Readership Survey

his survey is designed to find out more about you and what you think of The List. Please answer as many questions as possible as it will help us improve our service to readers and advertisers. The information will be treated in strictest confidence; you do not have to fill in your name and address but it would help us if you do. Please detach the form from the centre of the magazine and return it to us (just fold as indicated and send it FREEPOST) by Friday 11 June when there will be a prize draw to chose 25 winners who will each receive a £5 Waterstones book token. Thank you for your help. (Please tick relevant boxes for

each question.)

1. How did you first come across The List?

0 Through a friend

0 In a newsagent's

0 Saw poster/ads

D Other (please specify)

2. How do you usually get The List? Cl Buy it from a newsagent 0 Buy it from a bookshop/ record shop/supermarket D Home delivery CI Postal subscription

2a. Where do you buy The List?

Cl Local newsagent (close to your home)

0 On your way to work

0 From newsagent or shop (close to work)

0 Borrow someone else's copy

0 Elsewhere (please specify)

3. When did you first start reading The List?

D During 1993

0 1-2 years ago

0 3-4 years ago

D 5 years +

4. How often do you buy The List? 0 Every fortnight 0 Once a month 0 Six times a year 0 Very occasionally D At a particular time of year eg. Edinburgh Festival, Mayfest (please specify) ......................... ..

5. Do you buy The List more or less often than you did a year ago?

U More often

[3 About the same

0 Less often

6. If you are buying The List more or less often than a year ago, please tell us why.

7. If you don’t buy The List every issue, what makes you buy a particular issue?

D The front cover

C] A particular feature

0 I am planning a particular night


8. Who would you say The List is aimed at?

C] People like me

0 People younger than me

0 People older than me

9. Please tick your favourite section

D Film

0 Music

Cl Theatre

C] Art

0 Clubs


C] Kids

0 Books

0 Food

0 Classified

Cl Competitions

0 Reader offers

0 Letters

10. How often do you read/refer to the various regular review and listings sections which appear in The List listed below?

Always/Regularly Contents page Frontlines Word of Mouth Agenda Features Film Music Theatre Open Art Kids Clubs Spon TV Books Classified Food Competitions Reader offers Letters


11. How easy/difficult do you find it to get the information you need from the List?

0 Very easy

0 Ouite easy

0 Ouite difficult

0 Very difficult

0 Do not look at the listings

12. Which parts of the film section do you regularly read/refer to?

0 Previews

0 Screen Test/Reviews

0 Index

0 Listings

0 Do not read the Film Section





13. Which parts of the music section do you regularly read/refer to?

Cl Previews

0 Live reviews

0 Album reviews

0 Book now

El Rock and Blues listings

El Rock and Blues residencies Cl Light listings

0 Light residencies

0 Jazz listings

0 Jazz residencies

0 Folk and World listings

0 Folk and World residencies 0 Classical and Opera listings 0 Do not read the music section

The List 21 May—3 June I993 39