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Daniel Field has

revolutionised hairdressing with his organic methods. Fiona Shepherd marks the opening of his first salon outside London.

The scourge of split ends, perm overload and chemically-damaged tresses is cowering, under attack from behind the modest facade of a newly- opened hairdressing salon in Glasgow‘s West End. Behind the doors. an opulent sea-green and gold interior soothes the karma and does its best to redress the ‘sick building‘ syndrome with its environmentally-friendly construction values. As well it might. for this is Daniel Field‘s fourth salon (his first outside London). the sole Scottish bastion of that elusive alchemy known as ‘organic and mineral hairdressing’.

Field's salons are renowned for their wholly natural approach to hair care. Bleaching agents that don‘t harm the hair, products that aren't tested on animals. recyclable containers . . . but Field thinks the media focus on his environmental idiosyncraeies displays a tendency to obscure the crux of the matter.

‘Organic and mineral hairdressing really is a buzzword for care. which is a very 90s concept. I feel that


The hair car buh '

hairdressing is a marvellous opportunity to demonstrate it. You're putting your hair into the hands of a total stranger and you haven't got the control you normally would have. unlike when you buy clothes. say. You‘re giving people something that they're stuck with and that is a serious thing.

‘I think other salons pay lip service to that question of care. They might give you a cup of coffee and be polite to you. but I‘m talking about being genuinely interested in listening to people‘s hair problems. We do counselling training for our stylists. employing staff who perhaps in another life would have been nurses or aromatherapists. that sort of caring nature. And when you take on that responsibility that means the products you use have to be caring, not harmful.‘

Field‘s teenage roots in chemistry (‘1 just messed around with plants; a cottage industry in my kitchen’) led him to set up his first company Rumbaba at the age of 16%, and later to found the Ark range of green products. He now runs a factory which manufactures all the products used in his salons, as well as his hair care range sold in Boots. A regular hair doctor. it seems.

‘People call me a trichotherapist,‘ he says. ‘Trichology is the study of hair, so I‘m using hairdressing as a therapy. They‘ve done research that when a hairdresser or beautician comes round

w‘ \.;§§\$"s\‘¢\t s.» _~\A\§\\LC Y" :31“:

in a mental hospital, they don‘t have to give as many drugs to the patients. Going to the hairdresser's has a real subconscious relaxing effect. (‘an also be the worst event of your life. of course. Hairdressing is either very destructive or very constructive.’

Daniel Field '3 Glasgow salon is at 6] Cresswc’ll Sireet ( ()ff Byrex Road ). tel 04/ 339 0526.

w The List 23 April—6 May I993