‘l was a tight-assed Republican . . . I mean, I had racist attitudes into my early 20s. Those old values didn’t die until I came to San Francisco and came out of the closet. And since l recognised the nature of my oppression I began to see what I had been doing to other people.’ Armlstead Maupin (issue 115, Feb 90)

‘I had trouble with the walk, trouble lowering my centre of gravity like elderly people do. until I came up with the image of someone who’s had an accident in his pants.‘ Jacir Lennon, on playing a 75-year-old In Dad (issue 116, Mar 90)

‘That Asian people are portrayed at all on the telly or in films is still quite a rare thing. And people have strange ideas about Asian people, I suppose. Even stranger since some people have started to burn books and read aubergines. They talk about me presenting positive or negative images. and these people are reading aubergines?’ ilanif Kureishi (Issue 119, Apr 90)

'I think we, and I include myself in this, we in Edinburgh suffer more from inhibitions and repressions and Calvinistic horrors.’

Bria W, author of The Other McCoy (Issue 120, May not

‘Have I tried drugs? Sure. But I never had a problem with drugs. I only tried everything once.‘

Matt Dillon (Issue 113, Jan 90)

‘l don't think we exactly endeared ourselves to

“Hey, Glasgow, are you ready to rock?” I don’t know if Postcard was that user-friendly.’

Boddy Frame (Issue 123, June 90)

‘The history of radical politics is still not taught. And the censorship continues. It’s notjust swear words - last month I was not allowed to use the word "subversive" on the BBC.‘

James Kelrnan (Issue 124, June 90)

‘A girlfriend who‘s known me since I was eleven said. “You’re not insane any more. you‘ve got a really nice life. you’ve got acknowledgement; why do you keep harping on past misery?” Well. my answer is “Now’s my chance.” la loco (Paola Karol), (1091 (Issue 125, Jul 90)

‘There’s basically no escape, I’m just saying face up to it and take it into your own hands. Start smoking and eat mad cow beef. Develop your own cancer rather than letting the Government bring it to

ya.’ Denis leery (Issue 127, Aug 90)

“Do hurry, only they are screwing the lid on.’ Spke Mllllgan’s unorthodox vray of granting an interview (issue 128, Aug 90)

‘The whole thing that happened through the 80s is that it took six years and about 30 or 40 thousand people to die before anyone in Government circles paid any attention to AIDS at all. It took Ronald Reagan seven years before he mentioned the word. And

‘You know, Mother Theresa came to my

show the other night. She was sitting there in the stalls. I thbught, “That’s Tess, isn’t it?” And she said afterwards that she came out feeling a better person.’



‘l have no image of myself. I would play any role ifl thought I was suitable for it. If it was Adolf Hitler and l was proper casting. it would be a fascinating role to


Clint Eastwood

(Issue 130, Aug 90)

‘You don’t play because there’s only three of you and you don’t have any equipment or money and you don’t know how to book a hotel room in Atlanta. That’s why we don’t play. It’s not because we’ve been reading too many Herman Hesse novels.’

Paul Joseph Moore, The Blue llile (Issue 131, Sept 90)

‘Do you know that when they saw the sex scene in the first Hellmiser, the MPAA told me that l was permitted two consecutive buttock thrusts but not a third? A third, they said, would just be obscene. I mean, what is going on? There are guys out there

counting buttock thrusts...’ Clive Barker (issue 132,


‘The advertisers get it that this stuff works; that creating sexual insecurity works. Even in the last five years, they’re using images drawn from homosexual subculture and aiming them at men’s sexuality. That is increasingly freaking men out and making them insecure.’ llaorni Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth (Issue 132, Sept 90)

‘l have tried to root out of my writing everything that I considered to be a sign and a symbol of apology for being alive. I think women’s art is riddled with apology; it deeply offends me to see it.’ Andrea Duroritln (Issue 133, Oct 90)

‘I like the idea of people saying inane things to one another. it brightens up

‘We’ve never been a band that‘s let the grass grow under our feet. We’re very aware of all the youngsters and we keep up with them, y’know?‘ Glenn Tlpton of Judas Priest gives Spinal Tap a run for their rnoney (Issue 144, Mar 91)

‘It was a rather extraordinary forklift truck. It was like a sex— kitten: a real tum-on to the boys. It came with a manual that was grotesquely seductive. It was covered in cling-film and looked sexy and was perceived to be quite lascivious.’

Tint Britten of theatre group Forkbeard Fantasy (Issue 147, May 91)

‘This society needs 98 per cent slaves who walk straight into the oven without thinking for a second. “What the hell am I doing here?“ it would be dangerous if an artist were to lead a normal life. because other people might try this and it has to be forbidden.‘ Dieter Meier, Yello (Issue 151, Jun 91)

‘I will never stop going on Blue Peter and saying. “I love to smoke loads of fucking dope".‘

Shaun Byder(lssue135, luv 90)

'All through history. we‘ve had guidelines from different faiths. from witchdoctors. the Greek and Roman gods. Christianity. Buddhism and Mohammedism. you were taught thou shalt and thou shalt not. Wornen’s Lib has swept all that away. said it’s a load of rubbish. and now we’ve

‘Hot-pants and platforms stole my morality.‘ Sam llogg (Issue 152, Jul 1)

‘The Madonna party was phenomenal. All sorts of people were hanging around. like Jean-Paul Gaultier. Eddie Murphy, Tina Turner. The only parties I’ve been used to, you sit with a couple of cans behind a couch.’ Bobert Carlyle, actor in Ken loach’s Biff Baff (Issue 152, Jul 91)

‘When Hollywood makes Jaws IV and the picture goes down the toilet. they tend to think that maybe fish movies are out. You’re never going to hear them say that white movies are out.’

Marlo Va Boobies, director of lien Jack City. (Issue 154, Aug 91)

‘I think the public has a peculiar taste for my plays. Every now and then I push a new one out so that people can really see what a play is about. There’s a period of sensory deprivation which allows the other guys to strut about with their limp offerings; I get a play on again and put a piece of real theatre back on the stage.’

Steven Berkofi (Issue 156, Aug 91)

‘I think from the beginning the Festival was never looked upon as a great continental city or country would look upon a festival: as if it were an asset and needed to be encouraged. Even in Austin, Texas, they give their festival the sort of whole-hearted support that does not happen here.’ Frank Dunlop, then Edinburgh Festival (issue 156, Aug

‘I wanted to show how people very self- consciously become part of a crowd, very self- consciously allow someone to lead them. No leader could ever create a crowd, no one could be seduced against their will into a crowd. It’s a very deliberate thing.‘

Bill Buford, author of soccer violence boolt Among the Thugs (Issue 162, Nov 91)

‘The way i look has been called an “image”, when basically I’m not into an image at all. I personally think there’s something contrived about IOO people in a symphony

‘lt’s a kind of a “fuck you” attitude. but maybe I have done some thing that I really shouldn’t have . . . the wonderful Freejaclt, for instance. I haven’t seen that yet. I did it because I wanted to meet Mick Jagger. Just to say hello to him, really.’ Anthony Hopkins (Issue 174, May 92)

'Balance? Well, balance is pretty boring.’ Mark D’ileill of Glasgow’s Museurn of Beliglon (issue 179, July 92)

‘(Rodney King) was allegedly speeding in a Hyundai - a hundred miles an hour he was allegedly going. In a Hyundai? Have you seen a Hyundai? I’ve seen fucking joggers pass them by, Fred Fiianone could beat a Hyundai. That’s the video I want to see - him getting a Hyundai to go

1 that fast.’

Thea Vldaie, cornedienne (Ia-0181. Ala 92)

‘What are you implying? We’re not actually saying “E’s are good" in the chorus at all.’

Colin Angus, The Sharpen (I998 194, Sept 92)

’There’s a lot of experience Norman Jewison couldn’t bring to that material. Does he know what it's like never being able to get a cab? Does he know what it’s like being followed around in a department store because the security guys think you’re just there to steal?’

Spike Lee on Malcolrn x (Issue 195, Feb 93)

'l’m fascinated by the fact that in the 60s and 705 a lot of writers were writing state-of-the-nation plays. Where are they now? When it was really important, they took one

People in Glasgow 1 think a lot of this has to do with their otherwise got this vast immorality orchestra coincidentally look at Maggie Thatcher 'l was a" ‘00 camp and the church, I’m afraid.’ meaningless lives.’ that is disastrous.’ turning up in the same and ran like hell.’ naughty We never exactly Derek Jarntan(lssue128, Vic Beeves (Issue 142, Danie Barbara Cortland clothes.‘ Alan Bleasdale (Issue Came 0" Stage and said. Aug 90) Feb 91) (Issue 141, Feb 91) iligel Kennedy (issue 154, 197, Mar 93)

Dec 91)

he List 7-20 May NO} 7