I Plullly Viggilly’s at the Volcano. lOpm—Iate. £2.50. Unfeasibly huge tunes from top DJ Sir Kev and a dedicated party crowd - well. the part-timers just don’t make it out on a Monday. do they?

I The Tunnel I Ipm—3.30am. £2. Gay Mondays.

I ZFII at Fury Murry's. I lpm—3am. £2/£l. Newcky Brown. Guiness and Diamond White all for £1 to the accompaniment of ‘classic tunes. bouncy dance and 90’s indie’.


I Club TV at The Tunnel. l lpm-Iate. £5. l I May only. Benefit night for TV Productions. a fledgling non-profit making theatre company based in Glasgow. In keeping with the company’s aim to produce highly visual performances the night will be hosted by the inimitable Leigh Bowery and feature a ‘flamboyant catwalk show’. Tickets are available in advance from Ichi Ni San. The Tunnel and Citizens‘ Theatre.

I Club Xchange ll.30pm—3.30am. £2.50. Positively jumping for one so early in the week! Dance and chart sounds from DJ Gavin.

I Fever at The 13th Note. 8pm-midnight. Free. A pre-Shimmy warm-up with suitably cheery dance and indie tunes. And it’s only about five yards‘ stagger to Bennet's!

I Moist at The Cathouse. llpm—3am. 99p entrance. 99p all drinks. In-house DJ Craig playing everthing from Christmas hymns to chart reggae. Indescribable really. you’ve got to be there . . .

I Shimmy Club at Bennet’s. 10.30pm-3am. £2. Legendary. drunken. ‘mixed‘ (or should that be ‘mixed-up‘?). longest-running club night in town.


I Bennet’s llpm—3am. £l. 60p vodka! I Chopper at Club Xchange. llpm-3am. £3/£2. Yes. it really still is the most ludicrously packed. bouncy and sweaty student night about. Usual promos. usual tunes. good times guaranteed.

I The Cosmic Funk Club at Reds. llpm—3am. £2. A ‘fusiony. funky soul feeling'. plus live percussion from the Funkollective crew.

I Co West at Cleopatra’s. l0.30pm-2.30am. £2l£l with ticket.

I llerlmntal at The Volcano. llpm-2.30am. £3/£2. ‘Top Jazz. Rare Groove Exponent‘ (it says here) Nick Peacock doing his level best to spice up a Wednesday night in Partick.

I love Traln at Cafe Cini. Renfield Street. 9pm—midnight. Free. Selected beers for £l. Joe Deacon playing the best in classic soul. funk and piano house.

I The Map at The Cathouse. llpm-3am. £1. lp more than Tuesdays here and probably proportionally more upmarket. A request night where anything can. and unfortunately will. be played. I Under Venture 8pm—midnight. Free. Reggae of the highest order with Joseph of Babylon.

I Wednesday Ilght Fever at The Cotton Club. Ilpm—3.30am. £2/£l with matric card. 705 night with drinks promotions.


I Bloomers at Cleopatra’s.

10.3 m—2.30am. £2/£l for students.

I CII Vin-9e at The Volcano. llpm—2.30am. £3/£2. DJ Tchico plays African. reggae and similar groovy sounds.

I Colulnatlon at The Cathouse. Studio 3. Ilpm—3am. A Gothic club. Well. they need somewhere to go.

I U.l.S.C.C. Irene at Reds. llpm—3am. Students £3. 705 disco. pop and glam plus Coors and wine for £1 (all drinks £l before midnight).

I Ceodreot at Bar 10. 9pm—midnight. Free. 29 Apr only. Classy sounds from the

soulful 60s every fortnight courtesy of the irre ressible Goodfoot boys.

I ullabaloo at The Mayfair. ' I0.30pm-3am. £2.50. ‘Toe-tapping fun for tip-top people’. ie house, garage and disco for a mighty horde of students.

I .laln at The Cotton Club.

I lpm—3.30am. £2. ‘Garage. house. classics and rare grooves’ with DJs John and Michael.

I .loJo at October Cafe (top floor. Princes Square). 7pm—midnight. Free. Still packing in the ‘clubbier’ studes on a Thursday night. DJs Steve and Derek offer up a cool and current selection of dance tunes. Perfect as a pre-Tunnel warm-up and with £I beers to ease you into the mood.

I loveshaclt at Fury Murry’s. lem—3am. £ l. ‘The Sexiest Liveliest Motherfunkin Student Clubnight In Glasgow‘ with £l pints and vodkas to match.

I The Men’s lioorn at Club Xchange. ll.30pm-3am. £2.50/£2 with flier. ‘Raunchy‘ night with infamous live act Caged Muscle and Rolling Rock for £1. I Shaft at The Cathouse. I lpm—3am. £2. No relation to the Edinburgh club of the same name. but 70s disco nonetheless! I The Slow Club at The l3lh Note. 8pm—midnight. A shuffling. sedentary. ambient kind of experience and all the better for it.

I Strathclyde University Union 9pm—2am. Free.

I The Tunnel “pm-3.30am. £4/£2 with matric card. Well-mixed indie and dance tunes for the assembled student throng.


I Beatbox at Teviot Row Union. 8pm~2am. Free for students/£I for guests. Beatbox up top playing across-the-board student sounds. Inertia in the middle playing techno and dance. Strangeways down below playing indie. goth and

grun e.

I Bubblegum at Potterrow. 8pm—lam. £2/£I. Student night playing a mix of indie. indie dance and dance tunes.

I Buster Browns IO.30pm—3.30am. Girls free before midnight/£2 after. guys £2 before midnight/£3 after. Mainstream chart sounds with an emphasis on 70s and 80s grooves. Available Mon—Thurs for private parties.

I The CI! I0.30pm—4am. £3. Mainstream chart sounds and dance.

I Clute late at La Belle Angele. 9pm—Iam. Free. A new weekly pre-club night and DJ Simon from Thelonius playing a selection of jazz tunes. for a mellow start to the evening.

I Cathouse at The Mission. llpm—4am. £2.50/£2 with flyer. Weekly rock night with an all-encompassing playlist of anything that is rock music. from heavy metal to grunge to thrash. Happy hour llpm—lam.

I Cellar Full Cl Soul at The Vaults. 9pm-4am. £3. 7 May. A night of Northern Soul. foot stompin’. floor shakin’ sounds. I Century 2M0 IOpm—4am. £5. Fairly middle-of-the-road dance night in an extravagant setting. The biggest and probably the busiest of its kind.

I City 2 Downstairs at The City Cafe. 8pm—Iam. Free. DJ Mike Gregor from Fife playing a selection of underground house and progressive dance sounds in this pre-club club. in one of the city’s nicest watering holes.

I Colombo at Moray House Union. I0pm-4am. £2.50/£1. 7 May. A new night of world music from DJ Jazz (Havana). playing a selection of Latin. salsa. rumba and calypso.

I Cool lernon at The Citrus. I lpm—4am. £8. A new night for the Citrus brought to you by the Dream crew from Glasgow. With their superb DJ duo of Trevor Price and Ian Paterson and very special guest on the night being Grame Park (Hacienda).

playing a mixture of upfront. sexy house beats.

I The Edge 4pm—2.30am. Mainstream chart sounds. happy hour 4—10pm. Available for private hire Mon-Wed.

I Evol at Wilkie House. l0.30pm-4am. £3/£2.50. DJs Kieren and Amanda playing indie sounds from the 60s. 70s and 80s through to the current releases on the indie scene. Indie kids‘ heaven.

I Ex-S llpm-4am. £3 before lam/£5 after. Mainstream chart sounds and a

mixture of oldies too. in a pleasant setting.

I Flnsbury Park I lpm—4am. £2. Chart sounds.

I Firefly at The Pelican. lOpm—lam. Free. DJ Jorelle spins some classy. soulful house at this deep warming and underground pre-club pub thang.

I Ilatch at Shady Lady‘s. I Ipm-—4am. £2.50/£2 with flyer. Popular indie club with a very wide playlist. playing 80s and 90s indie dance. A busy night guaranteed. I Marley‘s Reggae Illub at Cavendish. llpm—4am. £3/£2.50. The city‘s longest- running reggae club with a wide playlist of roots. ragga. lovers. heavyweight dub and dancehall.

I Minus One at The Carlton Highland Hotel. IOpm—3am. £5/free for members. A relaxed. very plush venue for the more mature seekers of night life among you. I The 99 Club at The Music Box. 9pm-3am. £3.99/£2.99. 14 May. A fusion of funk. 70s sounds and dance. most drinks abound at less than a pound (on a Friday!!!) in what will no doubt be a busy night for this new club.

I Passion at The Carlton. IOpm—3am. £Tbc. Back on again after a short break. with DJs Dave Milne. Dream and Del playing a selection of progressive dance sounds.

I Partyceilidhdisco at Moray House Union. 9pm—4am. £2.50/£l. Entry 9—10pm free. Partyceilidhmayhem with a three-hour ceilidh and then four-hour disco.

I Pure at The Venue. I 1.30pm—4am. £5/£3 members. Upfront. hard-edged. progressive dance music. Still one of Edinburgh’s busiest nights. pulling in some of the best guest DJs anywhere in the country.

I Pure Juice at The Citrus. I Ipm—4am. £6. 7 May only. Monthly instalment of house and garage tunes in this busy club. with special guest on the night being DJ Richie Bell (Full Circle) from London.

I lied Hot Pepper Club IOpm—4am. £4. Chart sounds and dance.

I Satlva at The Wee Red. IOpm—4am. £2.50. Busy night playing a mix of reggae. ragga and upbeat heavy dance. with MCs Scot and Warren.

I Sexo Sam at The Music Box. 10.30pm-3am. £5. 7 May. New club playing a range of underground house and new age acid. from a large line-up of DJs including Parks and Wilson (Eclipse. Taboo). Deebs and Mike (Hype. Equinox) and Steven Forrester (Edge. Dundee).

P . low

I Spacehopper at Liberty’s (above The Playhouse). I lpm—4am. £4/£3. l4 May. Fortnightly. Weekly ’Sounds of the 705 club. playing 70s pop. soul. glam. rock.

I Terrorists hijack the llueen Well not quite. but this week our letters editor received photos of old Queenie’s portrait. which was stolen from the RAF club in Glasgow. This incident is the supposed reason why the Goodfoot has been thrown out of the venue. The photos show the twilight organisation known only as ‘The Goodfoot Appreciation Society‘ standing in masks below the portrait. N0t exactly what I would call ‘appreciation’. getting the club closed down. not big and not clever and most definitely not getting a bottle of tequila. I Squid opens at La Belle Angele. Edinburgh on 14 May. The club promises to be something out of the ordinary. with extensive decoration being done to the venue. the idea is to create a concept club based on an under- water/deep sea kind of thang. with lots of mellow blue lighting to create a cool pool of ocean ambience in the centre of the city. I Cat The Point Ever fancied roaring down the High Street on an £8000 Harley Davidson? If you have. then get yourself down to Edinburgh’s Ex-S on 21 May. the people at Smirnoff vodka are on a big promotional tour of the country‘s nightclubs and have got a whole host of prizes and give-aways on the evening. We've got fifteen free pairs of tickets for the night on this issue’s competition page. I Z-neaerection We’ll have a full run down of PAs and DJs for the event. plus three pairs of tickets along with some other 2- Rezerection goodies to give away. all in our next issue. I Ex-S in Edinburgh seem to be making moves away from their main-stream reputation. with two new Saturday night clubs starting this month. Try Your Finger opens on 8 May. re-inventing the interior of the club and running fortnightly. With DJs Andy Williams and John Gianni playing a mixture of bouncy balearic tunes alongside their guest for the night DJ Lofty (Boys Own) from London. Running alternate weeks is the nomadic club Carbolic Frolic. now perhaps finding a permanent venue. The musical jamboree will be DJ’d by regulars Scott Ferguson and Andy Williams. with occasional guests. Of course expect complete Carbolic decor and a friendly but firm door policy. ensuring a good night out for all you kings and queens of the dancefloor.

The List 7—20 May I993 13