80 The List 9- 22 April l‘)‘)3

Folk off

I notice that once again the ‘Folk and World’ residencies are missing. well just about. The week-end in Glasgow is catered for. which I suppose is an improvement. Last issue missed them out altogether. as well as referring to a review of a Lyceum production which wasn’t there. Thanks for all the Edinburgh Folk Festival coverage though. Any chance ofthe Residencies List being restored?

Nick Keir

Moncrief Terrace


Yeah. sorry Nick. lnaflnding space/or the Folk Festival listings last time left too little roomfor the regular pub sessirms. But ifyou flip to the Music section. you 'llfind them back in this issue.

Pretty thing

It's a godawful small affair. but I'm sorry. I cannot let this go. I refer to the single review column (The List 197). David Bowie is the greatest living British Rock Musician and a national treasure. His latest single. Junip They Say. is a triumphant return to form. and a tantalising taster for his new album. May I politer suggest that your reviewer heed the words of another famous songsmith: ‘don‘t criticise what you can’t understand‘. Meanwhile. those of us who appreciate the finer things in life such as Earl Grey tea. 60s French movies. old paperback spy novels and silver—plated cigar cases will continue to enjoy the superbly stylish and witty songs of one Mr David Jones. Esq. Better make way for the homo superior. Justin Montpelier Comely Bank Road Edinburgh.

Home alone

I was glad to flick through my copy of The List and hit page 73 in the last issue. Beatrice Colin's article on art and television with Donny O'Rourke was most refreshing. Full marks: I have often walked into that ‘oh the good old days‘ trap. \h'hat of the good todays'.’ Glasgow and in particular our ‘alive‘ media has never kept us so well informed or given such a choice. We must support and sing our own praises.

//t, (WV/l; .1 (77/ 7/7 I / t, ,1 .2 /'


Psst! Keep it quiet. but I hear that Jose Cuervo have promised a bottle of their very wonderful Golden Tequila for the best letter to appear in The List each week. Time to get out thatjunior writing kit and sharpen those pencils?

l was glad to come 'homc'lfrom London. I'm overjoyed at having the Royal Concert Hall. happy to read Mr ()‘Rourke‘s comments and take pleasure in switching on to some good television.

James Nelson

Cambridge Street



The C [angers on the cover of The List. An interview with trance—dancers I).'Ream in the Clubs section. Could these. by any chance. be related? We should be told.

Jess Gibbs

Naseby Avenue



Sou ed u First tgere waspan ominous booting. then soup turned pink. and now The List has the Clangers on the front cover. This menace must be stopped: civilisation is in danger. Extreme Danger! The collapse of the old Soviet Union into nuclear-armed nationalist anarchy is as nothing to the threat posed by this so called ‘children‘s entertainment’.

So you thought Tiny Clanger was an innocent little figment of an old duffer's mind‘? No. she is the vanguard of a malign civilisation. hell bent on the destruction of the Earth as we know it. Soon. we will all have long pink proboscises. exist on soup. and our lives will be dictated by an irritating little voice-over.

However. I have a plan. I volunteer to go behind enemy lines and bribe Small Clanger with a delicious mixture of

lime. salt and alcohol. once in my power he will rehabilitate the Other Clangers and form a Clanger Resistance. 1 know it can work. I have the lime and the salt. All 1 need is a bottle of some kind of delicious golden beverage as an alcoholic accompaniment. Help me now. before it is too late . . .

E. Goodall

Raeberry Street


g": '0‘


In the interests of world security we are prepared to sacrifice one bottle of the very H'()t1(l(’t_‘/ill Jose ('uert'o golden tequila. (‘al/ in to collect itfrom our Glasgoii' office.


Your review of the latest cult violence flick. Romper Stomper. in the last issue (The List 197) puts forward the curious claim that we have ‘to experience the thrill of the fight’ before we can reject the skinheads views with moral certainty.

Try telling that to the victim.

Susan Mackie

Lawrence Street


Silver Surfer

This is a call to all true V’ll't’! Lr'nderground fans to boycott their Playhouse gig in June. The venue itself should be a dead giveaway; this one’s straight out of mothballs.


lt‘s May. there‘s a festival . . .

The spectacle of middle-aged. well- fed rock legends reliving their youth is grotesque under any circumstances. but not to be borne in the case of the VU If they get McCartney or Elvis Costello on stage to do Heroin. don't say I didn‘t warn you.

Go and buy the new Buttholes album . instead: support live (ie not pickled) music.

Dalton Rutledge Muirhouse Drive Edinburgh.


It is more than Pbit ironic that a film called Hidden Agenda about how we are not told the truth of what is happening in Northern Ireland gets pulled because of the Warrington bomb. I hate the violence. I condemn the deaths. but the debate we need to have is not helped by what amounts to censorship.

Presumably Channel 4 decided that there should be a ‘respcctful‘ lapse of time after the bombing before continuing the debate. But people are dying every week in Belfast. lt‘s sheer hypocrisy to pull the film because the deaths occured on the mainland. Such small-mindedness simply feeds the bigotry of those who object to real journalism like Death on The Rock. or last week’s Rough Justice programme about the wrongful conviction of a Belfast man.

Karen Williamson lialcon Gardens Edinburgh

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