considering the venue. its handiness for downtown clubs. those £1 beers (of course) and the cool and varied music from DJs Steve and Derek.

I Wk at Fury Murry‘s.

l lpm-3am. £1. ‘The Sexiest Liveliest Motherfunkin Student Clubnight In Glasgow‘ with £1 pints and vodkas to match.

I “alarm at The Sub Club. 1 lpm—3am. £5. 1 Apr only. The highly popular and never-entirely-serious once-a-month bash featuring Kilkie. Swan and Sir Kev is here again. appropriately enough on April Fools’; get down there and house it up with the best.

I Tbe Men’s Room at Club Xchange. 11.30pm—3am. £2.50/£2 with flier. 'Raunchy‘ night with infamous live act Ca ed Muscle and Rolling Rock for £1. I at The Cathouse. 11pm—3am. £1. No relation to the Edinburgh club of the same name. but 70s disco nonetheless!

I The Slow Club at The 13th Note. 8pm-midnight. Another survivor from the Apollo. the excellent Slow Club brings you some of the best ‘ambient‘ sounds around in a suitably candle-lit atmosphere. Full of unexpected delights and a refreshing change from your average club night.

I Strathclyde University Ilnlon 9pm—2am. Free.

I Too M Soulful Under Ventura. 8pm—midnight. Free. Simply the best in Motown. Stax. Atlantic. rare and Northern sounds with your host The Soulmaster. After a truly excellent opening night and a brief but unavoidable break it‘s back with a vengeance; don‘t miss this party!

I The Tunnel 1 1pm—3.30am. £4l£2 with matric card. Well-mixed indie and dance tunes for the assembled student throng.


I Blue Oyster Club 1 lpm—5am. £2 before 12.30am/£4 after. Available for private hire Mon—Thurs.

I Buster Browns 10.30pm—3.30am. Girls free before midnight/£2 after. guys £2 before midnight/£3 after. Mainstream chart sounds with an emphasis on 705 and 808 grooves. Available Mon—Thurs for private parties.

I The Biz 10.30pm—4am. £3. Mainstream chart sounds and dance.

I The Blunt upstairs at Wilkie House.

1 lpm—4am. £4/£3 with ticket. With full hip-hop flavour guaranteed. DJs Al and Size playing essential sounds from the underground. with undoubtedly the best flyers in town.

I Bantam at The Mission. 1 1pm—4am. £2.50/£2 with flyer. Weekly rock night with a wide playlist of anything that is rock music. from heavy-metal to grunge to thrash. Happy hour from 1 lpm—lam. I Century 2000 10pm—4am. £5. Fairly middle-of—the-road dance night in an extravagant setting. The biggest and probably the busiest of it‘s kind.

I City 2 Downstairs at the City Cafe. 8pm—lam. Free. DJs Mike Gregor and Davy from Fife playing a selection of underground house and progressive dance sounds in this pre-club club. in one of the city‘s nicest watering holes.

I Cublk at The Music Box. 10pm—3am. £5. Members/guests. DJs The Vision and Adrian (Circa). playing a vast selection of underground house and progressive techno.

I Ecllpso at The Music Box. 6—9.30pm. £3/£2. The best in upfront dance for trendy wee brothers and sisters. certainly a welcome change from the school disco. I The Edge 4pm-2.30am. Mainstream chart sounds. happy hour 4-10pm. Available for private hire Mon—Wed.

I Etemal at Chambers Street Union. 8pm-3am. £2/£1. Weekly night of student dance sounds. covering the whole spectrum of dance music. Happy hour 8.30—9.30pm.

I Evol at Wilkie House. 10.30pm-4am.

£3/£2.50. DJs Kieren and Amanda playing indie sounds from the 605. 70s and 805 through to the current releases on the indie scene. expect a busy bouncin’ night.

I Ex-S llpm—4am. £3 before lam/£5 after. Mainstream chart sounds and a mixture of oldies too. in this large club. I Flushlry M 1 1pm—4am. £2. Chart sounds.

I Flrerly at The Pelican. lOpm—lam. Free. DJ Jorelle spins some classy soulful house. deep warming and underground pre-club pub thang.

I latch at Shady Lady’s. l 1pm—4am. £2.50/£2 with flyer. Popular indie club with a very wide playlist. playing 805 and 905 indie dance.

I Listen Up at The Calton. 10pm—3am. £4/£3. New weekly club with the . excellent DJs Joseph and Easi (Tunnel) spinning essential vinyl grooves of street soul. ragga and hip-hop. moving onwards and upwards in the right direction.

I Madison’s Bock light at Madisons. 10pm—4am. £2. A fairly busy night playing a wide range of rock and metal. with a slant towards MTV-orientated rock music

I Haley’s Reggae Klub at Cavendish.

l lpm—4am. £3/£2.50. The city’s longest- running reggae night (fourteen years. believe it or not), with roots. ragga. lovers. heavyweight dub and dancehall.

I M'I'S'Il at The Citrus Club. £5/£3. 26 Mar. Monthly club with DJs Scott Ferguson (Carbolic Frolic) and Craig Drysdale (Luvdup) playing a selection of choice choons and dance sounds in this busy recommended busy night.

I Mosque at The Vaults. 10pm—4am. £4/£3. A new night for this venue playing a pumping selection of upfront garage sounds.

I Minus 0nd at The Carlton Highland Hotel. 10pm—3am. £5/free for members. A relaxed. very plush venue for the more mature seekers of night life among you. I opal at Heriot-Watt Union. Riccarton. 9pm—2am. £1. Almost passes as an out-of- town night. with a catch-all playlist of 'serious studenty sounds'. which probably means anything at all.

I Partyeollldtilsco at Moray House Union. 9pm—4am. £2/free. 26 Mar. Fortnightly. Three-hour ceilidh. then a four-hour disco. Drinks £1.30 all night.

I Pure at The Venue. 11.30pm-4am. £5l£3 members. Upfront. hard-edged progressive dance music. Still one of Edinburgh’s busiest nights. pulling in some of the best guest DJs anywhere in the country.

I Bell llot Popper Club 10pm—4am. £4. Chart sounds and dance.

I Sativa at The Wee Red. 10pm—3am. £2.50. 2 Apr only. Sativa returns to the Art College for a night of reggae. ragga and upbeat heavy dance from DJs Dave. ian and Mark.

I Soul Underground at Club Snipe. lOpm—late. £3/conc. A return for Snipe house. playing a scorching selection of upfront soul. funk and acid jazz.

I Spacohopper at Liberty‘s (above The Playhouse). 1 lpm—4am. £4/£3. 26 Mar. Fortnightly. A change of venue for the 'Sounds of the seventies' club. but still playing 705 pop. soul. glam. rock. ska and funk.

I than at The Store. 1 [pm—4am. £4. 19 Mar. New weekly dance club with DJs Gareth. Colin and Stuart playing a mix of hot garage and underground house to what will no doubt be a packed dance-floor. Available for free hire on Mon and Tue. I Twiggy at Moray House Union. 11pm-4am. £3/£2.50. 2 Apr. Fortnightly. Student-orientated club. playing a varied assortment of classic 605 pop sounds.


I Banana love at The Pelican. lOpm-lam. Free. DJ Philippo bringing Ibiza sun beaming down onto the lovely Cowgate.

I Blue Oyster Club 1 lpm—5am. £2 before 12.30am/£4 after. Available for private hire Mon-Thurs.

I enter Browns 10.30pm—4am. £2 before 1 l.30pm/£4 after. Club dance. upfront chart sounds.

I The Bl! 10.30pm—4am. £3. See Fridays. I Century 2000 10pm—4am. £5l£3 before midnight. Mega Party Night with regular PAs.

I Cublk at the Music Box. 10pm—3am. £5. Members/guests only. Solid dance action with regular guest PAs and guest DJs. Busy. bouncin’ night guaranteed. with The Mariner and Ross Keddie playing an upfront selection of sounds. 27 Mar only. guest DJ Tom Wilson on the night.

I olsco Inferno at The Venue.

l 1.30pm—4am. £4. 27 Mar. Disco fun and tackiness. playing a wide range of 70s disco tacky tunes. now running fortnightly.

I Dye-Function at The Wee Red Bar. 10pm—4am. 50p before 10.30pm/£2 after. 3 Apr only. Ripping it up in an industrial techno hard-beat kinda way. in the hardest and most upfront stylee.

I The Edge 4pm-2.30am. See Fridays.

I Euphoria at The Calton. l l pm—3am. £7/£6/£4 before 1 1pm. Bass-heavy hardcore. with the usual line-up of good DJs including. Waxman. Eggi. Cutmaster B and Dell. I Ex-S 1 lpm—4am. £5/£3 before lam. See Fridays. I FBI at Moray House Union. 1 lpm—4am. £3. 27 Mar. Fortnightly. Still as busy as ever. with indie music in its mulitifarious guises. I Finshury Put 1 l pm—4am. £2. See Fridays. I Funky Worm at Wilkie House.

1 1pm—4am. £3.50. Funking it up on a Saturday night. playing funk. house. 70s disco. soul. garage. hip hop and more funk. to a largely student crowd.

I Ketch at Shady Lady's. 10.30pm—4am. £2.50/£2. A veritable cornucopia of indie music from the 80s and 90s.

I Louebuzz at The Cooler. 1 lpm—Sam. £2.50/£2. 27 Mar. Fortnightly club with guest DJs from Lacuna Head. Big Muff and Evol playing a wide range of Indie sounds. Happy hour 1 1pm till midnight. plus Coors £1 all night.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish. 1 1pm—4am. £3/£2.50. Two floors with African. Latin. salsa. reggae. zouk. soca. calypso and more (?). with Sir Ossie on the wheels of steel.

I Mambo Inn at Liberty‘s. 1 lpm—4am. £4/£3 before midnight. 27 Mar only. Los Mambistos trio return for yet another fun- filled night of mambo mania. playing a floor-filling mixture of mambo. soca. Latin. jazz. African and all else that is best in world music.

I Meltdown at The Calton. 8pm—late. 27 Mar only. £12. DJs on the night are Dream. Ross Keddie. Montana. Dcvastatc. Dell. Fresh. Martin Malone. Badboy. ZBD. MC Eazi and MC Ejectgif that's not enough there's also N-Joi and Q-Tex. The last Meltdown sold out quickly so no doubt this one will too. expect an excellent. busy night of solid dance action.

I Minus One at The Carlton Highland Hotel. £5/free for members. See Fridays. I Misery at The Venue. l lpm—Sam. £2/£2.5() for members. 3 Apr. The best club in the galaxy with a phenomenal playlist of outrageously superb music. the friendliest proprietors and nicest punters in any club and I‘ll keep on taking my medication.

I Red Hot Pepper Club lopm—4am. £4. See Fridays.

I Rock Orgasm at The Mission. 10.30pm-«4am. £2. Weekly rock night. with an all-encompassing playlist of rock and lots of leather-clad happy hairy people. Happy hour 1 lpm—lam.





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