I ST BRIDE’S CENTRE Orwell Terrace. funding for directors organised by the young choreographer Stephen Hooper from Queen‘s Hall Box Office 668 2019). 346 '405_ MCCCSS. ppA‘ L. ST. R. Hugo Gifford Trust. which exists to whose work. which looks at womanhood. 8pm. £6 (£4). See Sat 24. Glasgow. Facilities: WC. W8. G. C] provide financial support to Scots who spirituality and ritual. has been well I Freddie Starr Playhouse Theatre.

file it Laldy Mon 19—Sat 24 Apr. St want to become directors. Guest speakers received by the public and press. An Greenside Place. 557 2590. 7.30pm. Bfide~s mounts its fifth festival for Cider include 7:84‘5 lain Reckie' the gym Edinburgh Fling event. £8.50—£l2.50. Hamster-eating funny man. people with a week of events to promote Theatre's Maggie KinJOCh and Perth's I “Inc’s "lqu 2 Lew" S"ch 2‘29

the work of lhe tthird age group. Joan Knight. 1201. Box Office Mon—Sat 10am—8pm.

the tempo“ Fri 23‘ 7.30pm; Sat 24‘ 2pm threesome wed 28 Apr_sun 2 May, 8pm, Bar. [Access: R. L. Facilities: WC. W3. .

£1. The highly-rated First Framework £7 (£3.50/£l ). intriguing triple-bill being H. G. Help: AA] Edinburgh

brings the Mary Ward Drama Group of toured by Ga)’ SweatShOP and featuring A Midsumme' mum’s “team Tl“: 4‘s“ 8 I Varietous Women Rovai Lyceum over-60s from London to perform an the W0rk 0i Claire DOWtC. Blith Muy‘ 730W“ Thurs and 5‘" mm" 2301"“ Theatre. Grindlav Street: 229 9697. irtttovativc version of Shakespeare's island Greenspan and Phyllis Nagy. Humour. RON" “ha” team.“ "P with Tht‘ Swtti-‘h 7.45pm. £5—£i5.' All-star female line-up romance as Part Of the St Bride's Git? it P3551011» tm’tguc and sex i" ‘1 Pmdual‘m Ballet {Or a new Vmi‘m of [he in a Crusaid Benefit for Brenda House. Laldy festival for older people. that has been Well received in England. ' Shakespeare hztiict WhtCh “505 the ""th Sheena MacDonald introduces a host of I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton "1 McndClSSh‘m and Harrington “Lt/""7"" leading stave and screen names including Place. 226 5425. Box Office Mon—Sat ToumNG MU”? P"¢‘°""£~ 5°C mic“? Dorothy Ptiili. Liz LOChitead. Savourna 9-303m—5-30Pm- Bi"- Citfo [ACCCSSZ PPA~ This section lists shows that are touring . THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hum'lmn Stevenson. Katy Murphy. Carol Laula and

ST. R. Facilities; WC. ws‘ H‘ G. c. Help; the central Be". new is a phone Place. 226 5425. Box Office Mon—Sat numb" for “ch company should you ).30am 5.30pm. Bar. Cafe. (Access. Pl A.

AA] n I «1 Pt require more information. Unless AM THURSDAY 29

8pm ’5 (ml 500 Dttnt‘c- otherwise specified, the number after

many more. Shotiid be a pretty wild night.

Melting Wines Thurs 39 Apt-Sat I May. each venue listed is the telephone “"05 Dan.” Imam Thur" 23‘3"“ 24 Paisley 8pm. £5 (£3). Return of this well-received numb“ fof ticket enqumgs [of that Apr- 8pm. L5 (L3). JV" till). “amen?” and I A E i "h H It 3 cm P, . gl . meeting of cultures. as Theatre du Pii' I’m-"cub; evening (phase note ""3 ls 1‘ ho“ “l “mu “Y!” m lht‘ blend 0i _n yen "g," ' . a I . . .‘us Ly . . . . . t . ... . . ,. - . . . ~ \rts Centre New Street Paislev 887 blends European clowning w1th Chinese not aways the yanue number). ddn“ And 9'9"“ ttdtunng tht 1‘ orh 0t :0”) 8 ‘£7 U A ‘. ,hl f“ ‘d I Opera a boom, in Muirhousc with a I may Windham: me Dance 0' Beam Vanessa Smith and Stephen Hooper. k :11 l" inlt- ‘_ ‘9 14:11“ Ed bedsit in Hong Kong. The engaging and the first show that new Artistic Director dip 31X, [EFT]: Urn-1L . “Whit Pcrft’rmancc has enjoyed mUCh Eve Jamieson has programmed for 'J I a u l m an a u m m “me” success in trelandv Germany and England Winged Horse is Friedrich Durrenmatt‘s Since it “'35 '35! 5°C" hcrc- bruising battle of the sexes a rough. . . Peflemank mama company Thurs 6 MaY- tough black comedy. More details on 041 I Barty Shela" Queen 5 Hall‘.( lurk 7.30pm £1 (50p). Drama. music and 332 5121 Street. 668 2019. 7.30pm. £6. For some Pht’tt’graphy 1" 1‘ dCVtSCd PcrfOrmanCc by The Old Athenaeum. Glasgmt' Until Sat mam)" every hypnmm m the busincs" local people for the Edinburgh Fling. 24 Apr. 7.30pm. (M1 332 2333. “mm.” d”“““".“.‘l‘9"“°“"" “‘ m” I TRAVERSE mama Cambridge Street. Clmwmone Communin Centm Cabaret is listed by date, then by city. world s greatest . lhis one an ex-Aer 228 1404. BOX Office Tuc_5m Edinburgh Mon 26 Apr: 7.30pm. Shouts will be listed, provided that Lingus engineer promises a Jotll‘liC)’ into l()um_8pm Sun (Flown. Bar. Rest. Tummsk Tenanm Ha”. Glasgow Tue 27 details reach our offices at least ten the unknown and a search for missing IACCCSS: L Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. (‘1 Apr. 7.30pm. 041 634 2408. days before publication. Cabaret listings belly buttons. Ki" M8 I love You! Until Sun 25 Apr. Gm’anllill Lar/tfield Centre. Glasgow Wed °°'“""°" "V "a" "5"" 8pm. £7 (£3.50/£l ). David Glass directs 5 May. 7.30pm. 041 424 1797. i Circus 1” ‘1 COmmCdia dell‘artc‘ Muir/muse Festival Centre. Edinburgh Ed' b h Inspired Journey through the pain and Thurs 6 May. 7.30pm. 031 315 2151. was ow m "'9 passion of Grand Opera. At the Sun 25 Tour continues. 9 . . . I Kevin Bloody Wilson Playhouse performance there will be a collection in I A "mm at the Sam Unit ()nc rcvivcg I Kev." 9'0“, Wilson P191119" 1 helmet Theatre. Greenside Place. 557 2590. did of Edinburgh Direct Aid for Bosnia Simon Sharkcyis comch about 121 Reniield Street. 332 1846. 7.30pm. 7.30pm £(,._£8_ Sec 1:“ 23_ "'9 "an Stage 31" 24 APR 1 lam-41"“ Glasgow‘s cultural renaissance since 1990 £8-50/£7'50' S'mmy “"de “'"h mdc I Comedy wows The Stepping Stont‘h' £10. An open discussion on training and and the gulf between the am- high-fl)!ch word-"t “Flemi- Theatre. 1 12 West Bow. Grassmarket. 225 and ordina 0 le. More details on 041 ' 6520. Musselbur 'h's ver ' own risin ' star . . .. . 773 ()554, W pc p of comedy. Rhona Cameion (winneréof 3335 Paisley Arts Centre Fri 23—Sat 24 Apr. I Comedy Works The Stepping Stones last year's So You Think You're F unny 7.30pm. 041 887 1010. Theatre. 1 12 West Bow. Grassmarket. 225 contest) is this week‘s compere. §E§E Greenot'k Arts Guild. Graenot'k Tue 27 6520. The welcome return of Gilded welcoming Johnny Meres. Simon Bligh TH Apr. 7.30pm. 0475 23038. Balloon Productions after a quiet period. and Martha McBriar onto the stage. See 535; Mitchell Theatre. Glasgow Wed 28 and the first in a spring series of twice- Mayfcst preview for Rhona Cameron THE TRAVERSE |N §§§§ Apr—Sat 8 May. 041 227 551 1. weekly gigs under the Comedy Works interview. EDINBURGH 8' GLASGOW Tour continues. banner. A lively mix of styles tonight and I Barry Sinclair Queen's Hall. Clerk Willi I Shirley Valentine Elaine C. Smith stars tomorrow as John Paul Leach introduces Street. 668 2019. 7.30pm. £6. See Thurs Tom McGrathts in a Scottish version of Willy Russell‘s ex-Alexander Sister Lynn Ferguson. 29.

53 fine monologue about a frustrated Irishman abroad lain McPherson and off- housewife who lives up to her dreams. beat juggling troupe Flipside. 1 Th b tm R. St f Alex Norton directs. See review. e f ea 3 mg 0” 0 Royal Lyceum Theatre. Edinburgh Until

Scottish Boxmg Sat 1 May. I care Loco Arches Theatre. Midland

world Champ King's Timur“ Glasg‘m' Mon 3 May—Sm Street. 221 9736. 11pm—3.30am. KEN BUCHANAN gMaX' t, . I Cate loco Arches Theatre. Midland Glasgow‘s only theatrical nightclub The man the name our “on “we” _ Street. 221 9736. l lpln‘3.30am. throws in cabaret. live music and the "e end 3;? I that’s “at ‘93." Pomth)" Pa”! lollow". Giasgrm"s only theatrical nightclub performance theatrics between the N h T g . §§§§ up thc,ucmcndous'y SPCCCSS‘fUl 3"" nu" S throws in cabaret. live music and records. 3 e raverse' Edmburgh i H” mm another Comic Onc'woman performance theatrics in between the I Fools Paradise Old Athenaeum 7 ' 16 may 89'“ Journey FhrOPgh SCOmSh cmcm’mmcm records. Theatre. 179 Buchanan Street. 332 2333. At the Pavilion, Glasgow and fam'ly l'fc' . I The Comic Club Blackfriars. 36 Bell 10.30pm. £6 (£4). Last gig ever for end- 20 - 22 May 7.30pm "‘ Town Hall Falk'f/‘TUC 4 May' Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. 9pm. of-the-pier showman Tommy Cockles Royal Lyceum bdeWXh Thurs 6‘81" 8 £4.50 (£3.50). Final gig of the season at who is being put into permanent . Chan 32:; May. . . Glasgow‘s basement comedy haunt. retirement by his creator Simon Day. The you ME i LOVE YOUWTOOi 2} Tour Commue‘s' featuring compere Paul Bristo. Alan little-known, totally pointless and utterly - iii? Francis. Crai t Mitchell and John Gillick. brilliant Charlie Chuck is also on the bill. 21 25 April 8pm t gggg I Fools Paradise Old Athenaeum P . I my swamp Theatre. 179 Buchanan Street. 332 2333. 3's 9V mph bi" 10.30Pm- £6 (£4) The Wonderful Bob I eerily and the Juice Pigs Paisley Arts DRAG ACT 3535 Downc~ the man Who turned beige ""0 a” Centre. New Street. Paisley. 887 1010.

3?? artform. returns from Australia with 3 £5 £1 C. .d. a . . h JACK 3:; , _ . pm. ( . ). ana a s answer tot e ENTERmG QUEENS another selection of showbiz smashes and Doug Anthony Allslars return to Scotland

he‘s ably SuPP‘mc‘i by New Town'dwcner for more musical parody and freeform

28 AP” ' 2 my 8"“ flgggmmmland 6'1”? m Kenny Harris. as a new season of the tummy Recommended, T amt " a "lube! ca '1 by fantastically popular Fools Paradise gets _ venue. Show: will be listed, provided under way. Edinburgh

M68” 501 "8 0mg “LII? to" I Kevin Bloody Wilson Pavilion Theatre. co llerig'iliant c. "as 121 chficm Street' 332 1846' 7'30pm' Theatre 112 West Bow Grassmarket 725 m ' £8.50/£7.50. See Fri 23. 6820 SEC Fri 30- . .. , _ -

E I Fools Paradise Music Box. Victoria

Street. 225 2564 (Tickets also available

I Comedy Works The Stepping Stones

"nu" I Assam“? “on.” 54 George Street‘ . comedy works The Stepping Stones from Queen's Hall Box Office 668 2019). O 3 1 2 2 8 1 4 0 4 i3; §2T033:8' Ilt‘fketlwg 2&08423419- iACCCSSi Theatre. 112 West Bow. Grassmarket. 225 8pm. £6 (£4). Sec Sat 24. Glasgow. " l - ac' ‘65: v t 6520. See Fri 23. t. Chuttylio. £01m . ~ I Ba Sinclair Queen s Hall. Clerk . Fm' "‘ 5mm" °' °°m°"'t’°"" 9"“ I Fools Paradke Music Box. Victoria Streei.r¥>68 2019. 7.30pm. £6. See Thurs

Mon 3 May 8pmtf15 (£3) Five pieces by Street. 225 2564 (Tickets also available 29

58 The List 23 April—6 May 1993