Who‘s got the energy'.’ livery night a different dance band. from the majestic tempos of the Occasionals. the spiky Hugh MacDiarmid‘s Haircut. Loose Moose. Taitiehowkers. Cloud Howe. l’ortobello. Robert Fish and Ceilidh Collective. to the Cajun stompin' Boat Band and the tremendous mUsicianship and enthusiastic. eccentric eclecticism

of Scarp.

8.30—inidnight. £4 (£3). Ayrshire's finest. and we're not talking potatoes.


I Scots Music Courses 10am-5pm. £30 (£25). Three days until Saturday. Must be booked in advance. Fiddle for Dancing with Marie Fielding; Tin Whistle with Davy Garrett; Singers' Course with Eileen Penman and Christine Kydd; Piano Accordion with Freeland Barbour and a Band Workshop with Angus B. Grant.

I Gill Bowman Club Stage. Park Room.

9.30— 10.30pm. City Love is the album by the thoughnul singer/songwriter and guitarist from Edinburgh. I The Muckle Sangs Debating Hall. 7.30—9.30pm. £5 (£4). Presented in association with the TMSA. Ballads Concert with Rod Paterson. Heather Heywood. Gordeanna McCulloch. Brian Millar. Elizabeth Stewart and Sheena Wellington. Some

of Scotland‘s greatest singing voices and most enduring songs in an all too short concert.

I Ceilidh Dance Debating Hall. l0.30pm‘ lam. £5 (£4 ). The Portobello Ceilidh Band are one of the best dance bands around.


I Scots Music Courses l0am- 5pm. See Thurs 8. I Piping Masterclass l0am 4pm. £l5 by advance booking only. The Catild Wind or bellows-blown pipes of Scotland with Hamish

7 Moore. I BBC Radio Scotland

Piping Concert BBC. 5 Queen Street. 8pm. Tickets free frotn the BBC at Queen Street or Teviot Box ()ffice. l.ive programme recording by 1992 Glenliddich

Champions Roderick

MacLeod and Willie


I Moebius Club Stage. Park Room.

9.30 l0.30pm. liXotic pipes of all species and

sizes played in


v- - I " are. > » .e’w‘r ass-:5; ‘-

Belfast has a special place in harp history. as it was

there in 1792 that there was convened an astonishing gathering of harpers when it was felt that the tradition was in danger of dying. The playing styles have since changed but the great body of music carries on in the playing of the Belfast Harp Orchestra. fresh from the USA and an album with

the Chieftains.

imaginative arrangements of traditional European and original material by a talented trio including John Swayne. founder of t Blowzabella and doyen of piping nouveau. I Toss the Feathers . Debating Hall. 7 30—9.3()pm. £5 (£4). Wild Manchester Irish rock dance band includes fiute. fiddle and uillean


I Ceilidh Dance Debating Hall. 10.30pm—lam. £5 (£4). The highly skilled musicians in The Occasionals are led by accordionist Freeland Barbour.


His fiddle playing has kindled a liame for Scottish music all over the world. Rich and emotionally charged. it avoids sentimentality to extract the the beautiful rhythmic and melodic meaning from a repertoire that has too long been played by rote. And he has such fun doing it!


I Scots Music Courses l0am—-5pm. See Thurs 8. I Ishbel MacasitilI/T he Wrigleys/Tony Cutie

I Debating Hall. 2——4pni. £5 (£4). Ishbel Macaskill has a stunning. mesmerising way with Gaelic song. Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley are Orkney

teenagers with

' tremendous style on

fiddle. piano and guitar.

and singer Tony Cuffe. now resident in Boston. is j on of the innovative guitar stylists of the Scottish folk revival and a member of ! ()ssian.

I Piping Competition St Anne’s Community Centre. (‘owgate. 2—5pm. ~ 50p admission. lowland

.3 i i and Borders Pipers’

Society annual competition and get- together of the bellows- blown Scottish pipes. I Ceolbeg/Baftery Debating Hall.

7.30- 9.30pm. £5 (£4). Popular. established band I with vocalist Davey

l Steele. shares a concert with lidinburgh newcomers Rafter)“. comprising piper and singer (‘hristy (Boy s of

i l



What‘s in the air of the Northern lsles that produces so many fine fiddlers‘.’ It‘s more likely their lingering Scandinavian genes. Orkney. rather than Shetland. gives us Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley. only seventeen and about to cheekily push Aly Haiti and Peerie Willie off their perch.

the Lough) ()‘l.eary and his brother Tim on fiddle. guitar. whistle. bouzouki and vocals. with flautist Rebbeca Knorr.

I Kate Barlield and Katherine Beroux Club Stage. Park Room. 9.30-vl0.30pm. Fiddle and accordion from the Boat Band. see below.

I Celtic Cajun Dance Debating Hall. 10.30pm—Iam. £5 (£4). Neo-primitives Frantilt Zimmer wield didgeridoo

in their line-up. and the Boat Band are one of the finest of the new-wave British cajun bands.


I Piping Festival Debating Hall.

. l0.30am—6.30pm. Free.

Pipemakers exhibition. Live music.

I lnchcoIm/Michael Marra Teviot Bar. 2—4pm. £5 (£4). Reedsman and extemporiser Dick Lee‘s new band features chromatic piper and bouzouki player Higel Richard. flautist Anne Evans and cellist Wendy

Wetherhy. Pianist and

singer Michael Marra is one of Scotland's greatest songwriters. An absolute must.

I Storytellers Ceilidh

Teviot Bar. 2—4pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Hosted by Hamish Henderson and

Willie MacPhee. Two of

the most compelling voices in the country. I Common Ground

l Debating Hall. 2.30—5pm.

l £2 at door. Relaxed concert of varied piping

I styles and instruments hosted by the famous

i Coodacre Brothers.

I Altan/Cathy-Ann

i MacPhee with Billy

7 Jackson, John Martin and

Tony Cutie of 0ssian Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. 8pm. £6.50 (£5). Originally from Donegal. and with songs in Irish by fiddler Mairead Ni

. Mhaonaigh. Allan are currently the most successful lrish band. living proof that traditional music and

song. played well. is as rich and exciting as any. Cathy-Ann. from Barra. sings beautifully in Scots Gaelic and is accompanied here by members of ()ssian. I Farewell Ceilidh Debating Hall. 10.30pm lam. £5 (£4). lind the festival with guests. performers. and general mayhem. overseen

by the Robert Fish Band.

toss THE remains.“

While the Mean Fiddler is taking over the London live music scene. even foisting its Fleadh on Glasgow. the post-Pogues British urban lrish stew of punk folk and Celtic rock is throwing up some good bands. From Manchester. Toss the Feathers is one of

the best.



snacks 8c meals LUNCHES SERVED FROM 12.30





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