I Paul Thnmell, master of the clenched-buttock- annpit-llit gives liim Miller a hand with those tricky high notes in london City Ballet's production oi Romeo And Juliet. See Dance listings.

I Smooth, sexy, with natural rhythm, but hey that's enough about our theatre critic, llarry Connlck Junior’s In tovtn as well. See Jan listings.

I lietenninedly antl- fashion victims Janet McTeer and Imelda Staunton strap on the sensible shoes for another spot at sleuthing in Don’t leave Me This Way on 3861. See TV listings.



‘lt looks as though somebody's bugging the royals. I imagine there's good money in it.’

Untroubled Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke applies the law of the marketplace to Camillagate ll.

‘We had a lawnmower with a powerful motor and very sharp blades which we used for close-ups where limbs and heads were going in and you could see the stuff actually connecting with the blades.‘

Braindead director Peter Jackson on the minutiae of capturing minced Zombies on celluloid.

‘I smoke Regals because they're very strong. The king-sized ones aren’t really as good as the little ones; the tobacco‘s packed in quite a different way. I used to smoke Player's Navy Cut tipped. People like to kid themselves on and smoke these tampons. these things with holes in the filters . . .‘

Smoker is smoker Robbie Coltrane on his taste in tabs.

‘What makes me really cross is the way almost all the beggars and layabouts are men.’

Streetwise Scotland On Sunday columnist Sue Innes gets to the heart of a social problem.

‘We tested it several times hitting it with a fist and an elbow and when he wore it he felt nothing.‘

Lazio club doctors have fun trying out Gazza 's new SOb-Stli‘lli g cheek protector.

‘We are in an era when people want to go out together as a family. It‘s not like the 1980s when there was no togetherness. Family issues have become important and families want to go to the movies.’

Homer sentiments from the Cary Grant of the 90s, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The List 21 May—3 June 1993 3