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All day Sunday - All you can eat For £4.25

and art.’

Eager to squash any talk about the ‘perceived underdevelopment’ ofthe l42 West Regent Street, Glasgow. Tel: 04l-22l 4847 Merchant City’s gap sites, Michie points out that development has been badly hit by the economic downturn. I ‘There is a proposal for developing every gap site,’ she said, ‘it’s just a

" . I question of the climate at the moment.’ ' Work has started on the first stage of I “m "Ml flu“ “’35 redevelopment of the Cochrane Square launched rnto the world of international

site, to build offices. A second stage

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shew-biz on 10 May when Derek will include either offices or Wilson. (.12) won the annual, accommodation according to the t 9 competition to desrgn the Edinburgh prevailing economic climate. I

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exhibited at the Royal Museum of Edinburgh’s Environment week will 251i! year. Shelter are aiming to raise according to a spokesman for Spokes, ' u".

towards their work for the [he cycle campaign. point e

39’500 fammcs and Single People being that a regular bike/train commuter will

money by taking Pa" in the Sponsored had been in operation for only a day

Fringe poster. Derek, who attends I on, so cycflsu took pan in a

inventive and funniest designs from the Strathclyde pTA network, 'The

Scotland dun'ng the Fn'nge kill off much of the cycle/train Sunday 13 June 1993 homeless. Sadly Shelter’s services are out that the ‘concessionary’ £15 per

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walks the)’ m O'EaniSing at Six and ScotRail were unable to say if there

Kinsspeik Sell“)! in Dundee, beat Off symbolic die-in at Waverley Station in competition from 153 other schools to Edinburgh to demonstrate against the become thc founecmh W'm‘er 0f the introduction of a £3 charge for bicycles this Year's competition Will be charges, introduced at the start of I “In” (Stimuli To mark their commuting that currently takes place.’ needed more than ever, with a record week ticket for regular users will mean As The List went to press the scheme different venues on June 6. Details of had been any affect on numbers.

meg“ “1"” mews" f Commenting on Spokes’ criticisms of For details and sponsor forms ring Sue Hollands on n n s we ava‘ a e ’0'" the scheme a spokesman for ScotRail . . "'° . w. firkr)Furley at Shelter on 031 313 1550. said, ‘On longer journeys they normally gfigd, Off mg coupon, belo ,

take. their bikes as part of the pleasure I TN Morohaat cum. is Glasgow’s of the trip and we have to pass on the Please send me Walk for the Whales sponsor forms. new local quarterly newspaper for the cost of that particular trip on the train. _—

Merchant City. A glossy broadsheet That is how railways make their Name

paper, its editorial content reflects the money, by charging for people and Address

concentration of businesses in the area. things to travel by train.’

‘It should help imbue a sense of Bike/train commuters in Strathclyde

community,’ says Fiona Michie of the are unaffected by the scheme as the Postcode Glasgow Development Agency, ’we Regional Council subsidise the network

wanted it to have a format which to ensure that the carriage of bicycles is Rem to; 35“ House, coa|bum, Lanarkshire, MLll ONG. LIST reflected the area’s unique architecture free. -

The List 21 May—31min: l993 5