look like Purdey-era Joanna Lumley fronting a dodgy New Romantic band?

I Mr Wroe’s Virgins (BBCZ) 9.25-l().3()pm. The last episode focuses on the brutish and abused Martha. Is Kathy Burke. aka Waynetta Slob. being typecast?

I The New Statesman (Channel 4) l().3()pm--l 1.05pm. The Balkans may be racked by war and despair. but Alan B'Stard cares not a jot for social and moral niceties if there‘s a fast buck to be made.

I Talking Loud (Scottish)

I0.5()—l l.5()pm. Straight outta Perth. Stuart Cosgrove introduces comedians Fred MacAuley and Ben Elton. music from Jerry Burns and The 4 Of Us. and karaoke from game-show hostess Carol Smillie.

I Scotsport European Special (Scottish) ll.50—I2.50pm. Highlights from the rest of the evening's European action

Marseille v CSKA Moscow. Gottenburg v I PSV Eindhoven. AC Milan v FC Porto. l and the best bits of the Rangers v FC 7 Bruges three-goal thriller in which the Belgians are trounced. In theory.


5 I Aig Daile (At Home) (BBCZ) 7.30—8pm. Ardnamurchan in the north-west is the first subject of this new six-part series of ‘community portraits' from around the Highlands and Islands.

I Focal Point: Going Somewhere? (BBCI ) 8.30—9pm. Focal Point revisits

four handicapped young adults forced to ? cope with the concept of ‘community care'. See preview.

I The Secret Lite Di: The Photocopier (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Revealed! The source of much infuriation. stomach ulcers and premature balding among office workers everywhere.

I French And Saunders (BBCZ) 9-9.3()pm. In comedy no one can hear you scream. After i'l/Iisery. The Silence ()f The Lambs and a cracking Bergman spoof. Dawn and Jennifer take their wickedly accurate talents to Alien.

I Drop The Dead Donkey (Channel 4) l()—l().3()pm. Neil Kinnock plays himself and gets centre-stage for the first time since . . . ever.

I Harry Entield’s Guide To Dpera (Channel 4) l().3()—l 1.05pm. What‘s In A Voice? [infield explores the myriad of voices used for that operatic effect. Guess what a ‘castrato‘ sounds like.

I The Late Show (BBCZ)

l l.25pm--l2.()5am. The monthly Scottish edition. featuring Scottish Ballet‘s A Midsummer Night's Dream and a report on yet another (the seventh) re- development of the Gorbals.


I Doctor Finlay (Scottish) 9—l()pm. The docs are drawn into a bitter conflict. with unforeseen consequences. David Rintoul stars. with Annette Crosbie as the trusty Janet. and Ian Bannen as crusty Cameron. I Only A Game (BBCI) 9.30—l().2()pm. A welcome repeat for the I986 documentary series looking at the history of Scottish soccer. Narrated by William McIlvanney. it begins with an investigation of ‘The Player'.

I Flashback (BBCI ) 9.30—1 1.15pm. Dennis Hopper and Kiefer Sutherland star in this comic road movie from 1989 as a middle-aged radical emerging from hiding. and a reactionary FBI agent assigned to escort him to his trial. En route they find their pasts are catching up with them.

I Arena: Philip Roth (BBCZ) 9.3()—lO.30pm. A 60th birthday profile of the writer whose novel Portnoy's Complaint made him a household name. His latest book. Operation Shyloek is published this month.

I Gheers (Channel 4) 9.3(l—lOpm. The Boston bar regulars play host to a customer‘s 50th wedding anniversary. while Frasier looks forward to a hot date. I Roseanne (Channel 4) lO—l().3()pm. Roseanne and Jackie lack the money for

their new business but are appalled when

their Mom (Estelle Parsons) offers to help out.

I Dilly (Scottish) 11—] 1.30pm. Billy Connolly stars in the pilot for an American sitcom as a Scottish teacher who enters into a Green Card-style marriage in order to avoid deportation from the States.

I Heimat (BBC?) 1 l.2()pm—l .45am. The acclaimed German drama series following life in a rural village between 1919 and 1982. It‘s the summer of 1955 and Hermann experiences an unconventional introduction to love.


I Private Benjamin (BBCI) 7-8.45pm. Insipid military comedy starring Goldie Hawn as a socialite widow who proves susceptible to a persuasive recruitment officer and finds herself in the army.

I Adventures: Taming Of The lion (Channel 4) 8—9pm. An international team of canoeists and kayakists attempt one of the most forbidding of white-water rivers, the Indus in Pakistan.

I Porterhouse Blue (Channel 4) 9—l()pm. Malcolm Bradbury’s adaptation of the Tom Sharpe novel continues with resentment of the new Master growing apace.

I The Dore Di The Year Awards (BBC!) 9. l 5—l().05pm. Angus Deayton hosts the first gala evening organised by Private Eye to hand out the cherished BOFTYs. Guests include Smashie and Nicey. Paul Merton. Tony Slattery. John Sessions. John Wells. Rory Bremner and Willie Rushton.

I Hearts Of Darkness (BBCZ)

l().()5—l 1.40pm. A documentary following Francis Coppola at work on Apocalypse Now. made by his wife Eleanor. including scenes left out of the movie.

I Meet Marlon Brando (BBCZ)

l l.4()pm—-12.05am. A fascinating film from I965 in which Mr Method displays a surprising degree of charm. answering questions about his films and his acting technique.

I A Streetcar Named Desire (BBCZ) 12.05—2. l()am. The Oscar-winning l95l adaptation of Tennessee Williams’s classic play. starring Vivian Leigh and Marlon Brando.

I A Severed Head (Channel 4) 12.3()—-2.15am. A witty version of the Iris Murdoch novel about a sexual merry-go- round involving Lee Remick. Ian Holm. Richard Attenborough and Clare Bloom. Written by Glittering Prizes man Frederick Raphael.


I Loveioy (BBCI) 7.30—8.20pm. More antiques-related skullduggery with Ian McShane as the amiable rogue.

I The Darling Duds Di May (Scottish) 7.55—8.55pm. Bucolic frolics with the Larkins. starring Pam Ferris and David Jason.

I One Foot In The Grave (BBCI) 8.55—9.25pm. Continuing the repeat run of the BAFTA award winning sitcom with Richard Wilson.

I Lipstick Do Your Collar (Channel 4) 9—10. 10pm. The fifth shaggin' episode of the Dennis Potter period comedy. marked by excellent performances from Douglas Henshaw and newcomer Ewan McGregor.


I September Song (Scottish) 8—8.30pm. Russ Abbot and Michael Williams star in the gentle buddy comedy.

I Hoots Schmoots: USA (Channel 4) 9—l()pm. The third and final part of novelist Howard Jacobson's exploration of Jewishness around the world takes him to Lithuania.

I EX-S: D. John Taylor (BBCI )

10.40—1 l.l()pm. A profile of the ardent

' Unionist and Royalist poet. painter and composer who lives on Seil island and believes he sets an example to other artists who complain about lack of funding.


I Angel (Channel 4) 10—1 l.45pm. Oscar nominee (for The Crying Game) Stephen Rea stars as an Irish showband saxophonist avenging the murder of an innocent young girl. The first film directed by novelist Neil Jordan. it‘s a powerful and original thriller.

I Scottish Books (Scottish)

1 l.45pm—l2. l()am. Jenny Brown hosts the discussion about the latest releases on the Scottish literary scene.


I FDDd File (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. The food and food issues series with a concentration on healthy eating. including the regular slot. The World In A Slew featuring viewers’ nutritious and cheap one-pot recipes from around the world.

I I Lovett (BBCZ) l().()5 «l().35pm. A brand new comedy series starring lugubrious Norman Lovett as an eccentric whose life revolves around his daft inventions. He shares his home with the cynical talking dog Dirk (voice courtesy of Geoffrey Hughes. best-known as the brilliant Coronation Street bimnan Eddie Yeats).

I Talking Loud (Scottish)

l().4()—l 1.40pm. More late-night chat. music and comedy, hosted by Stuart

C osgrove.


I Paramedics (Scottish) 6.3()--7pm. Continuing the behind-the-scenes look at the work of Scotland‘s front-line emergency service.

I The Secret Life Of . . .The Office (Channel 4) 8.3()-~‘)pm. Tim Hunkin concludes his witty and informative technology series with a look at the constituent parts of the modern office. including the most important piece of technology. the kettle. Now who's turn is it . . .‘.’

' g, , _. 9»...;:.-._ I Harry Enileld’s Guide To Dpera (Channel 4) l().3()—l l.()5pm. The fourth edition of the six-pan series. with the usual contributions from the ()pcra Ponces and the barrow-boys. I Married With Children (Scottish) l().4()—l 1.10pm. More off-colour comedy

with America's least sickly sitcom family. the Bundys.

55 The List l2 —25 March 1993