Events are listed by city, titan alphabetically by activity. Kids listings compiled by Beatrice Colin.

Activities and Fun

I BARSIIAW PARK FAMILY GALA DAY Paisley. Sat 29 May. 11am-9pm. Ten hours of events including a children’s circus. pony rides. Cheeko the Clown. bungee-running and trampolines.

I DELLSHILL CULTURAL CENTRE John Street, 0698 267515.

The Big Draw Mondays. 4-5.30pm. £ l. Painting, mask-making. murals and photo ra hy (7+).

I BURCH HALL Garbraid Avenue.

Youth Performance Group Sundays. Noon-3pm. 50p. Games. warm-up exercises and the chance to make up and learn new dance pieces. No experience required (8-14 years).

I MUSEUM OF EDUCATION Scotland Street Museum. 429 1202. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2-5pm.

I Can’t Paint Miss Sat and Sun. 2.30—3pm. Until the end of May. Book now for a place on an art class taken by a student from Glasgow School of Art. Outer Tapestries Until Sat 29 May. Hands-on activities available.


I KELVIEROVE ART GALLERIES AllD MUSEUM 357 3929. Mon-Sat 10-5pm; Sun 11am—5pm.

Butterflies - Vlho Cares? Until 20 Jun. Why are butterflies becoming an endangered species? Find out why. and what conservationists are doing to prevent this in an illustrated exhibition.

I HUNTERIAN MUSEUM University of Glasgow. 330 4221. Mon-Sat 9.30-5pm. Free.

Earth . . . Life Fossils. amoebas. dinosaurs . . . A brand new show which explains the history of the lanet and its inhabitants. I MUSEUM O EDUCATION Scotland Street Museum, 429 1202. Mon—Sat 10am-5 m; Sun 2—5pm.

Quaker apestrles Until 29 May. See Art listings.

I Can’t Paint Miss Until Sat 29 May. The best work produced when students from Glasgow School of Art spent some time in various Strathclyde schools.


I CUMDERNAULD THEATRE Kildrum. 0236 732887.

Mr Magic Sat 29 May. 1.15pm. Kids £1.25; adults £1.75. More fun in the Studio Theatre.

I LANGSIDE HALLS 5 Langside Avenue. 334 2000. Kids 50p; adults £1.

Talking Drum Sat 22 May. 11am. Action Stations fun with songs and stories from around the world.

A Box of Secrets Sat 29 May. 1 lam. The Runaway Train in a fun-filled production. I PAISIEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. 887 1010.

Rob Roy Fri 28 May. 7pm. Kids £1.50; adults £2.50. Hullaballo Chidren’s Theatre Company in a fast-paced, highly- acclaimed production set in the glens and wildest moors of Scotland.

Cheeko the Clown Sat 22 May. 1pm. Kids £1.25; adults £1.75. Mayhem and madness.

Uncle Jimmy’s Punch and Judy Sat 29 May. 1pm. Kids £1.25; adults £1.75.

I PARTICK BURCH HALL 9 Burgh Hall Street, 334 2000. Kids 50p; adults £1. Magic Bob Sat 22 May. 11am. Action Stations entertainment with tricks unlimited.

Mr Bones Sat 29 May. 11am. An amazing puppet show.


Activities and Fun

I DEEP SEA WOMD North Queensferry. Fife. 0383 411411. Daily 9am—6pm. Kids £3; adults £4.50 (under 4s free). Cafe. [D]. Brand new aquarium with a moving walkway to take you along the world‘s largest underwater viewing tunnel. Here. you can observe sharks. conger eels. lobsters and octopuses close-up.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 High Street, 556 9579.

Month Music Wed 2 and Thurs 3 Jun. 7—8.30pm. Kids £1.50; adults £2.50. As part of a festival of poetry for children and young people. poetry reading by contemporary Scottish writers.

Poetry Factory Fri 4 Jun. 3.15—6pm. Kids £1.50; adults £2.50. Book now for workshops in Story Poems. Picture Poems and Rhymes and Rhythms.


I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 225 2424. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Dinosaurs - Selling the Legend Until Sat 29 May. To complement the City Art Centre’s show, a look at the impact of the dinosaur on popular culture from 1830 until today. The show includes loads of dino-inspired objects including comics. books. models and toys.

I MUSEUM OF FLIGHT East Fortune. nr Haddington. 062 088308. Daily 10.30am—4.30pm. Kids £1; adults £2. Standing on a former RAF airfield. this museum has a range of aircraftincluding a Spitfire and a Vulcan bomber and a mock Air Traffic Control tower.

I SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2-5pm. Photographing Children Sat 29 May-3 Oct. See Art listings.


I THE SCOTTISH INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL lnverleith Park. Mon 24—Sun 30 May. Mon—Fri 10am-4pm; Sat and Sun 11am—5.30pm. Box Office 553 7700. Mon—Fri 11am-4pm. On Sun 23, the Box Office moves to the Festival site. Tickets for performances: kids £2.50; adults £3.50; groups of four and over £2.50. Listed below are all the events which take place outside school hours and for the under 5s. Activity Tents Sat-Sun 11am-5.30pm. Free. Each session lasts approx 45 mins and is led by a play worker. Choose from a bubble workshop, around the world in 2700 seconds, a space spectacular where you can enter a space competition. a jump around in an inflatable tent. storytelling, the orchestra of the human body or make


‘I hope children will find it an entertaining, educational, exciting and stimulating introduction to live theatre, music, mime and dance.’ Duncan Low, the director of the international Children’s Festival has spent the last year watching dozens of children’s performers around the world to ensure that the festival lives up to its promise. This year, companies have come from as far as China, America, Canada and italy to make up a programme angled at any child or young person from three to sixteen. low in its fourth year, the festival is the largest performing event for children in Britain and draws the patter of little feet by the busload from all around Scotland.

They will come in droves to see the Chun Miao Troupe from Belling perfonnlng The Monkey King - a colourful adaptation of a traditional folk tale. Few will want to miss the inventive talents of Teatro liugo and lnes from italy performing with assorted parts of their bodies to create the strange but hilarious character, Ginocchio.

Although Low spends time globe- trotting on the look out for fresh international talent, the festival is also committed to the development of new Scottish productions for children and each year they commission a new work from a Scottish company. Visible Fictions from Glasgow have been chosen for 1993 for Alfreda Abbott’s

Froflcs»? All fliflyfi I «am:

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The Musical Baden at the Children's Festival


Lost Voice, a piece adapted by playwright, Lara .lane Bunting, from Jerome Fletcher’s novel.

Yet, as Duncan Low points out bringing the best from abroad is also part of generating new work at home. ‘The development of quality can only take place alongside the performance of quality.’

With shows spanning from Graffiti Theatre’s Frog and Toad for younger children to Green Thumb’s The Cost of Living for teenagers, the festival is the most diverse, challenging and exciting yet. (Beatrice Colin)

The International Children’s Festival, Mon 24—Sat 30 May.

a dragon in the Monsters and Mangles tent.

The Eggoipolis Sat 11am—5.30pm. The big hit of last year returns. Walk from dome to dome and experience the effect that different colours have on your mood. Meynel Games Sat—Sun 11am—5.30pm. Have a go at a large-scale game which uses giant rings. parachutes and inflatable balls.

The Musical Garden Mon—Sun. Sessions

. last 45 mins and begin on the hour.

Mon—Fri 10am—3pm; Sat and Sun 11am—4pm. Booking recommended. £2. (3—6s). Play the piano with your feet or strum a massive harp. Explore rhythms and harmonies and learn about sound by playing on huge musical sculptures. Vialdo the Whale Walk inside a 50ft fish (under 5s).

7 Colour Maze Lose yourself in this rainbow

maze (under 5s).

Monkey King Meets the dragon King The Post Office Tent. Sat 2.30pm and Sun 4.30pm. From Beijing. the Chun Miao Troupe in a colourful tale about one of China’s traditional folk heros. The show includes a cast of lavish characters. acrobatics, and breathtaking spectacle. Piccolo Pack Concert The Post Office Tent. Sat 11am. The SCO in ajoumey through the orchestra which. among other things. solves the mystery of the lost chord (7-11s).

Frog and Toad Tent 2. Various times throughout the week and Sat and Sun 11am and 12.30pm. Based on the stories of Arnold Lobel. a show by the Graffiti Theatre from Ireland. Set in a magical world, the two f.iends spend their time exploring their fears and joys (3—6s). The Adventures of Ginocchlo Tent 2. Sat 2.30pm and 4.30pm; Sun 2.30pm. A

weird and wonderful creature made of hands. feet and legs is brought to life by the Teatro Hugo and Ines from italy. This show is full of hilarity and unexpected surprises (7+).

Grandpa’s iiulet Day Tent 3. Tue. Wed. Fri 3.30pm and Sun 2.30pm and 4.30pm. Using puppets and actors, the Out of My Pocket Theatre Company in a show where Grandpa spins some wonderful stories for his grandson. David (3—6s).

Snowflake Tent 3. Sat-Sun 11am and 12.30pm. Described as the Chaplin of the 90s. this clown from America transforms rubbish into props and performs a show full of quirky antics (6+).

Alfreda Abbot’s Lost Voice Tent 3. Sat 2.30pm and 4.30pm. The world premiere of a specially-commissioned piece by Visible Fictions. When Alfreda loses her voice she has to go and queue up at the Lost Voices Office. Someone makes a mistake and the voice she is given is not the one she lost. Adapted from the novel by Jerome Fletcher. Lara Jane Bunting's script is a humorous frolic which looks at the nature of identity (8—12s).

The Cost of Living Tent 3. Sat 7.30pm. A show for older children which looks at growing up in the 90s. Green Thumb. from Canada. present a challenging work for young people in a multi-media production. The show focuses on sexuality. relationships. AlDS and respect for yourself and others. and is followed by a 30-minute discussion led by Rick Waines. Chairperson of the Vancouver Persons with AlDS Society (13+). Sing Along with Mr Boom The Post Office Tent. Mon-Fri 3.30pm; Thurs also 1.45pm. Sat 12.30pm; Sun 11am and 12.30pm. Join in with Scotland's favourite one man band from the Moon. Creche Sat-Sun 10.45am-_5.30pm.

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