In the Hothouse over the Flowers? All fired up by soccer on stage? Fair burned-out by the Beltane extravaganza? The bottom line is that the best letter next issue wins a bottle of the very wonderful Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila and a lurid T-shirt! Burn.

Crowd uller

I don’t likepRunrig! There. I‘ve said it. Huge waves of relief are washing over me I‘ve come out of the cabinet? I do realise thousands of people like Runrig and that‘s their right I‘d just like someone to remember the people who prefer other bands.

I went to the Fleadh last year and had a great time enjoying ‘a celebration of Scottish and lrish music on three stages‘. I danced and sang along with the Pearlfishers. the Hum/ifl Family. the Levellers and several other brilliant bands. So why (oh why!) with the quality of entertainment offered last year are the tickets of this year's Pleadh being sold on the basis of one band's crowd-pulling power'.’ The tickets went on sale with them as the only confirmed band and as yet no other bands name has been mentioned. I’m sure I'm not the only person who doesn‘t like Runrig but would pay to go to the Fleadh to hear other bands.

I'm not buying a ticket on the strength (1’) of Runrig playing. The idea of the Fleadh is something I wholeheartedly support and I realise you‘ve got to make money to stage these eyents but the whole thing is a bit unfair. Not even (7) Runrig can play Scottish and Irish music on three stages for approximately eight hours. Well. I hope not anyway.


Edith Hicks

Bower Street


And what do l/itn .llorrison. Aztec ('amera. The l’ogues. Mary Blaek and Dougie MeLean have in common Edith." Well. guess then.’

Touch of tire

Following last issuey‘s excellent article on remakes. you forgot the linglish remake (destined for showing around the whole of the l'K) of Woody Allen’s classic: Xelig. This becomes Major. (directed by John. himself) and is a film about a man so grey that he takes on the political hue ofeveryone he‘s with. In addition to a chameleon—like ability for personal metamorphdsis. he has a unique talent for being offered every boy"s dream. but turning it all in to become an accountant. limploying skilfully doctored parliamentary records. this is a mildly amusing documentary about a non-person who never lived.

:\'ot to be confused with the American remake of a (ierman classic: The Tin Trumpet. Staring Al Pacino as the boy who never grew up. but went on to become President of the USA by blowing his own trumpet in every corner of the l'nion. (Co—starring Roseanne Barr as Hillary).

(icorgina .‘vlathcws St Mary“s Street Paisley

Science map

You were right to point out the absence of women from the lidinburgh Science Map. but not to do so in such a glib way. The map reflects the historical fact of women's exclusion from the scientific mainstream. Working in the last ()xford women's college (since the fall of Somerv ille, natncd for Scottish mathematician and science writer Mary Somerville who lived in lidinburgh for four years). l am well aware of the under-representation of women in science and applaud any efforts to change the situation. However. by dwelling on the one negative aspect. you ignored the purpose of the map. which is to tackle the under— representation of science itself in the history and culture of the city. Hopefully it will do that and promote interest in science to all -- regardless of gender

Alasdair McKee

Director. the lidinburgh Science Map St llilda’s (‘ollege



I would like to express my support for the campaign to keep Radio 4 broadcasting on Long Wave. My clock/radio is tuned to Radio 4. and when it switches itself on at 10am each weekday morning. the soothing RP tones of the BBC newsreader ease me gently into a state approaching wastefulness. Then it is my custom to listen to the rousing hymns and uplifting spiritual stories on the Daily Service. And then. if a feel particularly indolent (ehaquejout: d'habitude). I stay in bed and listen to ll’oman 's Hour. Let me tell you. it’s a smashing way to start the day.

So. once more with feeling: ‘What do we want‘." Radio Fort/1' ‘Where do we want it'." Long Wave} 'And what do we say'.” Please.’ 'l'hat is. (fit ’s not too murh trouble . . . Justin Montpelier (‘oinely Bank Road lidinburgh First you write to us about .N'ieholas ('urrie. then David Bowie and now tlte Daily .S'erviee. .lustin. Sad. A re you sure you still don 't want that bottle of tequila f’


Ten good reasons why you should award,me the tequila:

I'm being frankly forthright. not to mention forthrightly frank. about my motive for writing being a wish to get my mitts on a gratis bottle of this wondrous liquor. but possessing an adult appreciation of the fact that there's no such thing as a free margarita. I've taken the time and trouble to think tip and write down ten good reasons why my wish should be granted.

lmbibing tequila makes me see the world in a rosy golden light.

Said light will be even rosier and more golden if I win a free bottle.

ldon't sing.

I‘m writing a novel in which the heroine takes a trip to Mexico. and I need the tequila to help me conjure up the ambience accurately. but being a penniless artist I’m too skint to buy any and my garret is_/ . . .

I‘ll share it with all my friends.

It will be consumed with such swiftness. quite possibly generating the desire for another bottle. that it will augment the rate of world tequila consumption. thus boosting the hard-


Big 200 issue special!

l’ee/ goodl: Bumper crop of 200th issue give-aways

Real good/2 More Mayfest marvels

Ileel good/1 Rock 'n‘ Roll with No Stile/toes

PLUS: P .1 Harvey. The Silencers. Tom (‘onti. .loan Baez. Mark l.ittlc. Spirituali/cd. liverything But The (iirl and 200 other good


for anyone who missed last issue 's

pressed Mexican economy.

Alcohol thins the blood; I‘ve got awfully thick blood.

The last time I drank tequila. I nearly had a major spiritual experience and. with the help of another bottle. I think l might just make the breakthrough to enlightenment. subsequently becoming a new messiah who will lead the world out of its current sea of troubles.

It's my birthday ~- and I'll slam ifl want to.

John McRae

Warrender Park Road


We don 't normally bow to such blatant requests. but as you don 'I sing. well. just nip up to our o/jiee and make all yourfrietuls very happy.’

92 JOSE .2 !:BUERvnfipt

Green l was eager to buy The List this week in the hope that our exhibition STliM on display at The Royal Botanic (iarden would appear in the Art Listings. 1 was pleased that it did appear but to my dismay my photograph was reproduced upside down and my last name was misspelled. The correct spelling is Schwender. I am aware that few people will notice these mistakes but I know they exist. lewould feel better ifl could drown my sorrows in a bottle ofJose (‘uervo (iold Tequila.

(ieorgia Schwender

('omiston Road


We're sure you would. (ieorgia. but you 'll have to make do with a bit of humble pie/root the art editor: ()h. and

misspelling. it was Sehwended.

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