I Male, 29, M, new to Glasgow, attractive. funloving. enjoys cinema. walking. cooking, countryside, travelling and horse riding. seeks attractive female for fun. Box No l97/l6.

I Irresponsible, clean-living boy. 24. passionate, travelled and literate, seeks independent. unusual girl. Photo appreciated. Box No l97/17.

I Sm my tent? Mountain man required by attractive woman. age 38, based in Glasgow and Cumbria. Urban(e) pursuits such as eating, drinking and theatre also enjoyed. Box No [97/18.

I Suave, overly-honest, aniculatc arts graduate and would-be writer seeks warm. witty, smart and sexy female (18—30. Edinburgh) for any relationship that works. If you have lots of free time and vitality . . . contact me. Box No 197/ 19.

I Dykes lytes OIII social group for lesbians (couples and singles) for nights out. eating. drinking, dancing, going to the cinema, theatre and having fun. Box No 197/20.

I lonely Glasgow knight seeks fairytale princess (21—32) to bring back lust for life. Into opera, music. theatre. cinema and eating out. Photo appreciated but not essential. All letters answered. Box No l97/21.

laud-looking, gay guy(24). straight-acting seeks similar young guy (21—28) for friendship. possibly more. Glasgow area. I am honest. sensitive. quite shy. Photo appreciated. Box No l97/22.

I Minimalist play for two 6mm (with stolen dialogue).

Me: Hold on to me and I will hold on to you.

You: Yes.

, Or Glasgow male (32) seeks

female friend. Box No 197/23.

I Edinburgh gay male (33). professional. seeks Mr Right. Are you out there? Do you enjoy music. theatre. cinema etc, and cosy evenings at home. Yes? Then write. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box No l97/24.

I Gentleman seeks iadytrlend 28-year-old. successful businessman. good-looking. good fun, seeks similar lady to help this gay, closeted. hunky caterpillar stop work and become a social-crazed butterfly. Absolute discretion and trust with no hang-ups ensures a constant round of social occasions in a fun, but platonic manner. Hobbies include theatre. art, cinema, travel and dining out. Letter explaining why, Glasgow or possibly Edinburgh. To be honest I’ve got everything going for me, but I‘m lonely! Why should I just stay in. when I could be out enjoying myself with someone who understands. Box No l97/25.

I Man (37) interesting past, solvent present. seeks single female for exciting. caring. long-tenn relationship (maybe marriage! Maybe kidsll). Edinburgh. Box No l97/26.

I Professional gay, 30 with disabled wife and other commitments, seeks understanding. attractive woman for occasional afternoon or evening meetings. Discretion assured and expected. Edinburgh/Lothians area. Box No 197/27.

I Male (24) seeks very rich. young lady spinster or widow (20—30). Intention murder. Box No 197/28.

I Central, professional nIale mobile. separated, 43. caring. honest and sincere. Interests hillwalking, watersports. ceilidhs. Seeks sexy. dominant and tactile female to share above and provide and accept mutually beneficial TLC. Box No 197/30.

I Tender, spiritual, professional woman, 44, seeks similar woman. 40—48, for sharing country walks, cultural outings, comparing notes, friendship and perhaps a caring relationship. Glasgow

Edinburgh area. Box No l97/31.

I “tidy-80m“)! non- smoker. Glasgow area into travel. good food, music. GFT, wine and song. vein the Man. Looks for woman with similar taste. Photo appreciated but not essential. Box No 197/32.

I Professional female (36), Glasgow area. seeks guy (30—40) to share interests (cycling, walking. swimming. pubs. etc), fun and perhaps caring. Photo appreciated. Box No 197/33.


I Wednesday 1mm: Desperately seeking guy I bumped into in Gordon Street, Glasgow. First met 5 years ago at 21st party. You lived in Partick then; remember ‘The Untouchables' at GFT? B. Box No l97/34.

I Are you witty, intelligent. with a sharp sense of humour? me too. and so modest! If you're also lesbian, ‘30 something‘ and in the Glasgow area. maybe we could talk?? Box No l97/35.

I Glasgow gay man, 38. doesn‘t take life too seriously. Likes people. laughs, life. talking. Would like to hear from guys any age with bizarre sense of humour. Photo appreciated. Thanks. Box No l97/36.

I Professional Glasgow male (33). tall. dark and handsome. Enjoys cinema, music. travel. restaurants, pubs and inspired conversation. Seeks warm, attractive female to share the good things in life. Age immaterial. Box No l97/37.

I Edinburgh gay guy (35). hirsute, cheerful. cuddly. fed up with scene. Likes cosy dinners leading to tranquil brunch. Seeks 28+, genuine romantic for loving permanence. Box No l97/38.


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12 The List 26 March—8 April 1993'