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I JOII Hunting? I)on't work blind. 'l‘rained information specialist pt‘o\ ides background reports on Ct)lllptllllL‘S/IIILIlISITlL‘SI researches mailing lists for (‘\'s. I‘ast. accurate sen icc. l’lionc Benjamin Blain (l-ll 33—1 *l7lS.

l’ici‘i‘e \‘rctoirc has established an enviable reputation for excellent French food at inexpensive prices Since opening at ()1 Miller Street. the restaurant has alrcadv proved popular and with our \\'cst lind restaurant scheduled to open in .\la_v. we are now looking to recruit and train staff for our .iiiihitious expansion programme



We are looking tor two people to loin the Partnership Resource Team

The Partnership is a collaborative enterprise which aims to involve local people and public and private sector organisations in the regeneration at Wester Hailes. a large housrng estate on the western edge at Edinburgh. The Partnership Resource Team takes the lead on behalf ot the Partnership Board. in preparing and implementing strategies for regeneration and evaluating progress in achrevrng agreed goals.


Salary 221,840-223,400 You need: 0 Experience of research, monitoring and evaluation. 0 Skills in analysrs. numeracy and computer applications. 0 An appreCiation ot the problems laced by resrdents in an area like Wester Hailes. 0 Good communication skills. 0 An ability to work well as part of a team We otter a tixed term contract tor three years; 37 hour week with 25 days

holida . - TRAINEE MANAGERS Y Centre for . CHEF pATISSIER POLICY ASSISTANT . WAITING STAFF Salary 214,500-215,280 Contemporary Arts . . You need: is seekirg to appoint \oii will be experienced in restaurant work and will . To be numeraie and comfortable mm statistics. be able to demonstrate a commitment to providing 0 Able to plan your own work and lake protects forward. 1 Performance Programme .i qualitv r ustoincr service Working under pressure, 0 Be able to partICipate in policy discus3ions. Director \‘rttl will have coliltdci‘icc and will be able to work . Agapfrccéal'lon 0' me DICblemS faced by I35|dem$ In an 3'93 l'ke . . ,i eser ales m be responsible for a llrxrblt Rt luant trainingqualilit ations . Good commumcahon skins Wmme of performances. it p no 1, no- (iii and (itiilds tor the (.ommis . An ablmy to work we” as part or a ,eam‘

commissions and events which encourages and supports imovation and provides opportunities for artists and audiences in a local. national aid international context.

2 Publicist to be responsrble for all aspects of press. publicity and marketing.

Details and application form from The Director

Centre for Contemporary Arts

350 Sauchiena'l St Glasgow 62 310

Tel: 041 332 7521 Fat: 041 332 3226

chef postl will prove valuable \V'c will offer a competitive benefits package ll you now wish to pursue a career with a voting. ambitious companv then write with a full cv to: MICHAEL DIVERS, PIERRE VICTOIRE, 91 MILLER STREET, GLASGOW G].

we are an Equal Opportunities emploi-er

We otter a lixed ferm contract for two years; 37 hour week With 25 days hohday We welcome. applications lrom all sections or the community

For an irilormation pack, please contact Margaret Campbell 031 458 5959

Closrng date lor applications: Friday

15m April 1993 WESTER HNLES

When replying to a job advert,

remember to say thatyou saw it in

Producers, Musié Department " U


The Bli(“s Music Department is looking for two producers to make a range of serious music programmes, mainly for Radio Scotlaan and Radio :3. The first of these posts will be concerned principally with the planning and production of

orchestral programmes.

programmes from features to chamber music recitals.

You will have excellent professional musical qualifications and mature artistic judgement, with an informed knowledge of music performance at the highest level and detailed familiarin with the classical music repertoire; an imaginative approach to the production of music on radio; the ability to work well in a team and to be an efficient. planner and controller of resources.

A sound knowledge of music and musicians in Scotland, and an interest, in contemporary

developments are also desirable.

Salary $15,723 ~ $22,336 pa plus art allowance of $3,130 (staff); $18,081 - $25,686 pa plus an allowance of 33,130 (2 year contract). Based Glasgow.

For an application form, please write to BBC Recruitment Office, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow G12 8DG enclosing a s.a.e. (quoting ref. 1207:3/QR).

For the second post we seek someone to develop a wide range of

Application forms to be returned by April 19th. WORKING FOR EQUALITY 0F OPPORTUNITY


70 The List 9 22 April I‘M}