US real estate office. The cast are magnificent. Pacino and Lemmon outstanding. Underrated director Foley does wonders to break out of the stageplay format. Not easy going. but an unforgetable achievement. Fife: Adam Smith. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. UC I East Kilbride. I Hellralser Ill: Hell on Earth ( l8) (Anthonv Hickox. US. 1992) Terry Farrell. Doug Bradley. Paula Marshall. 93 mins. Pinhead and Cenobite chums take to the streets of New York in this admirable third outing for Clive Barker's creations. A capital blend of sado-masochistic imagery. stunning special effects and meaningful characters raises the movie above standard horror fare. and in Doug Bradley we have an actor who really can bring some depth to the lead monster. Glasgow: Grosvenor. Central: Regal. I Highlander ( 15) (RUssell Mulcahy. UK. 1986) Christopher Lambert. Beatie Edney. Sean Connery. 111 mins. A handful of immortals battle through the centuries to win a tnythical prize. A curious mixture of romance in 16th century heather and car chases in present day New York. the film is an inelegant. often ludicrous. but enjoyany daffy adventure. Lambert seems more at home with the contemporary passages and only the ever wonderful Connery has the requisite style for the kitsch Scottish scenes. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The “Ilene! ( 18) (Robert Mandel. US. 1986) Rutger Hauer. C. Thomas llowell. Jennifer Jason Leigh. 98 mins. Drowsy driver Howell gets more than he bargained for when he picks tip psycho- hitcher Hauer in this genuinely edge-of-the-seat suspense thriller. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (U) (Chris Columbus. LS. 1992) Macaulay Culkin. Joe Pesci. Daniel Stern. The McCallister family head off on holiday and leave little Kevin behind. Sounds familiar? More remake than sequel to the 1990 box office sensation. this time the brat ends up battling with his favourite burglars in New York City. Crass slapstick. uninspired writing. If you loved/hated the first one. you'll love/hate this one. All UCIs. Strathclyde: WMR. I Honey, I Blow Up The ltld (L' ) (Randal chiser. US. 1992) Rick Moranis. Marcia Strassman. Robert Oliveri. 90mins. This timeaccident- prone scientist Moranis changes the size of his beloved offspring in the opposite direction. with the effect that baby Adam becomes a titanic tot terrorising Las Vegas. Very much aimed at the young children‘s market. and brought to you by the man who directed Grease. General release. I Honeymoon In V0988 (12) (Andrew Bergman. US. 1992) Nicolas Cage. James Caan. Sarah Jessica Parker. 96mins. Slightly manic Jack Singer (Cage) finally takes the plunge and asks his long-standing girlfriend to marry him in Las Vegas. but ends up losing her in a card game to smoothy Tommy Komian (Caan). Good. solid comedy of the old screwball school with more than its fair share of parachuting Elvis impersonators. Fife: New Picture House. I "awards End (PG) (James Ivory. LTK. 1992) Anthony Hopkins. Vanessa Redgrave. Helena Bonham Carter. Emma Thompson. 142 mins. After a succession of dreary Forster clones. the British film indUstry gets round to tackling his masterpiece. and one of the most important novels of the Ztlth century. The story. ccntring on the marriage between a wealthy and reactionary old duffer and an emancipated younger woman. is a complex family chronicle told with clarity and compassion. At last a cinematic period drama that exudes excellence. with some finely crafted perfomiances to match. Glasgow: Gl’T. Edinburgh: L'CI. I Husbands and Wives ( 15) (Woody Allen. ES. 1992) Woody Allen. Mia Farrow, Sidney Pollack. Judy Davis. 107 mins. The Roths (Allen and Farrow) find their domestic life rocked by the news that their best friends are splitting up. Doubts about their marriage are heightened by Mr R's half-innocent dalliance with a young student (Cape I’var‘s Juliette Lewis). More than a lil'e-initating-art movie. given the recent allegations about the Allen hoUsehold: it is a searching and incisive character comedy. his best since Hannah and her Sisters. Edinburgh: Cameo. I lndochlne ( 12) (Regis Wargnier. France. 1992) Catherine Deneuve. \‘incent Perez. Lihn Dan Pham. 156 mins. LUsh. irresistably romantic tale of a French colonial (Deneuve) running a rubber plantation in 1930s Vietnam. who falls in love with a naval officer while the country borders on rebellion. Reminiscent of Gone With The Wind and the great epics of David Lean. its mUsic is by Glasgow-born composer Patrick Doyle (Henry 1'). See preview and review. Glasgow: GI'T. Edinburgh: Cameo (List screening). I Jason and the Argonauts (1‘) (Don Chaffcy. UK. 196-1) Todd Armstrong. Nancy Kovack. Gary Raymond. 10.1 mins. Totally brill adventure yarn as our hero Jason sets out to retrieve the legendary golden fleece and is helped by a number of the gods on ()lympus along the way. Ray Harryhausen's stop-motion

effects remain among the best of his career. most notably the final conflict with an army of skeletal soldiers. Strathclyde: Paisley Ans Centre.

I Jungle Book (U) (Wolfgang chherman. US.

1967) With the voices of George Sanders. Louis Prima. 78 mins. Growing up in the jungle. young Mowgli learns from the animals around him. Enjoyable Disney. a long way after Kipling. but the songs are wonderful. General release. I Jungle Fever ( l8) (Spike Lee. US. 1991) Wesley Snipes. Annabella Sciorra. John Turturro. Spike Lee. Anthony Quinn. 13?. mins. Black yuppie Flipper Purify (Snipes) launches into an ill-fated affair with his Italian-American secretary (Sciorra) and adds fuel to the fire of inter-racial tensions. Spike Lee's latest controversial work also includes a major subplot on drug addiction. which leaves the audience wondering if he has tackled too many ‘big' issues at once. Still. it's a stylish piece with some good performances. even if the director‘s message is not exactly positive. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Kasarmu Be This [11nd Ix ()urs‘ (PG) (Saddik Balewa. Nigeria/UK. 1991) African filmmaking in the colourful storytelling tradition of I’ve/en and 'Iilar'. An Islamic settlement in Northem Nigeria fights to protect its land. which is rich in mineral wealth. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I King Of New York (18) (Abel Ferrara. US. 1990) Christopher Walken. David Caruso. Larry Fishbume. Victor Argo. Wesley Snipes. 104 mins. Extremely violent and amoral account of New York drug lord Frank White (Walken). who kills quite a few people but is really a decent cove. whose dream is to open a hospital for the people of his native South Bronx. A twisted tale of criminal loyalty and glamon'sed violence which wastes the considerable talents of its leading actor. At least Amie does it with a sense of humour. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Itlss 0! The Splderwornan (15) (Hector Babenco. L'S-Bralil. 1985) William Hurt. Raul Julia. Sonia Braga. 119 mins. Two men share a prison cell. each of them in their own way victims of an unspecified fascist regime. One is a fiatnboyant homosexual. the other a macho revolutionary. The pain of their confinement eventually brings mutual understanding. love. and a change of roles. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Knlte In The Water ( 15) (Roman Polanski. Poland. 1962) Leon Niemczyk. Jolanta Umecka. Zygmunt Malanowicz. 94 mins. Polanski came to prominence with this tight but imaginative three-character psychological study. A couple going on holiday pick up a hitch-hiker and soon dangerous emotional games are being played. The director's simple approach keeps the tension high and melodramatics low. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I L527 (15) (Bertrand Tavemier. France. 1992) Didier Bezace. Charlotte Kady. Lara Guirao. 146 mins. Tavemier‘s tough chronicle of a Parisian drug squad‘s dogged fight against the tide of trafficking also hits out at the petty bureaucracy within the force that stops the cops from properly doing theirjob. Gritty and realistic. it's not a million kilometres away frotn a sort of Gallic Hill Street Blues. Central: MacRobert. I The Last Boy Scout (18) (Tony Scott. US. 1991) Bruce Willis. Damon Wayans. Chelsea Field. 105 mins. Ill-matched buddy duo of scu/zball private eye (Willis) and disgraced sports idol (Wayans) biff. bang and crash their way through bone-crushing violence and producer Joel Silver‘s trademark explosions. State-of—the-art fluff. which works like a good dirty joke shameful but kind of fun. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I The Last Days of Chez Nous ( 15) (Gillian Armstrong. Australia. 1992) Lisa Harrow. Bruno Ganz. Kerry Fox. 96 mins. A Sydney household. peopled by a successful novelist. her French husband and her daughter. is thrown out of balance by the arrival of the woman's sister. The latest from Gillian (My Beautiful Career) Armstrong has some of the tnost believable characters you'll have seen on screen for ages. while script. cast and director chime in resonant harmony. Sure to be one of the most underrated movies of the year. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Central: MacRobert. I Law of IIqu ( l8) (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 101 mins) Eusebio Poncela. Carmen Maura. Antonio Baderas. 101 mins. Notorious filmmaker Pablo moves through a decadent lifestyle of sensual pleasure. his only real concern for his transsexual brother-turned-sister. However. when he falls for government minister's son Antonio. a nightmare of manipulation and deceit is to follow. Flamboyant Spanish iconoclast Almodovar‘s exaggerated sexual farrago is interesting as a sort of overheated melodrama. though the lack of narrative control near the end does let the film down. PIUs the outrageous 'short'. Dick. Central: MacRobert. I Lawrence 01 Arabia (PG) (David Lean. UK. 1962) Peter O'Toole. Alec Guinness. Jack Hawkins. ()mar Sharif. 222 mins. Lean's









One of the finest American movies in recent years" no: our


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