ragga and of course dub from this new weekly club. with regular guest Dls.

I Big Maraccas at The Pelican.

l()pm- lam. Free. DJ 2 Smoove spinning pure Latin. Latin jazz. jazz funk and any other variant on those three styles you care to think tip.

I The Biz 10.30pm—4am. Free. See Fridays.

I Century 2000 l0pln—late. £3/£2 before midnight. Dance and chart sounds.

I Chocolate City at The Venue.

l lpm—5am. £4/£3 members. 6 May. Edinburgh's premier retro-funk club. with Ms Jamie and Whitney playing danceable grooves upstairs and chill-out reggae. dtib and jazz downstairs.

10The (‘rypt at Shady Lady‘s.

l 1.30pm-4am. £2. 29 Apr only. A new monthly night playing a mix of garage. punk. psychedelia. grunge and noise.

I The Edge 4pm»—2.30am. See Fridays.

I Eternal at Moray House l'nion. 9pin—2am. £3. A new night for Moray House playing a wide range ol‘ dance sounds.

I Minus One at The ('arlton Highland Hotel. £250. See Fridays.

I Panic Cafe at The ('itrus‘.

10.30pm» 3am. £3/£2.50. 22 Apr. A new clth featuring 1)Js from F=k lt. Shboom. Shag and Katch. playing a wide range of dance. indie and 60s pop.

I Perv at The Store. 1 1pm 4am. Price the. An evening of dance sounds brought to you by Roxy. with drinks promos on the night.

I The Recession Session at [ix-S.

1 1pm -4am. (iirls £6. guys £8. All main spirits. draught beers. lagers. ciders. wines and soft drinks are free with absolutely no limit. So. for only the entry price. you can drink yourself to death.

I Shag at The Mission. 1 1pm 3.30am. £2.50. Perennially popular student club. noteworthy for its truly appalling playlist and tree chocolate.

I Sound Factory at The Vaults.

1 1pm -4am. £2. A new cltib with a student orientated playlist including dance. rock and indie sounds.

I Talkin’ Summer at The Vaults. 9pm—4am. £4/£3. 29 Apr only. DJ :\-()ne on the decks. with bands on the night being Frog. Papa's Magic Beard and The P.T.P. Corporation. lixpect a very busy night ol‘ l'unk action.

I Tribal Funktion at The Venue.

1 1pm 5am. £4/£3. lt‘ortnightly. 29 Apr. ()ne of Ftlinburgh's best. playing a mix ol~ house sounds upstairs with funk and hip- hop in The Cooler.

I Twiggy at Moray House l'nion.

l 1pm-4am. £3/£2.50. 6 May. (‘hanged from its Friday night slot. playing an assortment of 60s pop classics to a mainly student crowd.


I Dream at The ()uthouse. Stirling. Saturdays 1 lpm late. £5. The Dream machine has a welcome return to Stirling. with [Ms lain Paterson and Trevor Price playing the best iii underground house sounds at this weekly club.

I Paradise Park at Rugby Park. Kilmarnoek. Fridays l0pm~late. £3. [)Js Kevin Wilson and Scott (iibson ol. Bomba tame pltis regular guests. taking over the home of Kilmarnock FC. Spinning their tisual excellent mix of dance grooves on a weekly basis.

I Viva 70$ Stereo at The Filinhouse. 7pm—late. £6.50/£5.50. An extravagant 70s cinematic dance experience. in the worst possible taste of course. A cinema double bill ol’ Carwash and I’m Gonna Git You Sucka followed by an authentic 70s discotheque with certain drinks half price. Tickets are fairly limited. so get one soon and I’ll see you there. Phone 031-228- 2688 for bookings.


All clubs listed above take place at one of the following venues, which can be contacted for further details.

I The Arches Midland Street (offlatttaiea Street). 221 9736.

I Bennet’s 80—90 (ilassl‘ord Street. 552 576 I.

I The oathouse 9 Brown Street. 248 6606.

I Circa (‘ustom House Quay. 22] 0865. I Club Xchange 23 Royal Exchange Square. 204 4599.

I Cotton Club 5 Scott Street. 332 0712. I Follies I93 Pitt Street. 332 7322/7522. I Fury Murry’s 96 Maxwell Street. 221 65 l l.

I Glasgow Polytechnic 70 (‘owcaddens Road. 332 0681.

I Glasgow School of Art 167 Renl‘rew Street. 332 9797.

I Club Industria 15 Union Street. 221

61 l l .

I Mardi tires 73 Dunlop Street. 221 3623.

I Mayfair 490 Sauehiehall Street. 332 3872.

I Beds Upstairs at Nico‘s. 379 Sauehiehall Street. 331 I635.

I Rooftops 92 Sauehiehall Street. 332 5883.

I Sub Club 22 Jamaica Street. 248 4600. I The 13th Note 80 Glassl'ord Street. 553


I The Tunnel 84 Mitchell Street. 204 1000.

I Under Ventura 50—60 King Street. 552 1388.

I The Venue 474 Sauehiehall Street. 332 3872.

I The Volcano 15 Benalder Street. 337

1 I00.

I Blue Oyster Club 96a Rose Street Lane North. 226 6458.

I Buster Browns 25 —27 Market Street. 226 4224.

I The Bil 23 l.othian Road. 229 80(X).

I The Calton (‘alton Road. 558 3758.

I Cavendish West 'l‘olleross. 228 3252. I Century 2000 3| l.othian Road. 229 7670.

I The Citrus Club 40—42 (irindlay Street. 229 6697.

I Club Snipe 16 Home Street. Tollcross. 228 8645.

I The Edge 37b George Street. 226 3111. I Ex-S 12 Shandwick Place. 226 2266. I Finsbury Park 3-—5 South St Andrew Street. 556 1020.

I La Belle Angele l l Hasties Close. 225 2774.

I Liberty’s (ireenside Place. 557 3807. I Madison’s (ireenside Place. 557 3807. I Minus 0ne ((‘arlton Highland Hotel) North Bridge. 556 7277.

I The Mission Victoria Street. 225 3326. I Moray House Student Union Holyrood Road. 556 5184.

I The Music Box 9c Victoria Street. 225 2564.

I The Pelican 235 Cowgate. 225 5413. I Potterrow Student Union Bristo Square. 650 8090.

I Red Hot Pepper Club 3 Semple Street. Tollcross. 229 7733.

I The Store (formerly Millionaires) 2 Niddry Street. 556 6050.

I Shady Lady’s Cowgate. 225 3326.

I Tevlot Student Unlon Bristo Square. 650 4673.

I The Vaults 15—17 Niddry Street. 556 7018.

I The Venue Calton Road. 557 3073.

I Wee Bed Bar at Edinburgh College Of Art. Lauriston Place. 229 1442.

I Wilkie House Cowgate. 226 2151.

Latin American

dance is back! _

The first

Saturday of every month

Saturday 1 May




£3.00 (£2.00 cone.) before

Club San ino profits go to Latin American solidarity campaigns

midnight £4.00 the: midnight


:MUTHA a All CLUBS ......

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