14. Which parts of the Theatre section do you regularly read/refer to?

0 Preview

0 Review

D Theatre “at a glance' grid

0 Theatre listings

Cl Dance listings

0 Cabaret listings

0 Do not read the theatre section

15. Which of the following Classified sections do you read/refer to?

Cl Recruitment

Cl Services

0 Bands/Music

Cl Courses/Tuition Cl Dance classes 0 Buy and Sell

0 Health

Cl Activities

Ct Announcements 0 Groups

0 Accommodation 0 Personal

16. Thinking about The List, which of these descriptions best fits your opinion? (You may tick more than one box.) 0 I buy The List for the listings of

what's on D I buy The List for the reviews

and articles as well as tor the listings of what's on D I wouldn’t buy The List it it only

had the listings of what's on

17. How many times on

average do you refer to your

copy of The List each fortnight? 0 Once or twice

03- 4 times 0 5 - 6 times DOver 7times

18. How many people apart from yourself read your copy of The List?

0 No one else

C11 other

0 2 others

0 3 others

0 4 others

0 Over 5 others

19. Do you consider The List good value for money? 0 Yes, I do think The List is good value for money 0 No, I don’t think The List is good value for money


20. How often do you . . . (*please tick the relevant boxes, once a week once a fortnight

Go to the cinema Cl C] Go to a live music concert C] U

Go to the theatre Cl D Go to an exhibition C] U Go to a club

D D Go to a restaurant L] C]

21. Which sources of reviews most influence the choice of films you see?

D The List

0 Barry Norman/Film '93

‘3 Daily newspapers

Cl Sunday newspapers

Cl Friends' recommendations

C] Film magazines (please specny) ..................................... n D Other magazines (please specdy) ................................... n

22. Which of the following daily newspapers do you regularly read?

C] The Herald

0 The Scotsman

Cl Daily Record

0 The Independent

0 The Guardian

0 The Times

D The Evening Times

0 Evening News

CI The Daily Telegraph

D The Sun

D Other (please specily)

C1 Do not read a daily newspaper

23. Which of the following Sunday newspapers do you regularly read?

0 The Independent on Sunday

0 Scotland on Sunday

0 The Sunday Times

D The Observer

0 Sunday Mail

D The Sunday Telegraph

D Other (please specily)

Cl Do not read a Sunday newspaper

24. Do you have your daily/ Sunday newspaper(s) delivered to your home?

D Yes


once a month

occasionally never

[3 D D C] D U D D D U D D C' D U D D

25. Which of the following magazines do you regularly read?

Cl Empire

0 Sky

D The Face

D 0 Magazine

D Vox

G Select


Cl M8

Ct Viz

Cl Private Eye

0 Other (please specily)

26. If The List wasn’t available, how would you find out what events/entertainments are on?

0 Posters 0 Free publicity leaflets etc.

Cl Direct mail D Teletext D Other source (please specily)

0 Don't know

27. Which of these radio stations have you listened to in the last 7 days?

0 BBC Radio Scotland

D Radio 1FM 0 Radio 2

0 Radio 3

0 Radio 4

Cl Radio 5


CT Clyde 1 FM Cl Clyde 2 AM CT Virgin 1512 0 Classic FM 0 Other radio station (please specily)

0 Do not listen to radio

28. Have you seen or heard any advertising for The List recently?

D Yes

D No 0 Don't know

29. If yes, where did you see/

hear the advertising? 0 Posters

a TV

D Radio

Cl Cinema

0 Theatre brochure

D Other source (please specily) ......................... ..

30. Are you? 0 Male

D Female

31. What age are you? C] 17 or under

018-22 023-26 027-29 030-34 {335—39 040-49 DOverSO

32. Are you? 0 Single D Married CT Living with a partner

33. Are you presently? Cl Employed lull-time (more than

29 hours a week)

0 Self employed/freelance

Cl Employed part-time

D Unemployed

D At school

D At college/university/lurther education

0 Child carer

34. If employed full or part- time, please state your iob/title/profession/industry

35. In what range is your annual income? 0 Under £5,000

Cl ESK - £10K Cl ETOK - £15K E3 ‘2le - 20K Cl £20K - £25K Cl £25K+

40 The List 21 May—3 June 1993