[BOXING FOR A JOB? Watch this space! The best vacancies appear in Ab .u. t ta . d d f '11 The List. r1 Ian secre ry is nee e or e CATCH THEATRE COMPANY , . . require an administrator. please Chairman of the Scotch Malt Whisky Socnety l ' ‘t' 'th CV t | ° ° at; Mum: . . at The Vaults m Lenth. Elli 1|.E. CIOSlng date: 14 May For further information phone This 18 a new post made necessary by the [993' Enclose SAE' Edinburgh VOIumeer EXChange expansion of the company at home and on 031 345 0540. . . . . overseas. You Wlll need energy, initiative and imagination as well as excellent secretarial skills and at least one foreign language. 2 A Please write, saying why you think you might E11931er th be the right person to: Watch this space! PM" “'“f‘ . The Scotch Malt Whisky Society I N R The beST The Vaults Pen Name Theatre Company are looking “can.” appeal 87, 0'1“ SM“ . . . ° The Lenth EH6 6BZ to appomt a new administrator, to take I" - charge of a large-scale co-production for When Spring '994- YOUNG PERFORMERS WANTED _ 50"“? PVCV'OUS FXRCV'CMC Preférrcfi- for eight-weeks promotional work in replylng For full lob description and appllcatlon pubs/Clubs in Scotland during t . b form, please send s.a.e. to: - June/July. O a '0 Administrator. . . . Pen Name Theatre Co.. 2 Port Dundas pggocsrrfieerssaicgoézgnglgsetefg En advert’ Place. GIASGOW, (32 3L8 . . . . audlence usmg mime, magic. remember Closing date for application forms: juggling, SIOpsiiCk, cartoons etc. to say Friday 2| May I993 (no singers or musicians please) telephone for further details 071 375 0441 that you (Pen Name Theatre Campan} Ltd is lTC registered and subsidised . o by The Scottish Arts Council and Glasgow District Council) SELF mom”? 3 I n Looking for business? . __ Ad rt' ' B & S II w - The UN- omen S £5 for30 Development Worker mm CAST The Clackmannan District Women and Girls' Resource Project are looking for a highly "Fade?! ' , . motivated women's development worker to promote and develop resources lor women " male: 25’30. mm- height 5 8, tall, SIIm, in Clackmannan District. Previous experience is essential and qualification preferred. noncha|ant Th' ° t' l nded b h 'l 1995 lb 'bl th - - - - - ~ ' “5:32? '5 " V‘ e U'ba" P'°9'a"‘"‘e W W' 3 9°” ° “’9 yea" - Klt drummer £1 day) - Jazz/ritualistic style for The worker will be expected to work a 35-hour week and the salalry will be APIV (point . REFLECTIONS . dependent on previous experience) with a 7‘/2% unsocial hours payment. a mOdem ""9 rpretatlon ol 3 med'aeval For an application form and lurther details Translean'a" pre'mamal r'tual' please contact c L A K M A it ~ A ~ Non theatrical background preferred. C.D.W. 8t G.R.P. " " *m i o ' ' ' ° 13 mm“ sum, “I” \| $99 I; Some experience I: frdontnctt; tige stlll/fllm Clackmannanshlrc FK10 1JL l O Q (O ,3 ca efa a a V3 0 o- . or telephone (0259) 219391 Ks gig/ I. Please send details to: "Reflections", Msc in Closing date: l c} 4 __ ,1: Film, Scottish Film School, 79 Grassmarket, First post on Monday, May 17. '~ "’13 ° ' ' ' ' Short/ism: Wavenmg “May 17. 2mm , Edinburgh EH1 ZHJ or contact LlVlll Tlpurita


84 The List 7—20 May I993