the edgey lyrical undertow. ‘Obscurity Knocks‘. for example. was a gorgeous study in lost youth and frustration. Maybe. Just like assuming that the never-before—seen-in-print Frank was an over-serious artistic recluse

instead of being maybe just a workshy shy guy.

it‘s dangerous to put interpretations on The Trash Cans’ intricate wordplay.

‘Bloodrush' (In Vein? In Vain?) on the new album and one—time candidate for first single is that about erections then? ‘It is.‘ Steve nods. ‘lt's about whatever you want it to be.‘ Paul nods

Fourteen months ago we’d had the same chat. Early last year I'd gone to Kilmarnock. ostensibly to discuss with the band their ‘imminent' second album and the contents thereof. At their own Shabby Road Studios. much mooching and moping. The band cut cards to see who was going to return a phone call from their record company. Go! Discs. in London. Managerless and seemingly rudderless. and beyond the reach of (jof. the band had drifted. content after the transatlantic success of Cake. which had sold l()().(l()() copies in America.

Recalls Paul. ‘With the first album we all worked together. sat in a wee room. all added wee bits. Then we couldn't do it anymore so we went to Ireland after we came back from America. It was meant to be for a couple of

weeks to write the next album. Bttt we couldn‘t

sit together. . .’

‘They went to Ireland and all fell out.’ sighs Steve who. as the non-songwriting drummer.


01-. ~‘

J y ‘g x .. j \ I»! .. ..,. . .WN‘Q; .. "“ \Q “‘ ' ~ . figs 3.


stayed home. ‘and they all left the band and all that kind of shite. It just doesn't work like that anymore. everybody just sits on their own and writes stuff now. It‘s not a communal thing. 1 But that‘s good that way . . .‘ ; To put their band back on the rails. Go! Discs I called in Steve Lillywhite the producer they I had earlier entrusted with the task of ‘shaping up' The La‘s’ troubled debut album for release. ; against the wishes of Lee Mavers. ‘It was mince down there.‘ is how Steve recalls The

For all their conversational humming and hawing. and ore-recording shilly shallying, their second album is a sparkling achievement. Darker, wholer, lusher, weirder, denser than Cake, pop but pop buried deep.

Trash Cans‘ summer '9] sojourn with Lillywhite at Jimmy Page‘s old studio in Cookham. ‘He was really expensive ‘cos he was a name producer and then he says. “I stopped producing bands ages ago." He was just like an engineer!‘ The sessions were junked.

‘Every producer we‘ve ever had has never really done anything.‘ reckons Paul. ‘except' John Leckie (The Stone Roses” producer who worked on Cake). he‘d changed sounds. We just had this wary attitude to producers. What do they do? Nothing. Then we got Ray

.93 . 3“


Shulman (The Sundays. The Sugarcubes. Ian McCulloch) and he was fttcking great! Hejust changed everything. He‘d say. “That songjust doesn‘t work. get the acoustic guitars in there. don‘t do that bit. that‘s pish.”

‘That‘s what we’d really needed.‘ Steve agrees.

The Trash Can Sinatras got a grip. got a manager. and I've Seen [:‘veijvthing gets the vigorous thumbs—up. For all their conversational humming and hawing. and pre- recording shilly shallying. their second album is a sparkling achievement. Darker. wholer. lusher, weirder. denser than Cake. pop but pop buried deep. ‘I thought it was totally the opposite.’ says a perplexed Paul Livingstone. ‘Naw. I know what you mean.‘ Steve Douglas I chips in. “cos the first album was like. “This is pop songs ya bastard!”

And as for where they got the name from.

Frank Read relates a highly dubious tale about how. a few years ago. a time-filling course for dole—kids necessitated the quick formation of a hand. using dustbin lids as instruments. ‘Hence’ The Trash Can Sinatras. ()r is it . . .

‘. . . The Bin Crosbies!‘ laughs Frank. ‘Don't tell that one ‘cos if we ever get as big as REM. that‘ll be our “Bingo Hand Job"!.

The Trash Can Sinatras aka The Bin (‘rosbies —‘ no ego. just alter—ego.

The Trash Can Sinan‘as play The .-lrehe.v. Glasgow, on Stat 18. The single 'Huv/i’t'er' is released on Tue 13 and the album ‘I 've Seen Et'eijvthing' on Tue 4 Mav.

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