m I The Taste For Killing (15) (CIC) Our regular guide to the I Elvis And The Colonel - latest VllS releases The Untold Story (15) hitting your shop shelves (Columbia Tristar) round about now. I White Sands (15) (Warner) Rental I Dead Bolt ( 15) (First 1 Independent) I Dream Rider (U) (First Independent) I Man Trouble (15) (First Independent) I Passed Away ( 15) (Buena Vista) . I She Stood Alone ( 15) ~ (Buena Vista) '4' I Wild Hearts Can’t Be "‘ “,4 Broken (U) (Buena Vista) I Strictly Ballroom (PG) 1 “a?” 99 (18) (20/20 Strictlv feelgood is the m“ . -‘ . .‘ . v. I Sinking or The tone (or Bax. Luhrmann s Rainbow warm" (PG)

engaging and award-laden ()2 dance comedy. Paul Mercurio is the inventive ballroom hopeful falling foul of the Dance Federation. Tara Morice is the wallflower who becomes his partner on more than just the dancefloor. You just know it's gonna have a kinda happy ending. Daft. dippy and other likeable ‘d' words. (Guild)

I Patriot Games ( 15) A distinctly dubious delve into Irish politics in Philip Noyce‘s otherwise conventional US thriller. Harrison Ford is political analyst Jack Ryan finding himself hunted down by the brother of an Irish terrorist he killed in London. (CIC)

(20/20 Vision) Sell-throlugh


I The Very Best or The Clangers Last issue's cover stars return in a compilation of their finest adventures. with assorted hoots. froglets and iron chickens dropping in for a i visit. (BBC £8.99)

Magic Roundabout (BBC . £8.99)

. I The Very Best or

4 Watch With Mother A

) disappointing collection

F of kiddies' faves with

Cumln'nvick Green

standing out from the rest.

I Bob Roberts ( 15) Tim Robbins directs and stars in this amusing. if two-

dimensional. satire about

most of which has dated rather badly. The Flowerpot Men still talk a deal of sense though. (BBC £8.99)

I Adventures In Kettleland With The Singing Kettle Strangely

a country singer turned political candidate manipulating media and public alike to support his campaign. Shot in post- Spinul 721p documentary style. the best parts by far are the hilarious son vs. . . . . . notava a cute re-reazding dismrhmg “Side . of Wm“). Gmhnck This . singalongswith the BBC Land Is Your Lands ; Scotland trio. (BBC

- £8.99) ( D " i I i I

)tlterw‘lse‘the‘ lone errs on I Playdays _ nors Fun the side of the over- With N h BBC. didactic. (Columbia um "8‘

T ._ , £8.99) ristar)

I The Babe (PG)

Straight-to-video for this less-than-massively- I relevant to a UK audience ' - biopic of baseball legend ' Babe Ruth (no. not the one who married Marilyn Monroe). Mind you it does star the god-like if girth-challenged John

‘. ‘i‘x’dnlun- ('1‘ '1 . I Maid Marion And ller : I "IUSIOHS ( M); i'\ ii 1 Merry Men: How the

l I Sunstroke (PC) ((‘I(‘) sang gm 1099mm (BBC 1 I Wild Card (PG) (cue) £8.99,


52 The List 9—22 April 1993

I Maid Marlon And lier Merry Men: The Miracle or St Charlene (BBC £8.99)

I Doctor Who: Terror or The Autons The good Doc saves the Universe once more. this time from a plague of John Major lookalike automatons. (BBC £10.99)

I Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis (BBC £12.99)

I The Vampyr (15) Janet Street-Porter's inventive vampire opera caused a stir on its screening over Christmas. For those who missed it. here it is in full. with gore. nudity and a shockingly clumsy libretto all present and correct. (BBC £12.99)


K m: it a

I Kevin Turvey: The Man Behind The Green Door (PG) That clever Colin Gilbert bloke from BBC Scotland wrote and produced this neat spoof of investigative journalism back in 1982. Rik Mayall makes one of his earliest TV appearances as the nerdish Brummie Turvey. (BBC £ 10.99)

I Animal Farm (U) (BBC £10.99)

I Golf: The Rules 01 A Royal And Ancient Game A useful pressie for a golfing uncle. especially if he's the sort of bloke who claims it is permitted to give your ball a sly boot out of long grass when your opponent isn't looking. (BBC £10.99)


I Poldarlt Ill (PG) This smouldering Comish saga has been selling like hot scrumpy and the third batch looks likely to soar up the charts. (BBC £10.99)

I Harry Entield Series 2 (l5) VHStabulous sketches and characters from our Harry. including all the favourites from the ()1d Gits to The Slobs. not to mention Smashie and Nicey. Do an awful lotta work for chariddy. Don‘t like to talk about it. (BBC £10.99)


A selection ot television highlights,

listed by day, in chronological order. Television listings compiled by Tom Lappin.


I The Chain (Channel 4) 6.45-8.30pm. Jack Rosenthal‘s engaging portmanteau film following the trials and tribulations of moving house around London. The cast includes Denis Lawson. David Troughton. Anna Massey and Phyllis Logan.

I Gingerbread Girl (Scottish) 8.30-9pm. A new sitcom starring Janet Dibley as a single mother struggling to bring up her daughter despite the unhelpful efforts of her unreliable ex. Doesn't exactly sound a barrel of laughs does it'.’

I Dr Finlay (Scottish) 9—10pm. Last in the current series of adventures from the Tannochbrae docs. A famous singing star (Gracie Fields‘.’ Vera Lynn? 1 can‘t wait) turns up at Arden House for a repeat prescription. but a mystery unfolds about the exact nature of her illness.

I The Rift Raft Element (BBCI) 930—1020an The second episode of Debbie Horsfield's comedy drama. The Belcher clan. installed in Tundish Hall. look set to disrupt the Tundish family‘s New Year's celebrations.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Carla‘s daughter Serafina announces she has to get married. so the bar regulars throw a party for her.

I Bookmark: Philip Larkin (BBCZ) 9.4()—10.30pm. Old misery-guts is never out of the media these days. Two films look at his secretive life as a university librarian in Hull and at his rich if contradictory internal life as a poet.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10—10.30pm. Roseanne and Nancy (Sandra Bernhard) embark on a self-defence course.

I Whose line Is It Anyway? (Channel 4) 10.30—11.05pm. Clive Anderson introduces the usual batch of show-off Brits and feeble Yanks.

I Bonnie And Clyde (Scottish) 10.55pm—12.50am. Kind of Resen'oir Lady/1nd The Tramp with loads of bloody shoot-outs and grainy footage of Depression era America. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway star as the couple who lived. loved and shot up a whole lot of folks together.


I Jaws 3 (Scottish) 6.55—8.40pm. Just when you thought it was safe to switch on the telly a nasty case of (logging a dead fish cruises along. The shark saga loses a lot of its bite in this third episode. with the action switched to an ‘Undersea Kingdom' in Florida.

I An Evening or Gaelic (BBCZ) 7.15—9.20pm. A couple of hours devoted to the language of the Highlands and Islands. headed by a special Gaelic version of Prince Charles‘s Legend Of Lm'hnugur (shown in English on BBC1 tomorrow). Other programmes include a profile of the late Duke of Montrose. Sea/ludh. a period drama short. and music from Capercaillie. See preview.

I Gimme Shelter: The Boomerang Kids (Channel 4) 8—8.45pm. Brian Crumlish and Christeen Winford's film looks at the work of the Teenage Refuge in Airdrie. which attempts a more constructive approach to the problem of young homeless people than the Govemment's policy of forcing them to return to their parents.

I Westbeach (BBCI ) 9.10—10pm. The first episode of a new ten-part drama series from Tony Marchant set in a seaside town. Two rival families. the Prestons and

the Cromers vie for the town‘s dwindling tourist trade. Sarah Preston (Deborah Grant) returns to Westbeach after twenty years away to find herself embroiled in a business and personal rivalry with Alan Cromer (Oliver Cotton).

I The Big Easy (BBC2) llpm—l .45am. Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin star in a tough. steamy thriller set in New Orleans. Quaid is a laid-back local cop forced to face an investigation from out-of—town special prosecutor Barkin. sent in to clamp down on police corruption. Their professional antagonism is countered by physical attraction.


I The Legend or Lochnagar (BBC 1) 5—5.30pm. The Prince Of Wales makes his acting debut in the TV adaptation of his own story about a boisterous old codger in the Highlands. He. along with a batch of tame kiddies. appears at the beginning and end of the animated film of his gently comic tale.

I Masterchel1993 (BBCI) 5.30-6.05pm. Lloyd Grossman returns with his irritating vowel syndrome and another batch of wannabe chefs and their over-elaborate concoctions.

I Moviewatch (Channel 4) 6—6.30pm. The film review show hits Plymouth where films appraised are Body Of Evidence. Accidental Hero and Best Of The Res! [1 with Andy Garcia.

I The Nineties: Fresh Air And Fun (BBCZ) 7.40—8.20pm. The latest in BBC Bristol‘s oral history projects continues with a look at the seaside holiday. The works outing to Blackpool was the highlight the year for many in the 20s and 30s.

I Every Picture Tells A Story (BBC2) 8.20—9pm. A series looking at the stories behind great paintings. The third programme examines the Gericault classic ‘The Raft Of The Medusa‘. a painting that has exerted an obsessive fascination for art lovers.

V - “Apt,” (1H,, P I ~‘ IA-

I Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Channel 4) 9— 10.40pm. Five years before dene's World Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters took dudedom to the big screen with this engaging tale of waekoid babe- hustling slackers getting into a time-travel scene in order to help them with their history assignments. Cute. if daft. teen comedy.

I You Me And It (BBCI ) 9.10-10.05pm. James Wilby and Suzanne Burden star in the drama serial looking at the problem of childlessness. Barbara decides to try in- vitro fertilisation despite the fact that the treatment is very stressful.


I Mary Poppins (Scottish) l.l()—3.45pm. Cutesy Bank Holiday fun with Disney‘s supercalifragilisticexpialidmiously twee