I Northern Exposure (Channel 4)

lO—l lpm. Adam and Eve decide to get married for the baby’s sake. while Maggie is avoiding Joel like the plague.

I The Men's Room (BBCl) IO. IO—l lpm. Oo-er missus. The raunchy repeats continue with Charity (Han'iet Walter) discovering new heights of sexual passion. apparently. Meanwhile her hubby has got his secretary up the stick.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

l0.35-l 1.20pm. Kaye Adams investigates the claims of spiritualists and mediums. testing well-known psychic James Byme in the studio.


I Coltrane In A Cadillac (Scottish) 8.30—9pm. The fat one reaches joumey’s end but not before catching a football game in Ohio. visiting the Catskills and heading on down to New York.

I Maiden Voyages: USA (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Halifax truck-driving instructor Noreen Hurlin hires a 49-foot rig and tours the highways and truck stops of California. soaking up the culture of the women truckers.

I Taggart (Scottish) 9—lOpm. In typical Taggart style the inept craggy one has three murders to solve in the final episode. with all the clues pointing towards the Grand Ol' Opry.

I it’s A Mad World World World World (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. The Radio 4 series And Now In Colour makes the transition to the small screen with a series of surreal sketches and parodies performed by Flip Webster. Caroline Aheme. Alistair McGowan. Tim De Jongh and William Vandyck.

I 40 Minutes: Prisoner H0397!) (BBC2) 9.30—10. 10pm. The disturbing story of Alan. serving nine years for rape and drug dealing, who appears to have no conscience. remorse or empathy for others. ‘If I thought someone needed a slap. instead of slapping them l'd use a hammer.’ he claims at one point.

(Channel 4) lO—l 1.50pm. The original film of the musical (arriving in Scotland imminently) made in 1956. A reworking of The Tempest it follows the adventures of a spaceship’s crew. sent to investigate the disappearance of an expedition twenty ears previously. I Calllpoll (BBCl) 10.20pm—12. 10am. Mel Gibson and Mark Lee star in Peter Weir’s acclaimed World War I epic. They play two athletes who are determined to join the ANZAC forces fighting in the Dardanelles. but their illusions are shattered when they arrive at the front.


I European Cup Final (Scottish)

7. 10—9. 15pm. Live coverage from Munich’s Olympic Stadium as the mighty Milan take on the stylish Marseilles. Commentary from Brian Moore with duff analysis from lan St John.

I TV Ileroes (BBC 1) 8.50—9pm. Danny Baker examines the godlike genius of Peter Purves. a man whom John Noakes once poked in the eye with a fencing foil. I The Richard EyreSeason: Country (BBC2) 9-lO.20pm. Trevor Griffiths’s play is set in 1945 during the first post- war General Election. In the midst of a

changing nation a wealthy brewing family gather to decide who will head the family business.

I The Golden Palace (Channel 4) lO—iO.30pm. Dorothy (Bea Arthur) pays her old friends a visit. and is soon roped in to helping out in the hotel.

I Film 93 Special (BBCI) 10.20—1 lpm. . Barry Norman hangs arounl in Cannes chatting to the British contingent who are hoping for the coveted Palme D‘Or, and eyeing up the cliquey Yanks from afar.

I “live Cabaret! (Channel 4)

10.30-1 1.20pm. Channel 4‘s blend of the familiar and the bizarre draws to a close with the Doug Anthony All Stars. weirdo Harry Hill. Bob Downe and Kid Creole.


I Rik Mayall Presents . . . Brietest Encounter (Scottish) 9—lOpm. Another comedy drama following the plight of the smooth Greg who reckons he‘s on to a winner having chatted up the tasty Siobhan at a party. He reckons without her intimidating dog Brumus. I The Comic Strip Presents . . . Jealousy (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. A sadly second-rate series of 'comedies’ concludes with Robbie Coltrane and Morag Fullerton's tale of an insanely jealous husband (Peter Capaldi) who goes to ludicrous extremes to spy on his wife (Jennifer Saunders). I Sylvanla Waters (BBC 1) 9.30—l0pm. Laurie faces a vital medical so lays off the tinnies for a couple of weeks. Once the all-clear is sounded it‘s time to go back on the beer. . . I Under The Sun: Boys From Brazil (BBC2) 9.30—10.20pm Trudie Styler (Sting's missus) makes her debut as a TV producer with this documentary about the ‘travesti' - Brazilian transvestite prostitutes who dream of flying to Europe to work the streets. I True Stories: fletum To Everest (Channel 4) 9.35-lO.35pm. Six of the original expedition that conquered Everest in 1953 return to the mountain for a reunion. The cameras were there. along with Lord Hunt and Sir Edmund Hillary. I The Full Wax (BBCl) lO—lO.30pm. The dwarfish American irritant chats to sex therapists about their education videos and to Brooke Shields about the trials of celebrity status.

I DIII NICK: - Revelations (Channel 4) 10.35—11.35pm. The libertarian American comic with a savage streak is caught live in a sell-out performance at the London Dominion.


I ND (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. More arts and entertainments news with Burnett and Forsyth on the case.

I or ouinn, Medicine Woman (Scottish) 8—9.30pm. The feature-length pilot for an outlandish new drama series. starring Jane Seymour as a strong-willed doctor on the American frontier in the I86OS. Opening scenes feature lots of outraged locals mumbling things like ‘God demit, the doc's a wummin . . .' but in the nature of these things she wins them over with her no-nonsense competence as a sawbones. I Europe Express (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. The continental news series with reports from Isabella Stasi Castriota in Rome. Stefan Rybar in Prague and Klaus Schwagrzinna in Berlin.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Carla finds the shame and humiliation too much to bear when she recalls a night of passion with the less-than-luscious Paul.

I Have l Got News For You (BBC2) lO—lO.30pm. Regular skippers Ian Hislop and Paul Merton are joined by newsman John Simpson and comedian Tony Hawks. with Angus Deayton seeing (un)fair play. I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10—l0.30pm. Trauma in the Conner household when Roseanne’s father dies and she has to make arrangements for the funeral.

I live And Let Die (Scottish) lO.40pm—12.50am. More Jane Seymour in a dreary Bond caper from 1973. incidentally Roger Moore‘s first attempt at the role. Voodoo. espionage and racial stereotyping in the Caribbean this time around.


I Movie Nightmares: Frankenstein (Channel 4) ll.lOpm—12.25am. Boris Karloff stars in the 1931 classic directed by James Whale (no relation). with Colin Clive as the fiendish scientist.


I Scottish Cup Final (BBC 1) 12.30—4.40pm. Live coverage from Parkhead as Rangers take on Aberdeen seeking their third trophy of the season. Can they achieve it without cheeky broken-legged marksman Ally McCoist? I Seven Faces or Everest (BBC2)

8—9. lOpm To mark the 40th anniversary of the ascent of Everest. this film takes a fresh look at the history of the mountain. blending interviews. analysis and archive footage.

I Parenthood (BBC2) 8.30—9. 15pm. Yuppie comedy cuteness based on the Steve Martin movie.

I Naive Angry Men (BBC2)

12.35-2. 15am. Another Sidney Lumet perspective on crime in this ground- breaking courtroom drama starring Henry Fonda and Lee J Cobb. In a hot New York court. a jury retires to consider their verdict. on which a teenage boy's life depends.


I Silver Spoon (BBC2) 7.40—8.30pm. Children born on Coronation Day were presented with a silver spoon. Less fortunately for them. the BBC have been following their lives since 1977. These New Elizabethans range from the Assistant Solicitor General in Hong Kong to an idealistic police constable in Liverpool.

I Don’t leave Me This Way (BBCl) 7.50—9.25pm. Janet McTeer and Imelda Staunton reprise their roles as university lecturers turned sleuths in this feature- length sequel to A Masculine Ending. They becomed ensnared in a deadly intrigue when they unite to investigate the disappearance of an old friend.

I Jeeves And Wooster (Scottish)

9-lOpm. Fourth series. with Bertie again resident in New York, but still prone to embarrassing and irksome visits from friends and relatives. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie star.

I Spitting Image (Scottish) 10—10.30pm. Topical satire still short on decent scripts to match the viciousness of the puppets. I MYSTIC Pizza (Channel 4) 9-lO.45pm. Quirky but not unaffecting tale of three pizza-pushing women (Julia Roberts. Annabeth Gish and Lili Taylor), their love-lives and their (hmm) ‘personal growth'. Not as tacky as that sounds. with the setting (a Connecticut fishing village) ofiering plenty of atmosphere.


I Cops On The Box (BBC2) 7pm—12.40am. A whole evening devoted to the history of the boys in blue. as portrayed on TV. Highlights include a classic episode of Z Cars (7pm) shown along with a documentary that examines the influence and accuracy of the long- mnning series. 70s aficionados will fondly remember The Sweeney (8pm). In a repeated episode. Regan has problems with his ‘snout’ (informer to you). Other slots include clips of comedy sketches. and Criminal Records. a report on the rozzers‘ contribution to popular music. See preview.

I Freddie Starr (Scottish) 8—9pm. The hamster-munching. Hitler-impersonating comic offers a whole hour's worth of outdated and embarrassing material.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

10. 15-1 1.05pm. Kaye Adams presents another topical debate.

I llo Stilettos (BBCl) 10.40—11.20pm. Third edition of the live music show. filmed in Cottiers in Glasgow. Eddi Reader's guests include Boston’s Lemonheads.


I The Darling Buds or May (Scottish) 8.30—9.30pm. Repeated bucolic frolics with Pop larking and his nubile brood.

I The Innocent (Channel 4) lO.45pm—12.30am. John Mackenzie’s grim-up-north tale set in a depression mill town. A young epileptic wanders the moors seeking a kingfisher, the bird offering some escape from the human world below. If that sounds like Hovis ad nostalgia mingled with Ker style tweeness. you’re on the right track.

I The Scottish Arts Debate (Scottish) 11.40pm-12.40am. Interested parties air their views on Scotland’s cultural present and future.


I SIII WIIN Brace Morton (Channel 4) l0.30—1 lpm. Glasgow's own master of observational wit starts his four-part investigation into the notion of sin. Unfussy and accessible material with more than a hint of the confessional. See preview.

I E“ (Channel 4) llpm—midnight. More drama of a personal and professional nature with the Channel 10 news- gatherers.


I lillt Mayall Presents . . . Mayday (Scottish) 9—10pm. The third and final film in the Granada comedy series featuring Comic Strip guru Mayall. He plays a best man who find himself heading north on a train after a particularly forgettable stag night. Helena Bonham Carter is his carriage companion. I Sylvaela Waters (BBCl) 9.30—10pm. More fly-on-the-wall footage of the fascinatingly crass Donahers at war and at


I Married WIII Children (Scottish) 1040—] 1. 10pm. Dysfunctional family fun with America's appealineg appalling Bundys.

66 The List 2l May—3 June l993