I neiet use, so, seeks unattached Edinburgh woman. Enjoys mountain scenery. music and whispering things to make you laugh. 5ft 9in, athletic build. looking for close relationship and fun. Box No 200/22.

I Special offer! For one edition only. Good-humoured gay male (33). reasonable looks. wishes to hear from you if you’re similar and seeking an important person in your life. Edinburgh. Box No 200/23.

I Flame-haired brown-eyed tempestuous temptress (2 l) seeks rampant, affectionate, cuddly. rugby-type male for scmms. tries and penalties, who appreciates me. eating. drinking. socialising and walking in the rain. Box No 200/25.

I Bloede, intelligent femme fatale (205) with expensive taste in Armani. wants independent. cultured, good humoured male to share champagne, intimate dinners. socialising, wild nights and lazy days. ALA. Box No 200/26.

I AMI", bright and out- going Edinburgh girl (28). into hills. camping, cinema. pubs and dancing. seeks like-minded guy. Sense of humour essential. Photo if possible. Box No 200/27.

I 28, gay, professional male, honest and sincere. 5ft 8in. slim build, seeking Scotsman or Englishman or Welshman or Irishman as company for forthcoming summer months. ALA promise. Box No 200/28.

I Temporarily sane Glasgow male (22) seeks female to join him in crazy adventures. Likes: books. skiing. film. dancing. travel, music, eating. laughing. Wants: see more, do more. feel more. Thanks. Box No 200/29.

I Thirty-something professional, Edinburgh guy. dark. attractive, straight-acting. seeks sincere. non-scene. good- looking male (25—35) to share nights in and out. Likes classical music, food. walking. Photo helps. Box No ZOO/30.

I Tall, dark, handsome Edinburgh boy (26) wants to hear from you! Yes. you the twenty-something. straight- acting boy. Don't be shy. write today. Photo too. Box No 200/31.

I Professional boy (25) not ugly. sometimes lugubrious. likes BFI films, books. eating. drinking. Orb. Durutti Column. Bach. Cabs, seeks interesting girl for good times together. Please send photo. Box No 200/32.

I lady (Edinburgh) early 40s, non-smoker. enjoys driving. art galleries. occasional bar lunches. theatre. or just going crazy once in a while. seeks lady for friendship. any age. ALA. Box No 200/33.

I Edinburgh professional gay male (39). sincere. genuine. considerate. non-smoker. straight-acting/looking. Enjoys music - mainly classical. travel. some sports. seeks similar gay male (21—40) for genuine friendship and maybe more. Box No ZOO/34.

I Edinburgh guy, thirtysomething. non-smoker. enjoys music. theatre. cinema. walking. dislikes scene. seeks someone similar for friendship

but hopefully more. Box No 200/35.

I Edinburgh gay male, 44,

. i

i I Hey, you boy with the Be-bop glasses and the suede shoes.

c'merc! Gorgeous babe awaits!

I Photo for my locker please. Box ' No 2200/37.


loves life. cuddles. laughter. offers sincerity. support. friendship and hopefully more. Let‘s share good times. a bottle of wine. fun. Romantic at heart. Box No 2.00/36.

I Attractive, intelligent 29-year-old. professional. Edinburgh male who happens to be gay seeks similar. straight-acting. non-scene man who. like me. is looking for a long-term relationship with someone special. Nothing ventured . . . ! Box No 200/38.

I Tall, dark and handsome-ish male (20). I'm athletic. vivacious. passionate and bored with my own company. Desperately searching for spontaneous. exciting and affectionate female for fun. friendship and frolics. Box No 200/39.

I Tall, handsomish, masculine.

romantic. intelligent. friendly (male). 30. Interests: cinema. literature. seeks pretty. feminine. sensitive. sensual. emotional. friendly (female). 20—35. Glasgow/Edinburgh. for friendship. Please send photo and letter. (ALA) Box No ZOO/40.

I Travel book, beautifully

bound. full of wonderful places.

published I963. Points of

interest: female. auburn. 5ft 8in.

Gl—T. dance. occasional cigarette; seeks fun. open man to browse through my unconventional pages. Box No ZOO/4|.

I It you’re a sincere, slim, gay guy (25-35). interested in arts. outdoors and some loyal. honest companionship. a mid-30s dreamer. in reasonable shape. would love to meet you. Glasgowish. ALAWP. Box No 200/42.

I Glasgow, professional, gay guy. 27. tall. blond. good- looking. honest. excellent sense of humour. looking for guy. 24+. for friendship. relationship. Enjoys music. cinema. nights in or out. Photo appreciated. Box No 200/43.

I Brainy man (30), slightly unconventional. dead honest and open. but need to expand. Looking for romantic. intellectual. Glasgow woman to share personal discovery. rain. wine. jumping around and endless kissing. Box No 200/44. I Crime writer seeks woman who is or appears to be under 35. Music lovers. hill-walkers. lawyers especially suitable. Photo appreciated. Must have sense of humour. Box No 200/45.

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