I It doesn’t look too secure, it flaps around all over the place, but it’s a miracle it ever got oft the ground in the first place. Yup, it’s another Derek Jarman film. Clancy Chassay plays the young Wittgenstein. See Film preview.

I That clever old codger Boyle demonstrates his law pertaining to the effect witnessed when you get a dodgy bottle of Grolsch. Just one of the attractions on offer at Edinburgh Science Festival. See Science Festival preview.

I That apron with the polyester shirt was a mistake, dearie. Bemoan the lack of fashion sense of your average zombie in Tom Savini’s remake of Night Of The Living Dead. See Film review.



I Anne Marie Timoney plays Moors Murderer Myra Hindley (the perils of having a dodgy agent, eh?) in the Citizens’ production of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Preparadise Sorry Now. See Theatre review.



‘Music then. unlike today, had melodies and words that were intelligible. rhymed and expressed sensitive. nice thoughts and emotions . . . I don't think you will hear an instrumental version of (‘op Killer being played in an elevator.’ ()ldj/ll.\’lll(lll(‘(l erooner l’aI Boone reveals the only eriterionfin' diseot‘ering whether or no! a tune is a ('lasxii‘.

‘What do we want'." ‘Radio 43' ‘Where do we want it'." long wave!‘ ‘And what do we say." ‘Pleasel‘

A group of(lenlint.\‘ll'(1tors outside BBC headqimrlers eoni'ev their demands in I.\‘pieall_\' polite Radio 4 manner.

‘ll' I go somewhere to play the Shostakovich or llonegger concertos, the last thing I want to hear is some cretin banging on about whether or not I like Starlight lit‘prexs.‘

('el/is! Julian Lloyd ll'ebher doesn '! seem to he brother Andrew is Number ()nefan.

‘lt‘s about wanton violence and the immense jealousy felt when someone more attractive is around.‘

l’alriek /)lUi.\‘lt’II advertising manager for liiutha/l. dexeribes why it taker/ire .s‘llpel‘modelx and a [3 million budget for a 'I'l'ad for Ihe new ('ors‘a.

‘She wanted everything to be like it used to be again. She tried to cling to her old life. her old routine. like a child ! embracing a corpse.‘ j 77m Walker is hook on the Prime .‘l’IinISleI‘R wife Norma: xl Biography

seemx lo he aiming/or something between Mills A" Boon and Stephen King.

The List 0 23 April I‘ll).i 3