I Pussypovver Productions Present. . . at The Volcano. l lpm 2.30am. £2.5(l/£2. 4 May only. lftheir previous Tuesdays at The Volcano are anything to go by. then we cati expect a thoroughly top night from Terry 'n' Jason and their friend Twitch (froin Pure. as if you needed to he told). Time to get sweaty.

I til Bennct's.

10.30pm -3am. £2. Legendary. drunken. ‘mixed‘ (or should that he ‘iiiixed-up".’). longest-running club night in town.


I Bennet’s l lpm 3am. £ 1. (illp vodka! I Chopper at ('luh Xchange. llpm-- 3am. £3/£2. Yes. it really still is the most ludicrously packed. houncy and sweaty student night about. l'sual promos. tisual tunes. good times guaranteed.

I The Cosmic Funk Club at Reds.

llpm 3am. £2. A ‘fusiony. funky sottl feeling’. plus live percussion from the l-‘unkollective crew. A brand new night. I Go West at ('leopatra’s.

10.30pm 2.30am. £2/£l with ticket.

I Horizontal at The Volcano.

llpm 2.30am. £3/£2. 'Top Jan. Rare (iroovc lixponcnt‘ (it says here) .\'ick Peacock doing his level best to spice tip a Wednesday night in Partick.

I Love Train at (‘afc ('ini. Renficld Street. Omit-midnight. Free. Selected beers for £ l. Joe Deacon playing the best in classic soul. funk and piano house.

I Motive at The Stih ('luh. llpm late. £2.50. 28 Apr only. A one-off trance- hottse special: get down there and lose it in style?

I The Swamp ttl The (ittthotlse.

llpm 3am. £ l. lp more than 'l‘uesday's here and probably proportionally more upmarket. A request night where anything can. and unfortunately will. he played.

I Under Ventura Spin midnight. Free. Reggae of the highest order with Joseph of Babylon.

I Wednesday Night Fever at The ('otton (‘luh. llpm 3.30am. £2/£l with matric card. Seventies night with drinks promotions.


I Bloomers at ('leopatra's.

l0.30pm 2.30am. £2/£l for students.

I Club Virunga at The \‘olcano.

llpm-~ 2.30am. £3/£2. DJ Tchico play s African. reggae and similar groovy sounds.

I Contamination at The (‘aihuuse Studio 3. llpm 3am. A (iothie cluh. Well. they need somewhere to go.

I 0.I.S.C.0. Inferno at Reds. l lpm 3am. Students £3. 70s disco. pop and glam plus (‘oors and wine for £l (all drinks £l before midnight).

I Coodtoot at Bar Ill. 9pm midnight. Free. 2‘) Apr only. (‘lassy' sounds from the soulful (ills every fortnight courtesy of the irrepressible (ioodfoot boys.

I Goodlire at The Sub (‘luh llpm late. £4/£3. 22 Apr only. Part Two in the (‘ioodlife series features Mr Kilkie. Andrew (first name only on the fliers: you know who you are!) and special guest Phil Perry tip from London for the evening.

I Hullabaloo at The Mayfair.

l0.30pm- 3am. £2.50. "Toe-tapping fun for tip-top people'. ie house. garage and disco fora mighty horde of students.

I Jam at The ('otton Club.

llpm 3.30am. £2. '(iarage. house. classics and rare grooves' with DJs John and Michael.

I Join at October Cafe (top floor. Princes Square). 7pm-midnight. Free. . Unfortunately dropped from their weekend slot btit still packing the ‘cluhhier' studes in on a Thursday. DJs Steve and Derek offer up a cool and current selection of tunes ~ greatly enhanced by the new sound system. Perfect as a pre-Tunnel warm-up and with £l beers to ease you into the mood.

I loveshack at Fury Murry"s.

l lpm--~3am. £ l. ‘The Sexiest Liveliest .‘ylotherfunkin Student (‘luhnight ln (ilasgow‘ with U pints and vodkas to match.

I The Men’s Room at ('luh Xchange. ll.30pm 3am. £2.50/£2 with flier. ‘Raunchy‘ night with infamous live act (‘aged Muscle and Rolling Rock for £1. I Shaft at The (‘athouse llpm -3am. £2. .\'o relation to the lidinburgh club of the same name. but 70s disco nonetheless!

I Shooosh at The Rock (iarden.

S midnight. Free. Pre-club. student- orientatcd night with DJ (’liristian playing dance. indie and house ttines. with friendly bar prices.

I The STOW at The l3th Note.

Spm- midnight. Another survivor from the Apollo. the excellent Slow ('luh brings you some of the best ‘amhient' sounds around in a suitably candle-lit atmosphere. Full of unexpected delights and a refreshing change from your average club night.

I Strathclyde University Union

9pm 2am. Free.

I The Tunnel llpm 3.30am. £4/£2 with matric card. Well-mixed indie and dance ttmes for the assembled student throng.


I Beatbox at Teviot Row l'nion.

3pm 2am. Students free/(itiests £l. Beathox tip top playing across the hoard student sounds. lnertia in the middle playing techno and dance. Strangeway s down below playing indie. goth and grttngc.

I Bubblegum at Potterrow. Spm lam, £2/£l Student night playing a mix of indie. indie dance and dance tunes.

I Buster Browns [0.30pm 3.30am. (iirls free hefore midnight/£2 after. guy's £2 hefore midnight/£3 after. Mainstream chart sounds with an emphasis on 70s and Slls grooves. Available Mon Thurs for private parties.

I The Biz lll.30pm 4am. £3. Mainstream chart sounds and dance.

I The Blunt upstairs at Wilkic l-lous'e. llpm 4am. £4/£3 with ticket. Full hip- hcp flavour guaranteed. DJs A l. Si/e and Joseph playing essential sounds from the underground in this small venue with big atmosphere and undoubtedly the best lly'ers in town.

I Blute Note at La Belle Angele.

llpm lam. Free. 30 Apr. A new weekly pre-cluh night with DJ Simon from Thelonius playing a selection ofia/z.

I Cathouse at The Mission. I lpm 4am. £2.50/£2 with llycr. Weekly rock night with an all encompassing playlist of anything that is rock music; from heavy - metal to grunge to thrash. Happy hour from llpm lam.

I Century 2000 10pm «lam. £5. Fairly middle-of—the-road dance night in an extravagant setting. The biggest and probably the busiest of its kind.

I 2 Downstairs at The ('ity (idle. Spni lam. Free. Mike (iregor and Davy from File playing a selection of underground house and progressive dance sounds in this pre-elub club at one of the city ’s nicest watering holes.

I Colombo at Moray House l'nion.

l(lpm Jam. £2.50/£ l. 2.3 Apr. A new night of world music from DJ .la// (Havana). playing a selection of Latin. salsa. rhumha and calypso.

I Crash at The \‘aults. l(lpm 4am. £3/£2. 23 Apr only. Beginning of term party with

DJs from Sex Machine. Sound Factory and Titanic. Back to college and back to reality.

I Cubik at The Music Box. l(lpm-3am. £5 members/guests. DJs Speedy and Dell. playing a vast selection of underground house and progressive techno.

I The Edge 4pm»2.30am. Mainstream chart sounds. happy hour 4- -lllpm. Available for private hire Mon- Wed.

I Energetico at La Belle Angele. (lpm-dam. £3. Prc-cluh clth playing a vibrant collage of upfront dance sounds. I Evol at Wilkic House. l0.30pm-~-lam. £3/£2.50. DJs Kieren and Amanda playing indie sounds from the (ills. 70s and 80s through to the current releases on the indie scene.

I EX-S l lttm «lam. £3 hefore lam/£5 after. Mainstream chart sounds and a

mixture of oldies too. in a pleasant setting.

I Finsbury Park l lptll-«ltllll. £2. (‘hart sounds.

I Firefly at The Pelican. l(lpm lam. Free. DJ lorelle spins some classy sotilftil deep warming house at this underground pre-club ptih thang.

I Katch at Shady Lady’s. l lpm 4am. £2.50/£2 with flyer. Popular cluh playing 80s and 90s indie dance.

I Luv-Dup at The Citrus. l lpm 4am. £5. 23 Apr only. Mark and Adrian from Manchester bringing a superb mix of house and garage to The ('itrus. fora night of fun and dancing.

I Marley’s Reggae Klub at Cavendish. llpm 4am. £3/£2.50. The city 's longest- running reggae club. A busy night guaranteed with a wide pitty’lisl of roots. ragga. lovers. heavyweight duh and dancehall.

I Minus One at The (‘arlton Highland Hotel. l(lpm 3am. £5/frce for members. A relaxed. very plush venue for the more mature seekers of night life among you. I Passion at The ('alton. l(lpm 3am. Free. Back on again after a short break. with DJs Dave Milne. Dream and Del playing a selection of progressive dance sounds.

I Partyceilidhdisco at Moray House l'nion. 0pm ~1am.£2.50/£l F.ntry between 0 lllpm free

Partyccilidhiiiay hem kicks off for another term. with a three hour ceilidh followed by a four hour disco

I Pure at The Venue. ll.30pm «lam. £5/£3 members. lfpfront. hard-edged progressive dance music. Still one of lidinburgh's busiest nights. pulling in some of the best guest DJs any where in the country.

I Red Hot Pepper Club lllptn tam. £-l. ('hart sounds and dance.

I Rhumba at The ('itrus. llpm 4am. £S. 30 Apr only. Returning after their capacity crowd birthday party a few weeks ago. playing a mix ol floor filling dance with guest DJs Kelvin Andrews ((ioldcnl and llarri (Suh>('lah).

I Soul Underground .u ('luh Snipe. l(lpm late. £3/conc A return for Snipe. playing a scorching selection of upfront sotil. fttnk and acid jaH.

I Rock Club at The Vaults. l0pm—4am. £3. 30 Apr only. A one-off rock night playing a wide variety of metal music. Head hangers heaven.

I Sativa at The Wee Red. l(lpmAam. £2.50. Busy night playing a mix of reggae. ragga and upbeat heavy dance. with MCs Scot and Warren.

I Skye Club at The Penthouse (Cavendish). l(lpm-4am. £3/£2. DJ Julie spinning a mix of dance sounds in this monthly women‘s disco.


I Spacehopper at Liberty's lahove The Playhouse). llpm 4am. £~1/£3. 23 Apr. Fortnightly. A change of venue for the 'sounds of the 70s' club. btit still playing 70s pop. soul. glam. rock. ska and funk. I Truth at The Store. llpm- 4am. £4. Dance club with DJs (iareth. (‘olin and Stuart playing a mix of hot garage and underground house to a packed dance- lloor. in this recently revamped venue. .-\vai|ahle for free hire on Mon and Tue.


I Banana Love at The Pelican.

l(lpm lam. Free. DJ Pliilippo bringing lhi/a sun beaming down onto the lovely (‘ow gate.

I the Banshee at The ('allon.

l(lpm 3am. £3, I May. Monthly instalment of the Monday (‘lub. in its new home. w ith a wide play list of all that is best in alternative music. A busy night guaranteed as this is the best of its kind. I Buster Browns l0.30pm 4am. £2 before 1 l.30pm/£~l after. ('luh dance and upfront chart sounds.

I The Biz 10.30pm 4am. £3. See Fridays. I Century 2000 l(lpm -lam. £5/£3 before midnight. Mega Party Night with regular l’As.

I Controversy at The Vaults.

(v.30 10.30pm. £l.50. A night of rave. house and techno. for the young ‘uns.

I Cubik at the Music Box. l(lpm-3am. £5. Members/guests only. Solid dance action with regular guest PAs and gtiest DJs. Btisy. bouncin' night guaranteed. with DJs The Mariner and Ross Keddie playing an upfront selection of dance sounds.

I Disco Inferno at The Venue.

llpm 5am. £4. 24 Apr. Btisy' night of tacky disco sounds. running fortnightly and packing them in.

I The Edge 4pm 2.30am. See Fridays.

I Euphoria at The (’alton. llpm-3am. £7/£(i/£~l before I lpm. Bass—heavy hardcore. with the usual line-up of good DJs including Waxman. liggi. ('utmaster B and Dell.

I Ex-S I lpm 4am. £5/£3 hefore lam. See Friday s.

I FBI at Moray llouse l'nion. llpm 4am. £3. 24 Apr. Fortnightly. Still packing in the crowds. with a wide playlist of indie music in its mulitifarious guises.

I Finsbury Park I lpm 4am. £2. Sec Friday s,

I Funky Worm at Wilkie House.

llpm «lam. £3 50. l-unking it up on a

The List 23 April (i May l‘)‘)_3 59

Saturday night. playing fttnk. house. 70s I