I Channels 01 Resistance - Brazil: Beyond Citizen Kane (Channel 4) l0.55pm-12.4()am. A look at Brazil‘s TV Globo. the world's fourth biggest commercial network. The network’s success based on vapid entertainment paying little heed to the country‘s social cn'ses - has made its owner one of the most powerful men in Brazil. As a ruthless crusher ofopposition and internal dissent. and ally of the country’s right wing. this is not necessarin A Good Thing . . .


.m.-. A. 1 I Coltrane In A Cadillac (Scottish) 8.30—9pm. The big fella hits Dodge City. I Taggart (Scottish) 9—l()pm. Part one of a new story. I Without Walls: Nightmare In Provence (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Another English writer resident in Provence larnbasts ‘Mayle mania‘ and the havoc it threatens to wreak on the region. Here‘s hoping that the utterly execrable TV dramatisation of Mayle's book will act as a deterrent to clueless. patronising. middle-class. would- be Francophiles all over the Home Counties.

I Without Walls: lolita Unclothed (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Rent-a-gob Camille Paglia turns her acidly academic mind to ‘the Lolita syndrome‘. culture and commerce's obsessions with the woman- es-child. Sexual abuse or sexual liberation?

I 40 Minutes: Three Big Men (BBC2) 9.50—l0.30pm. The British sumo team pack up their nappies and head for Tokyo. How will they fare at the hands of the Oriental giants?

I Movie Nightmares: Scanners (Channel 4) 10—] 1.55pm. David Cronenberg‘s tale of exploding heads. Cult comedic horror. I Late Show Special: The War Over Warhol (BBC2) ll.l5--l 1.55pm. Having built fame and fortune based on painting a few tins of beans for about [5 minutes (or something like that). Andy Warhol left an estimated $600 million. The legacy. despite funding several major art institutions (Royal Academy. Tate Gallery). is embroiled in litigation. greed and mystery. The lure Show investigates.


I Open Space: Sit Down And Shut Up (BBC2) 7.40—8. 10pm. In the week of the FA Cup final. Manchester United Fan Robert Cookson probes various football rriajordomos and asks if making money now matters rrrore than playing the game. ‘What future. if any. does the game have'." I TV Heroes (BBC l) 8.50—9pm. Danny Baker examines the 20th century cultural phenomenon that was . . . Pinky and Perky. They were Czechs. you know.


I !Viva Cabaret! (Channel 4) 10.30—11.20pm. Channel 4‘s blend of the familiar and the bizarre began well. but it‘s a tricky feat getting the mix of music. weirdness and comedy just right.


I Focal Point: lIot Proven That Bastard Verdict (BBCl) 8.30—9pm. Looking at the controversial Not Proven verdict in the wake of the controversy surrounding the trial of a youth accused of the murder of Scots teenager Amanda Duffy.

I The Comic Strip Presents . . . Cregory - olary or A Nut Case (BBC2) 9-9.40pm. Adrian Edmondson as the would-be psycho killer (qu'est-ce que c‘est‘?) with a passion for baked beans. He decides to make his own home-video diary in which he pays homage to Silence Of The Lambs- type films. Naturally. it's a shambles. More clever-clever than funny ba-ha‘.’


I True Stories: Children or Fate (Channel 4) 9.35—1 1.10pm. Thirty years after his father did likewise. an American filmmaker makes a documentary about a notorious slum area in Palermo. focusing on a young woman featured in the original programme. Her struggle for survival continues. I The Full Wax (BBCI) 10.15—10.45prrr. Royalty. Tony Slattery. Jeanne Moreau and screeching surrealism. That’s Ruby.


I NB (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Continuing coverage of Mayfest. plus music from Tire Silencers.

I Europe Express (Channel 4) 8—8.3(lpm. The continental news series with reports from lsabella Stasi Castriota in Rome. Stefan Rybar in Prague and Klaus Schwagrzinna in Berlin.

I The Real McCoy (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. More humour that the BBC describes as having an ‘ethnic slant’. whatever that means. Guest this week is soul singer Mica Paris.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9.3(l—l0pm. Sam desperately needs a bed for the night after locking his keys in the bar.

I Measure For Measure: Time (BBC2) 9.30—10pm. Second instalment of four- part series looking at our obsession with measurement. This week. a brief (well. 1800 seconds) history of time. I blame the Romans myself.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) l()—l().3()pm. Continuation of last week’s episode. Darlene has to bail Dan out ofjail.

Uh-oh . . .

I later With Jools Holland (BBC2 ) ll.15pm—12.05am. Guests include Leonard Cohen being all grumpy and legendary.


I The Eurovision Song Contest (BBC 1 ) 8—1 1pm. Somehow. some way. Bosnia. Herzegovina. Croatia and Slovenia are all participating in this 38th contest. Surely these countries have suffered enough. And what happens if the Bosnians beat the Croatians’? Fratricidal mayhem live from Cork. and hosts Terry Wogan and Sonia get put on trial for aggravating the conflict? Now there’s a thought.

I Parenthood (BBC2) 8.30—9.15pm. New comedy series based on the softy thirtysomething movie of the same name. Ed Begley Jr takes Steve Martin‘s role. although the creative team. including director Ron Howard. remains intact. Promising. soppy pap.

I The Duellists (BBC2) l 1.15pm—2am. Ridley Scott's first movie unites Keith Carradine. Harvey Keitel. Edward Fox. Tom Conti and Albert Finney in a tale of honour and swords among French soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars. Well. buckle my swash.

I The Pit And The Pendulum (BBC 1) l2.30—l.50am. 196]. Roger Corman-ised version of Poe's swinging classic. Vincent Price. of course. stars.


I A Year In Provence (BBC!) 7.30-8pm. At last. the final instalment!

I Jeeves And Wooster (Scottish) 9—10pm. Fourth series. with Bertie again resident in New York.

I Spitting Image (Scottish) til—10.30pm. New series.

I Robin Williams Acting Funny: Moscow On The Hudson (Channel 4) 9— l l . l 5pm. Last in season has Williams as the Russian musician who defects to the West while visiting New York.


I Ito Stilettos (BBC I ) 10.404 1.20pm. First of new five-part live music show from Glasgow. hosted by l-Iddi Reader and featuring American Music Club. Cranberries and Boo Hewerdine. See feature.

I Channels 01 Resistance: Manutacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky And The Media (Channel 4) l().55pm—l.l5am. American academic Chomsky embarks on a four—year odyssey exploring the aims and agenda of the mass media. highlighting what he sees as its propagandist techniques in promoting the interests of the powers-that-be. Highly acclaimed when shown across the pond.


I Maiden Voyages (Channel 4) 8.3(l-9pm. The women's travel series follows Bettina Selby as she cycles from Britain to Santiago in Spain.


I World Cup Sportscene (BBCl 1

l().5()—~l l.5()pm. The Beeb spares a nation more potential agony by showing only the highlights of Scotland v iistonia. Will the Lisbon limpers become the Tallinn tatljers'.’ Too hard to bear . . .


I Focal Point: A Prisoner’s Tale (BBC 1) 8.30—9pnr. Continuing this three-part examination of the law‘s effect on people. For the first time prison authorities have allowed a serving prisoner the opportunity to tell his story. Thirty—live-year—old convicted armed robber and lifer And) Campbell also interviews fellow inmates in Shotts Prison. Scotland incarcerates more people per head of population than arty other country in western liuropc.

I Without Walls: Good Morning Mr Hitler (Channel 4) 0--l()pm. Newly-discovered colour film of Hitler and his cronies attending a celebration of Nazi art and Aryan culture in 193‘) forms the basis of this film. which picks apart the role of art atrd propaganda in the creation of murderous irrrager‘y and myth.

I Rik Mayall Presents (Scottish) ()—I()pm. First of three corrredies written for Rik Mayall. Tonight's .llrt'kt'v /.t)l'(’ also stars Alan Cumming. See preview.

I The Comic Strip Presents. . . Demonella (BBC2) 9 -‘).-l()pm. A liaustiarr tale of the music biz and chicken soup

I True Stories: Death or A Wagon Train (Channel 4) 9.35 <1 1.05pm. liatrng people is all the rage. As Alive hits the cinerrlas. True Stories looks at the horrible fate that befell a pioneers' wagon train trapped in the snow in Sierra Nevada in lh4o.

I Married With Children (Scottish) l().4()—l 1.10pm. Dysfunctional family fun with America's appealineg appalling Bundys.



I The Late Show (B BCZ)

ll.lS—I 1.55pm. The monthly Scottish edition of the arts rrragazinc continues its Mayfest coverage. featuring Douglas Gordon‘s bizarre 24 Hour Psycho.

so The List 7—20 May 1993