average goths who are apparently I "'9 Raggle 7399's Gypsies BlaCkl‘riar-S‘. ' discovering the joys of industrial-type BC“ SW“. 552 5924- 9-30Pm- Frcc- SCC noises. Sill 1- I The Turning and Slob Vaults. Niddry I llukka Skin Bone Negociants. Lothittn I lal'k Swliu. Stockwcll Street. 552 Street. 556g70l8. 7pm. £I. Weekly Street. 225 63l3. 10pm. Free. 868 1. 8.30pm. Free. Susan Mahoney. her showcase for up-and-coming local bands. I Gary Mocormack st Junk-5 ()ystcr Bun acoustic guitar and an impressive set of Free entry to club afterwards. Calton Road. 557 2925. l0pm. l-‘ree. “WU-“Mai 5""315- I Skinteel Subway, (‘owgate. 225 6766. I live music Suffiyuy‘ (um-gate. 335 I nhyme & Reason MacSorley's. Jamaica 8.30pm. Grungey and bizarre. . 6766. 8.30pm. ' Sum. 33. 8499 9pm. pm. I "at Rocks (TBC, Cm. Ruck Cam Wcst Dates listed below are tor one-oft shows. . pom 339 434 I. mpm. pm.- see seperate section for residencies. 4 . I Vertigo Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 Gigs am "sad by date! the" by city- I Midge Ure Queen's Hall. South (‘lerk 6313- mpm- FTCQ $312???” mil: be "sfttiim’ “lame; Glasgow Street. 008 20l9. £12.50. See preview. I The lOWdWfl JOMS Neighbours. a e 3k 3 "eat" “2".0 "‘95: 93 I Glasgow songwriters manning Kenny I Roundabout Ncgmimm‘ Lump", McDonald Road. 557 4928. 9pm. Free. one "88 e o e p" “:3 on' an

copeland Blackfriai's. Bell Street. 552 Street. 225 ()3 l 3. ltlpm. Free. I Jam session Murine Lounge. Bath "3""95 “mind “V “W Ma‘h'mm

5924. 9.30pm. Free. Plus open platform. I “'9 mus“: Sl‘hwil)" Cmvgate. 225 smelt P9m’bcn9‘ (’69 178”- 9Pm- FTL‘LV I Live MDSiC McCoolis Ruling Cowboy. 67(36- 830W"- Candleriggs. 552 7847. 9pm. Free. 6

Edinburgh Glasgow

I Blot" Again Pill} itotlsL‘ Theatre. I Mayfest. See sepafate

Greenside Place. 557 2590. 7.30pm. I thousand yard Stare Km T -. r.

t: ut s \\ ah £9.50. £7.50. £6.50. :\tl.\lt'ttllilll ABBA \yuh Hut gt Vincent gtrccl 37] 5179 _ impersonators mine a vein of nostalgia

9pm. £4.50. Forgotten by the media (well.

arid achieve success on the live circuit 1hCV ask for it _ Mm mus. their Light Music is listed by date, then by comparable to the original group. Wake unhpimion [p “m. 7;, Mil/(1mm?) hm city. Performances will be listed, subject "‘9 When it.“ 9"”- somehow we think the Yardies' bouncy to space! lmmded mm deans leach 0‘" I Fireball! 33'" “"d Baby Barmk ch'c' indie pop still has a place in the T—shirted omces 3‘ lead one weak below (‘alton Road. 557 3073. ‘(‘lassic pop w ith kids» hour” publicatlom Light Music Listings a hard edge' from ex-Big Dish man Brian I Viva vandaal MCCOUH Ruling compiled by Alastair "abhou and Fiona Meliie and ex-iiiembers of Worldwide. (“WWW (‘umtlcriuus‘ 553 73431)an Shepherd. I Paul Risi Negociants. l.othiaii Street. Hus ' ‘7 325 93‘3- mm” “09- I nadoos MacSorlev's. Jamaica Street. I Live music Subway. ('ow gate. 225 33] 8499. t)pm_ prcc'. . 6700. 830W“- I Pleasurama Colliers. Hynttlanti Road. Edmburgh 357 5827. 9pm. liree. Reputedly featuring I Rita McNeil Queen‘s Hall. South (‘lerk 5 an cx-member of Killing Joke. Street. 668 2019. One of(‘aiiada‘s most GI I Adam 812 The Batcave. Bruce Hotel. successful singers and the woman who (‘oi'nwall Street. liast Ktlbrtdc. 03552 brought tis songs like ‘Working Man’ and . I Maytest. See separate listings. 2977 l. 9pm. £2.50 Dundee soft rockers ‘She’s Called Nova Scotia'. I lam Ballamy Dimnstatirx at The l3th I The Bachelor Pad 13th Note. (ilassfoi'tl plus a .‘vlotown/James Brown tribute. Nfllc; 80 ‘Gluh-‘lmd Sim“ .9 ll lr-illlml- ‘5 Street, 553 1638. [0pm. Free. .‘yiass I Live Music Halt Bar. \‘l'oodlands Road. (Li-M” Simmlln 'Bullum)‘ 'Nll’mk‘d h) "10 “sailing. gnawing Ur [CCU]. dwmmg up 333 '3”). oompm pr“, Brian Kellock l'rio on the lirst of two sackcloth and scattering of ashes. as this I live MUSic Pythagoras. Sauchiehall $001115“ tilt—W 500 WWW“- looks like this could beitlic last ever Street. 332 3-195. 9pm. Free. I "e" sedaka Glasgow R9)“ (“’liccrl chance to hear the Bachelor max I live Music Rockin‘ Horse. (‘utheurt “all: Sul’Flifichu” SUCH-7.3”Pm- 30”) SATURDAY 24 ps} cliedelic loony tunes. Road. 6-19 ()lX-l. 9.30pm. Free. ()Ul- Hairline WCL‘dmg “1 "WU-5C

proportion to his popularity. Neil Sedaka

wows the mums with just a voice. a piano I John Murray Big Band Suck“ 0'. and a skipload of sentimentality. Mmiciims 73 Berkclm. Sm.“ 53' M Is

2-5pin. £1. Mainstream. I George Penman’s Jazzmen Society of

Musicians. 73 Berkeley Street. 22l 6l l2.


8.30pm midnight. £3. Leading Dixieland

I Rita McNeil Pavilion. Renfield Street. band. plus guests.

332 1846. See Tue 27. . Edinbur h

' " FRIDAY 30 9- . I Annie Mactttcol and Jazz Therapy lidinburgh Jan (’ltib. l7niversity (lab. I n g 9 -l5 (‘haiiibers Street. 650 2395.

The most phenomenal vocal talent yet to appear on the British jazz scene The Wire

I Daniel O’Donnell Glasgow Royal 8 1 1.30pm. Ja/x club members £3. guests

with lain Ballamy (sax) Robin Aspland (piano) a? Concert Hall, Sauchiehall Street, 7.30pm, £4.50. Scottish singer leads it traditional Aime somogyi (bass) 0'3“ Tfacey (drums) :3 SOLD OUT. The blue-eyed boy from the ill/l “lum- 3 Green lsle with more of those soft (‘eltic -it-e cool ' g ditties Glaswegians lap up iii their , .‘1 man" § thousands. mil . v r Glasgow « "m ' i 3 1 I A Tribute to Cole Porter Society of , Musicians. 73 Berkelev Street. 22! MD. gbgglfiys HALL 031 668 2019 "emierZ‘o‘f‘gxngéch'e 8pm. £2. Local artists pay homage to the I Daniel O’Donnell Glasgow Royal great song-writer. Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. I Big Band Session Society of .‘vltisicians. SOLD OUT. 73 Berkeley Street. 22l 6l l2. 2 5pm. ii.

The Strathclyde Youth Ja/l ()rchestra

U“ D I 2 alternate with the Tim Barella Big Band.

6 Glasgow Edinburgh

I Daniel O’Donnell Glasgow Roy” I lain Ballamy Jazz at The Tron. 'l‘roii - ' ' ' ' o MONDAY 3 Acoustic 8 Traditional HuStc MONDAY 26

Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. (‘Clli‘r 81m 9 Hum” 5991‘”. High Sm“- S()[3[) ()U']‘_ 220 I550. 9pm. £4 (£3.50). See l"ri 23 and preview. - Records - Moments - Sheet Husk - cooks ~ Glasgow Glasgow

I Daniel O’Donnell Glasgow Royal ~ . V Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. I K“ 637W 5 Jazz Band 5909‘." “i

so”) ()U'p Musicians. 73 Berkeley Street. 22] 6| l2. 9piii--midnight. £2. 'l‘raditioiial.

4 Chancellor Street TUESDAY 4 WEDNESDAY 28

Glasgow Gtt SRO Glasgow GI Tel: ’334 I Daniel O’Donnell Glasgow Royal

Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. I Sandy 737"" and “an” Fuuanon SOLD ()Li'p Society of Miisiciaiis. 73 Berkeley Street.

50 The List 23 April - 6 Ma}