I llo, it’s not a leftover from our Clangers feature, but the set for Station House Opera’s The Oracle, a Mayfest production at CCA. See Mayfest preview.

I Ihere you are minding your own business knocking out innovative Canadian dance and somebody comes along and nicks all your furniture. 0 Vertigo Danse fill the spaces in La Chamhre Blanche at the RSAMD. See Maytest preview.

l on, to what depths a tubby old chap will go to make people forget he was Captain Kirk. William Shatner appears in tragic spoof Loaded Weapon 1. See Film review.



‘Kylie Minogue is political because she advocates a certain set of values. a certain lifestyle. She says to young girls that their lot in life is to dance around a handbag. find a good-looking guy. fall in love and get married. That's politics.‘

Rap group Marxman deconstruct the thesis behind 'I Should Be So Lucky '.

‘In a more brutal place and time. Nigel Lawson could have faced a gruesome end. his head atop a railing and his body fed to carrion. He should count himself lucky merely to be in the House of Lords.‘

Right-it'inger Professor Patrick Minford ponders on an alternative demise for the out-of-fat'our former Chancellor:

‘lt‘s such a terrible tragedy. It's so awful. so disgusting. But such a fascinating story. don't you think‘?‘

An American producer considers the potential ofthe Jamie Bulger murder as a TV docudranza called The Liverpool Murder Story.

‘I have even thought of having my brain examined to see if there are any holes.‘

David Bowie. alarmed at the ef ects of cocaine abuse. might be better checking the musical void that is his new single.

‘I hold in my hand a doomed product. Its demise will put the Lancashire resorts into mouming.’

C onsenati i'e MEI’ Lord Inglewood reckons the ECX ban on food

colourin gs signals the end for the stick of British rock.

‘lt’s a war in which the worst always eventually happens to the innocent. while brutality is rewarded. and courage and decency are punished.‘ Guardian reporter Ed Vulliamy describes the war in Bosnia.

The List 23 April—6 May 1993 3