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So what’s this dinosaur thing all about?

There are more giant lizards in your local newsagent than ever roamed the earth. Why?

Page 6

The Olangers

Oliver Postgate’s hooting stars are back on a screen or in a bookshop near you.

What’s the secret of their enduring appeal?

Page 8

Alan Bleasdale

Playwright and punchbag for the tabloid press, Bleasdale’s work is as pointed as ever, as his new play On The Ledge demonstrates.

Page 10

Mel Gibson

From the deserts of Mad Max to cryogenic freezing units in I , Forever Young, Mel Gibson f has never had it easy. He looks back at his

career to date.

Page 13

Living Colour

It ain’t exactly a movement but both Living Colour and Naked Truth bring a hint of thoughtfullness to mindless

rock ’n’ roll.

Page 25





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