be like,’ she explains. ‘I had no idea

I Various: Volume Six tt b t matter it would work, whether I’d be (Willie) From the 0 a exhausted or fed up with it. Everybody throbbing bass intro to the kept saying “I be bored to teats

inspired crescendo that is Spiritualized‘s live version of ‘Smiles‘. right through to Fluke's aptly titled trance-out. ‘Spacey‘. Volume Six keeps up the eclectic mix of new tunes from unheard bands with different mixes of old hands’ product. For sure. not all is as sublime as ©‘s haunting ‘He Was‘ or the remix of One Dove's ‘Falien'. Ultra Vivid Scene should get off their T-Rex trip, they don‘t have what it takes and any band with the rnonicker ,A g , , e I. Senseless Things deserve f ' f, , " ' _ , . all they get. But with the ' . 78 minutes including tracks from Spiral Tribe

playing the same progranme, but actually I thoroughly enjoyed it.’

Discovering, then, that she enjoyed ‘the process of repetition’ and the increasing confidence it gave her, Stott retains her previous format: a single programme of pre-detennlned pieces.

As ‘the brightest of Britain’s new stars’ (according to the American Record Guide, Stott has garnered critical and public acclaim alike in each and every field she has entered: her partnership with the cellist Yo Yo Ma; her recordings for Conifer, Albany and Hyperion (with whom ‘a major - project’ is imminent); and her In a generation of pianists dominated countless appearances with major by men, Kathryn Stott (34) is alone in O'Chestfas (this Wat’s Proms. 10'

off-shoot The Drum C lub 3 displaying comparable virtuosity and etamlllet Wm 888 he! performing and grandadé 0f grunge ; achieving as visible a profile as her Ireland’s faViShiOO ‘conceflo’ and. 0" K'ndozer ‘h's.dese.’vcs male counterparts. the last night, Constance Lambert’s Efitfig’i‘fiigle “Ste” ' But what really sets her apart is her ‘Hio Grande’). , , attitude towards touring. Her But it is for the luminescence of her ' forthcoming recitals in Edinburgh and solo playing that Stott is most admired Glasgow are part of a twenty-date and which she will, no doubt, be

nationwide solo tour, a near-repeat of displaying to dazzling and delightful a similar outing in 1990 and the result effect on her current tour. (Michael of a ‘funny idea’ prompted by the Ouinn)

reflection that classical tours were ‘a Kathryn Stott plays The Queen’s Hall, bit pathetic’ compared to those of pop Edinburgh on fhurs 20 and Stevenson groups. Hall, BSAMO, Glasgow on Fri 21 .

:— Open House

Peter Butterworth has been promoting gigs since his college days, putting on concerts by musicians he likes, from those areas of urbane folk, quirky jazz, mutant acoustic rock and sophisticated country blues that defy pigeonholing yet have a resilient audience.

His Open House Music has just lined

Regional bias

I PM"! PM W083 POND up a series over the next month that gremulzzfggiam) '5 brings two of the greatest female straight to the point: Perry 2 “"9” °' '°"‘ “"9 "°"‘ “"3"” 3"" The James Taylor Quartet

England, brings back a cult

Farrell watches LA burn singer/songwriter and brings over one

on the TV. but even four

seem at last to be finding

wants tehtt enough and he ‘: of the greatest surviving exponents of their feet. We found philip has to drive downtown to the old-ster Oelta Blues harmonica. . , .

drink it in with his own ' Juno rahor is a remarkable artist Dorward han gm With the eyeS- ‘1 Want To Hold ? with an unforgettable voice. Rooted in Home Counties Boys.

Y?“ “and' {ms am": but traditional song, she has evolved a

I ve never mmded a “me unique timbre and mm mat '3 ‘lt’s a bit a more songy. a tad more

cheap sensation from tattooed drug mystics

passionate yet restrained, glowing

before' so why start now? darkly like the vocal equivalent of

porno For pytes, with the f Miles Oavis’ horn. With Mark Emerson

rudimentary guitar l she performed an astonishing concert

commercial. it‘s about the last five years of trying to turn every radio station. DJ and journalist towards the

idea of instrumentals and failing. It‘s ted")qu 0f new fecmil In Edinburgh last year, and the duo will June TM about producing an album that people Peter DiStefano counting also Play “awe” 0" this "'9 "NHL (“3390' 9'93- are going to buy for the vocal tracks. :dg’rznv‘ffe “d Ireland’s Dolores Keane has made the Seventies bedsit songwriting hero but when they play it in the can wt” preferable t6 the Slizk and progression from her flve-year-old Michael Chapman performs for a hear the thett—ttmehtatS and be convened empty treadmmrock radio debut performing Sean Hos or Cathartic Cabaret next week, and the _ t _ . his the masterptahg james Taylor performers that Jane’s unaccompanied traditional song, to fine Scots songwriting guitarist flab guffaws, realising that cynicism does Addiction were three- double platinum chart success when floakes a week later, while in early not become him, quarters of the way to her album A Woman’s Heart topped the June the virtuoso guitar and h, the stx years that the eight-legged becoming. Still, a lot of . Irish charts for more than half of last harmonica of John llicholas and 72- groove machine ofThe James Taylor the Songs sound samey year. She’s toured and recorded as year-old Snooky Pryor bring the Quanct have been together, they have :"edi'nlsyi‘c‘gly' Flam” :3" singer with De Oanaan, and formed a unadulterated Mississippi blues. come fun circle, Their 1937 debut not 03:1: g‘fiefggsébo“; mutual admiration society with (Horman Chalmers) album, Mission Impesstb/e, was a finishing ideas Ms started Emmylou Harris (Emmylou is backing Rab lloakes and Hory Mcleod play Old burlesque collection of classic film in othem See Orgasm». vocalist on Oolores’ single Emigrant St Paul’s, Edinburgh on Sat 15; June themes that made them heroes among 'Cursed Male' and ‘Bad Eyes)- “0'0793 b'lnfls music'a“ Tab" and Mark EMOYSOO play "10 trendy club runners. in June l993. the Shit’ for examples. ' husband John Faulkner and a group of Ferry, Glasgow on Wed 19 (Mayfest) thttd single from their seventh and best (Alastair Mabbon) . top musicians to her Edinburgh and and Old St Paul’s, Edinburgh Thurs 20. album, Supernatural Feeling, will be

r“ 44 The List 7—20 May 1993