22! 6| l2. 8.30pm. £1. Mainstream piano and bass duo. plus guests.


I lain Copeland Quartet Jazz at The Tron. Tron Cellar Bar. ‘) Hunter Square. High Street. 220 I550. ‘)pm. £3 (£2.50). The Glaswegian drutnmer leads his nevv band. featuring a strong front-line of Kevin MacKen/ie on guitar atid Rttssell (‘ovvieson on saXophone. vvith liddie Macliarlane on bass. lixpcct a strong fusion groove underneath some nifty improvising.



I lain Copeland Quintet I)t)v\‘l)sl;tirs at The l3th Note. 80 (ilassford Street.

‘)~l l.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). See Wed 28. Percussionist Jim Sutherland is added for this one.

I Isle of Bute Jazz Festival Rotllesay. Isle of Bute. Tickets and information front Tourist Information Office. 0700 502 l 5 I. This event is novv a vvell-cstablished one on the Scottish calendar. and is strongly oriented tovvard traditiottal jan. Participants this year include jump jive specialists King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys. l.cs llaricots Rouges from I’rance. and home-based favourites like George Penman's Jazzmen. Mike llart's Society Syncopators. and festival director Phil Mason's Nevv ()rleans .-\ll-Stars. Weekend passes cost £22. day tickets are also available.


Glasgow I John Murray Big Band Society or

Musicians. 7.3 Berkeley Street. 221 6l [2. 2-~5pm. £l. Mainstream.

I George Penman’s Jazzmen Society of Musicians. 7.3 Berkeley Street. 22l 6| l2. 8.30pm— midnight. £3. Dixieland.

I Isle of Bute Jazz Festival Rothesay. Isle of Bute. Tickets and information from Tourist Information Office. 0700502151. See l‘ri 30.


I Fat Sam’s Band lidinburgh Jan ('lub. University Club. ‘) l5 ('hambers Street. 650 2395. 8--l l.3()pm. Ja/I club members £3. guests £4.50. Local ten-piece band specialising in svving and jump—jive styles.



I Big Band Session Society of Mtisieiatts. 73 Berkeley Street. 22] 6| l2. 2 5pm. £1. See Sun I l.

I Isle of Bute Jazz Festival Rolltestt)‘. Isle of Bute. Tickets and information from Tourist Information Office. 0700 50215 1. See Fri 30.


I Bill Kyle’s Jazzbase J an at the Iron. Tron (‘ellar Bar. ‘) llttnter Square. High Street. 220 1550. ‘)pm. £3 (£2). It's compare and contrast time as the theme of combining contemporary post-bop and fusion styles in a drummer-led band (see lain (‘opeland Quartet on Wed 28) continues in this hard-driving quintet. and they even share a couple of players. Kyle is joined by Iiddic Severn (trumpet). Russell (‘ovvieson (saxophone). Kev in MacKen/ie (guitar). and .-\ndy Mitchell (bass).



I Kit Carey’s Jazz Band Society of Musicians. 73 Berkeley Street. 22l 6| l2. 9pm~midnight. £2. 'l‘raditional.

I Isle of Bute Jazz Festival Rotltestty. Isle of Bute. Tickets and information from

Tourist Information Office. ()700 50215l. See Fri 30.



I Claire Martin Village Theatre. liast Kilbridc. 03552 4866‘). 8pm. £7 (£5). The first of four Scottish gigs for this escellent singer. vs ho is surely set to make a big impression. She goes to The l.cmon 'l‘ree. Aberdeen. ()224 642230. on Wed 5. and visits May lest on 'l'hur 6. at the Perry. then returns to the Queen's llall. lidinburgh. 668 20l‘). on l-‘ri l4. See Mayfest previevv.

Glasgow I Sandy Taylor and Henry Fullarton

Society of Mttsicians. 73 Berkeley Street.

22l 6H2. 8.30pm. £l. See below


I Sandy Taylor Quintet Ian at The iron. Tron (‘ellar Bar. ‘) llunter Square. High Street. 220 I550. ‘)pm. £3 (£2). [bless the pianist has solved the problem of being in tvvo places at once. he vv ill doubtless be puttitig in a deputy for his (ilasgovv residency in order to make a rare visit to the cast. Singer Shelagh Buchanan and

\ ioliltist-gtlltttrisl Steven (iotllts are added to his ttsual rhythm section of Ricky Steele (bass) and Murray Smith (drums).



I Dankworth Generation Band (‘tty llalls. (‘andlcriggs 227 55l l. 8pm. £8. liather and son combine as joint leaders of a fourteen piece big band. See prev ievy.

I Claire Martin Sce .\Itt_\ fest.


The following details are for regular weekly dates: see main listings for one- ott shows. Gigs are listed by city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to-date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies Listings compiled by Kenny Mathieson.

mm:- Fridays

. Blacklriars 3() Bell Street. 5.52 59.24. ‘).30pm. Various.

I Cate Qui Cantinetta Italian centre. )7 John Street. 552 60‘)‘). ‘)pm midnight. Various.

I Jazz Cabaret (‘trttiet-‘s. «)3 ()5 llyndland Road. 357 5825. Supper (‘lub (minimum supper charge £4).

I Glasgow Jazz Record Club t‘mtttrtart ('hurch. 72 Berkeley Street. 7.45pm. (‘ontact Bill Winter'. ‘)44 4402. for progratnmc and membership details.


I George Penman’s Jazzmen (‘ar-negte‘s. I42 St Vincent Street. 226 3833.

2.30 5.30pm. 'l‘raditional.

I Bill Fanning Orchestra (kit-negte's. .\'evv Sncddon Street. Paisley. 88‘) 3073.

2 5pm. Big band.

I Bobby Deans Quartet (‘ttt-ters. 256 By'res Road. 334 1284. 2pm. Mainstream. I lain Copeland Band Brevvery 'l‘ap. l055 Sattchiehall Street. 33‘) 8866. 8pm. li\eept first Sat of month Modern.

I Jazz Cabaret ('otticr's. ()3 ()5 llyndland Road. 357 5825. Supper (’lub (minimum supper charge £4).


I Paisley Arts Jazz :\l'ls (’enlrc. \eyy

Street. 887 'l0l0. l2.30pm. Various.

I NiCD’S Sauchiehall Street. 2 5pm. Various.

I Blackiriars 3t» Bell Street. 553 5024. ‘)pm. Various.

I George Penman’s Jazzmen (‘ttt-tets. :Sa Byres Road. 334 I284. 8 llpm. 'l‘raditional.

I Dave Wilson and The Uptown Shufflers Marriotts. .'\rgyle Street. Noon 3. 30pm. (Brunch). Ililtllllt‘lltll and mainstream.

I Wah Wah 'N' CD (‘himmy (‘hungas 40‘) (ircat Western Road. 33-1 0.884. 4pm. liitnky ja/x.

I Gino Ciancio and Lorraine McDonald 'l‘rader .loe‘s. llop.‘ Street. 332 0005. 8 30. Modern.


I Gino Ciancio and Sharon Hastings (iraitd (‘entral Bar. ()s‘.\.tltl Street. 22l 4583. 0pm. \lodern.

Tuesdays I Bobby Wishart Ilalt Bat. l(t()

\Vootllattds Road. 3.32 12“). "pm. Modern.

I Tom Torrance .lunkanoo ’l'apas Bar. ll I Hope Street. 218 ‘11)2.\j)tt). .\coust)t: guitar.


I Bobby Wishart ( irantl (Ventral Bar. ()svyald Street. 2.2l 4583. “pm. \lodern. I Torn Torrance .ltlttkanoo lapas Bat. ll I Hope Street. 248 "l02 8pm. \eoustie guitar.


l Jeannie Maxwell and The Jazzwegians (‘urlers. 256 Bytes Road. 334 1281. 7.30pm. 'l'raditional.

I George Penman‘s Jazzmen \t-vvtrt-rry '. Bat. Kelvin Park I orne Hotel. 023 Sauchiehall Street. “148‘” “pm. 'Iil‘tltlllltllllll.

I Nigel Clark and Dominic Ashworth Brcvvery lap. l055 Sauchiehall Street. 33‘) 8866. 8pm. (iuitar duo.

I James Flynn and Alan McPike ’l l'tttlt'l' .It)L‘.\. IIt‘I‘e Street. .552 (N05. S5”. Mainstream and modern.


I SpifiIS DI Rhythm llay market Bat. llay market. 8. 30pm. 'l'radittonal.

I Diminished 5th Bank Hotel. 1 3 South Bridge. 550 0043. 0. illpm. Syy mg and mainstream. \\llllslll“.1el'. I'yet‘y other vyeek.

I Kenny Ellis and Robert Pettigrew Shore Bar. 3'1 lie Shore. l ettl). 553 5liStl. 0pm. Modern.

I Fionna Duncan \trtvtt-‘s trtr. ('onstitutton Street. lettlt. 55) 242-1. 0.30pm. 'l'iaditional.

I The Tri-Tones Henderson‘s. l lanoy er Street. 225 7464. 8pm \lamstteam


I Alex Shaw Trio Platloim l. (alt-(Ionian llotel. Rtttland Street. 225 24 3 ‘x l 3pm. Mainstream.

I Toto and the Jazz Bostons Prescry .tllHIl llall. Victoria Street. 22!) 3.8M). 2 lpnr Mainstream.

I I]! McJazz Young‘s Hotel. I eattiirtgtot) 'l'erraee. 22‘) 648k 8.30pm. 'l (atlttional

I St Stephen Street Stompers ( at er I) Bar. 7 Bernard Street. I eitl). 554 75 l 5. I230 2, 30pm. 'l'iadittoual.

I Jan SWBDSDH Noble's Bat. (‘onsttttttion Street. l ettl). 55l 2024, ‘) 30pm, Stnger.


I Le Jazz Hot Orchestra littltllttl) llotel. Queensfet'ly letl. 5:" Il-‘r-l. l -I[)ll) va mg.

I Capital Jazz Band ll) rtrttrv Iltll. ()ticenslerry I{().ttl. ii" ll 11 2. 'Ilittlllltlllttl.

I Diplomats of Jazz Royal I‘lltlck llotel. I5 I'.Ilt'lc‘l\ RUQILI. 2.2% ()~Il i. .2 all Split.



I Le Jazz CDDI Noble’s Bar. Constitution Street. l.cith. 554 2024. l 3pm. 'l‘raditional.

I Climax Jazz Band Royal ('ircus Hotel. l‘)-2l Royal (‘ir‘eus. 225 52l8.

5.30 7.30pm. 'I‘raditional.

I KDQ (Kevin Dorrian Quartet) (irosvenor Bar. 26—28 Shandvviek Place. 226 457‘).

8 llptn. Bop to modern.


I Free Improvisation at The Tron 'I'ron (‘ellar Bar. ‘) llunter Square. High Street. 220 I550. 0pm. l‘ree. l‘irst Monday of month only. Musicians and listeners equally vveleome to Scotland's only regular lrce iniprov iscd music gig.

I East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon. :\ng|e Park let'race. 335‘ 0922. 0pm. l'radittonal.

I Jazz Therapy l'at Sam‘s. 56 l'ountatnlu'idgc. 228 3] l |. 8.30pm. 'l'tatltttonal.

I Bar. ()0 ’l'he Pleasance. 5.57 0984. 8pm. l'ntyersity term only. ()pen to riot)- students.


I Swing ’92 Malt Shovel. (‘ockburn Street. 225 6843. ‘)pm. va ing.

I Mike Hart and Wendy Weatherby \ol‘leis Bar. ('t)t)stilttlit)lt Street. l.c‘itlt. 551 2024. 8.30pm. 'l‘raditional.

I KDQ (Kevian Dorrian Quartet) Milnc's Bat. 35 Hanover Street. 225 6738.

8 llpm. Bop to modern.

I Eddie Severn Quartet Royal Archer. I High Street. 550 ()33S. Spit). Bop to modern.


I Charlie McNair’s Jazz Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 38H), 0.30pm. 'l‘raditional.

I Diplomats DI Jazz 'l‘he (ioldet) Rule. 30 )eatnan Place. 8.30pm. Dixieland.

I Fat Sam‘s Band I'ttl Sam‘s. 56 l'ountatnlu'idgc. 228 3| l l. 8.30pm. Big band.

I St Stephen Street Stampers liarl of l.otl)iat). ltil I olltiat) Road. 22‘) 5745. 8.30pm. ’l'raditional.

I Annie McNichol and Jazz Therapy \ttblL'S Bar. (.(HlSIlllllitllI Street. l.cith. 554 2021. 8.30 l l.30pin. 'l'raditional.


I Freddie King and Bill Kyle Trio \ltttlogs. 53:1(ietit‘ge Street. 22.5 3-108. .8 30pm. :\ change of venue for this popular singer. plusjal/ trio.

I Mike Hart’s Louisiana Ragtimers ()sbourne Hotel. 535‘) York Place. 556 2345. 8. 30pm. ’l‘raditional.

I Henderson’s llanov er Street. 225 7464. 8pm. Various.

I NDI’IIIBI’D Bar l lloyvard Place. 556 I558. .830an Various.

I Spirits of Rhythm \trtrte's Bar. (.tlll‘sllllllltill Street. l.c‘lllt. 5.5-1 2024. 830 ll.30pm, 'I‘radittonal.

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