The tollovring otters are open to Clyde Card holders only.

MARK l.lTTl.E Five tickets for the price of tour for the Australian comedian’s shout at The Pavilion on Tuesday 18 May at 8pm. Tickets subject to availability.




Five tickets for the price oi tour tor Cheek By .lovrl’s llon’t Fool With Love at the Tron Theatre trom 18-22 May at 7.30pm. Tickets subject to availability.


OUTBACK Five tickets lor the price oi tour ior The Ferry’s world-fusion night ot music from three continents on Thursday 13 May at 7pm. Tickets subject to availability.



Five tickets for the price or tour ior this French brass septet at the Stevenson llall, BSAMC on Saturday 15 May at 7.45pm. Tickets subject to availability.

MPHITIOLS Win 40 Rough Guides!

Ever wondered where can you eat authentic Thai cooking in Stockholm? What club you can go to for a night of Mancunian indie music in Paris? Well, we’ve got 40 copies of the indispensable Rough Guides travel books, which answers these questions and a whole host more. Covering everything you would expect in a comprehensive travel guide, plus special sections detailing disabled access, advice for women travelling alone, political issues and local attitudes to gay travellers. All you have to do to win the Rough Guide of your choice from the list below is to answer this simple question:

What company recently hit the headlines with their free flight give-away fiasco?

Send your answers on a postcard to ROUGH GUIDES COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 lTE. stating which Rough Guide you would like from the list below, and don’t forget to tell us your name,

address and daytime phone number. Answers to reach us no later than 26 May.

The Rough Guides editions available:

People Travel the World.

' Europe Amsterdam. Barcelona and Catalunya. Berlin. Brittany and Normandy. Bulgaria. Crete. Cyprus. The Czech and Slovak Republics. Europe. France. Germany, Greece. Holland/Belgium and Luxembourg. Hungary. Ireland. ltaly. Mediterranian Wildlife. Pan's. Poland. Portugal. Prague. Provence and the Cote d'Azur. The Pyrenees. St Petersburg. Scandinavia. Sicily. Spain. Tuscany. Venice. llorth America California and West Coast USA. Canada. Florida. New York. San-Fransisco and the Bay Area. USA. Central and South America - Brazil. Guatemala and Belize. Mexico. Peru. Africa Egypt. Kenya. Morocco. Tunisia. West Africa. Zimbabwe and Botswana. Asia and Australasia Australia. Hong Kong and Macau. lsrael and Occupied Territories. Nepal. Thailand. Turkey. Worldwide Women Travel: Adventures/Advice and Experience. Nothing Ventured: Disabled

Win A Taste Of Greece!

The cool gentle sea breeze, the warm summer sun, the sound of the tide gently breaking on the beach and the aroma of fine food and spirits from nearby cafes and restaraunts. Nope, we’re not giving away a holiday to that exotic mediterranean land of Greece, but what we do have is 40 bottles oi the smooth Greek spirit Metaxa. a drink that’s uniquely unconventional in it’s fragrance and taste. An oak-matured brandy blended with muscat wines and natural aromatic infusions found only on the Greek islands. Fancy a tipple? Then simply answer this question:

Metaxa is a smooth golden spirit, which ancient Greek mythological character went in search of The Golden Fleece?

Send in your answer on a postcard to METAXA COMPETITON, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EHl lTE. Remember to include your name, address and daytime phone number. and entries should arrive no later than

26 May.

SOAP Five tickets for the price o1 tour ior Cannon dance company Soap’s Domestic Arrangements at the New Athenaeum Theatre, BSAMII on Tuesday 11 May at 7.30pm. Tickets

subject to availability.



To take up one of these otters either present your Clyde Card to the venue box office or phone the Ticket Centre on 041 227 5511, quoting your Clyde

llllllti $2

1 1 5 2 A M listen to Clyde 1 and Clyde 2 tor turther details.

Win Gold Bier, T-shirts and Fools Paradise tickets!

Another sensational season of the Gold Bier Fools Paradise comedy showcase is again up and running in The Music Box (Edinburgh), ' The Lemon Tree (Aberdeen), The Rep (Dundee) and The Old 1 Athenaeum (Glasgow). With comedians as diverse as Norman Lovett, Corky and The Juice Pigs. Michael Redmond and Bruce Morton you’d be a Fool (sad pun intended) not to enter. We’ve got live cases of Gold Bier, live Cold Bier T-shirts and five pairs of tickets for show five at The Music Box (Edinburgh) on 22 May. To have a chance of winning simply answer this question:

GOLD IIEI presents



Comedian Norman Lovett . J 1‘)-

had his own TV show on earlier in the year, what was ah“ the name of the series?

Answers along with your name, address and daytime phone number on a postcard, to GOLO BIER COMPETITION, The list, 14 High Street, EH1 "E by 18 May.

Michael lledmond

w The List 7—20 May W93