I Need a van? ‘lntransit’ (intxl rates: single item £10 to

house moving approx £25. Free estimates. Hands-on help with lifting. No hourly charge. Sympathetic and friendly service. Tel: Neil on 03] 447


Do you need . . . . a platform bed built . . . shelves put up . . . your bathroom tiled . . . sash windows repaired . . . a bedroom painted . . . cupboards built . . . your whole house decorated? Then call (iordon for reasonable rates and excellent work. G.Y. Renovations 031 669 5082


Arts, Entertainments, Tourism & Leisure Publicity Nationwide

Since 1988 Direct Distribution has been offering the most reliable and cost effective service for the planning, distributing and monitoring of all forms of free publicity.

In 1992 we were responsible for targeting over 7 million leaflets, brochures and posters thoughout Scotland.

Whether distributing publicity material in bulk drops or a sustained campaign nationwide, call Angus White now on:

04l 429 3838

(Fax 041 429 8935)


56 QUEEN ST. GLASGOW G1 3DS Suppliers of printed & embroidered leisure wear.

Sole Scottish agents & distributors

HHIRIS-«iltADEPRlCESt Call Ian or Jlm,or tax your order on..

TEL:041 226 4171 FAX:041 226 4177


I 02 ZTV Tour Ticket for (‘eltic Park concert 7th August. (‘all with offers to 04] 552 8937 for your chance to boogie with Bono.

I Mamlya 6X6 0330 and (>5mm lens. ideal medium format camera. first buy. Mint. £300. Manfrotto 058 Tripod. Mint. £120. Mecablitz 45-(‘L-l flash gun and charger £70. Telephone Chris ()3l 556 1630.

I XTG official tanzlne, LIII'ICIIQI'II X'I‘C fans you've got the album. now buy the fanzine. Send £l plus A4 sae to Mark Fisher. 9a Annandale Street. Edinburgh EH7 4AN.



TEL: 071 354 9884 FAX: 071 226 l155

\~“ ,c ‘k

s c‘ ct V

l I JDiDEf Hi. Duggan. Reliable tradesman. All types ofioiner— work undertaken in ('enlral Scotland. Phone l’cnicuik 70505.


Rally & Oil-Road Adventures Action Packed Motorsports .

‘5 ‘C

Gitt Vouchers or Groups Tel: 0506 881684

I Ceroc Learn to partner dance to any type of music anywhere. (‘eroc is an exciting. stylish form of modern jive based on lirench rock and roll. l-hour lesson and 2 hours freestyle dancing. No need to bring a partner. Wednesdays. 7-—10pm. at The Venue. 490 Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. Further information from 04l 946 5258.

USE YOUR LOAF! Make bread. Share your know -how through our PRIVATE TUITION column.

publicity distribution nationwide

Edinburgh Arts at Entertainment Ltd.

11 Pirrie Street Edinburgh EH6 SHY 'I‘el:(03l)5551897 Fax: (031) 555 2905


I Singers and singer/songwriters Do you need a quality demo package designed for your voice and style of singing? Midas Productions are two professional musicians who will arrange. perform the backing and digitally record your rnalerial original or covers

in an enthusiastic atmosphere. for details telephone 041 883 2583.

I Soprano Saxophone for sale. Near perfect condition. Beautiful tone. £350. Phone (‘olin1 liast Kilbridc (03552) 20458.

I Wanted: Guitar players! with a special feel for their instrument. to work with me on songs and form band. I dig hardcore. real rock. jazz. etc. lnterested'.’ ('all me on 041 353 3 I07.

I Roland w-ao Workstation

l5- 30 second sampler. lb track sequencer. 8 part sound module. full scale keyboard. plus 50 discs case stand. £850 ono. 03] 447 8750.

I Bass player Highly experienced. age 26. own transport. good gear. Seeks quality rock groove. intelligent. original band. 03] 447 8750.

I Vocalist wanted Edinburgh- based. M/Ii Mtrst be sexy and cool. commitment. charisma. Regular practices. gigs. studio and stardom. Stones. REM. Carole King. Brian Wilson. TFC. Lennon. Aretha. CSN Young. Box No l99/BM/l.

I Don’t hide your llght under a bushel. Advertise it in the BUY & SELL section.


SMILE WITH CONFIDENCE A ftrll range of dental treatment is available including bleaching. crowns. bridges. veneers. white fillings and implants. 'l‘reatments available NHS. private and l)enplan. lilaine Goldsmith BDS 39 Frederick Street. lidinburgh.

Tel: 031 220 4077.

MINDXIDIL NAIR Regrowth treatment now available as a personal import without prescription from France at low cost.

For details of the only clinically proven regrowth treatment. SAP. to: HIX‘.

I23 Westgate Street. (iloucester (il.l 2P0. or phone 0452 526759 quoting liMl‘l.

HYPNOTNERAPY Suggestion and analytical techniques. Assistance with stress. anxiety. confidence. habit changes. Ring for free brochure. Rory Mitchell MIAII on 031 551 5091.

IMPROVE YOUR SELF-ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE A weekend workshop for women. 24/25 April (Glasgow) with Joy Watson. MACH. ARCM. l.'l‘('l. and Marion Smith. Ml Bl()l.. MACH. For details phone: 041 339 2158.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE by qualified practitioner. ('an reduce stress and muscular pain. ease arthritis. headaches. helps relaxation. Phone Jim Stewart DTM on 031 229 7924.


Six evening classes. Start Tue 27 April. 8-- l0pm. at The ('omplemcntary Medicine ('entre. 17 Queens ('rescent. St George's (‘ross. (ilasgow.

Phone Ian Holland

041 332 4924 to book.




[DC 123 WESTGATE ST GLOS GL1 2P6 OR TEL:O452 526759 (2411")

82 The List 23 April—6 May 1993