I Ms Blue (eyed blonde), 25, seeks Mr Red (hot) for some purple passion. chilli pepper optional. wit, height and good music collection essential. Box No 201/ 14.

I Thirty-something non- smoking lesbian seeks friends with sense of humour. 1nto country pursuits. music. books. vegetarian food and the occasional visit to the pub! Box No 201/15.

I Glasgow, thirty-something guy. seeks bi-guys. same age or younger for hill walking. cycling. hostelling adventures. Must be discreet. Box No

201/ 16.

I Everything but the girl,

money. professional job. faraway holidays. education. culture. fit. slim. 5ft 6in. mid- thirties. humorous. Into music. GET. food. theatre. maybe you?

house (Glasgow Southside). car.

Photo essential. Box No 201/17.

I Are you male, 32+, intelligent. creative, sensitive. easy-going. over 5ft 8in. into music, travel. countryside. conversation. laughing at and with life? This female would like to meet you. Glasgow based. Box No 201/18.

I Dulet, friendly, Glasgow male. 29. tall. slim. seeks good- natured. intelligent. non- smoking female for companionship. Likes cycling. hillwalking. travel, eating out. pubs. cinema. concerts. Photo appreciated. Box No 201/19.

I Handsome professional male. 28. tall. slim. educated and great company seeks good-looking. chic. classy female for fun. romance and adventure. Edinburgh area. Photo essential. Box No 201/20.

I Female (early 20s), into AMC. That Petrol Emotion. Trash Cans. Into Paradise etc. Looking for like-minded souls male/female for gigs/pubs/ clubs. Edinburgh/Glasgow. Box No 201/21.

I Edinburgh attractive, intelligent male (39). independent. humorous. easy- going student. enjoys outdoor life. cycling. swimming. theatre. coffee houses. Seeks attractive female (any nationality) for interesting. fun relationship. ALA Box No 201/22.

I Self-employed (but not rich!) Dundee guy (31). short of (intellectual) stimulation and witty company seeks (gay?) friend(s). Likes: Baroque music. volleyball (weird. eh?!). Hunks preferred. but all non-smokers (25—35) welcome. Box No 201/23.

SOMEBODY OUT THERE wants to know you. Write to the PERSONAL'column of The List and find out who!

I Yes, I’m married. Now that's over with. let‘s get together for happy nights out in Edinburgh. 1‘m 33. tall. dark. and looking for a clever. smiling woman. 30—45. Box No 201/24.

I Glasgow boy seeks female playmate for fun times (growed- up type entertainments. too). l’m 35. caring. sincere. educated. professional. into seaside. books. music. conversation. nights out. Photo. phone number please. Box No 201/25.

I Bright, attractive, creative woman (30s). with hedonistic tendencies (more dash than cash). seeks handsome. clever. offbeat man. to share mutual passions for life‘s good things. Photo appreciated. Box No 201/26.

I Edinburgh woman, bright, attractive and enjoying life. likes cinema. comedy and eating out seeks tall. chunky man. similar age. to enjoy all kinds of things with. Box No 201/27.

I There must be more to life! Bored 28-year-old guy. 5ft 6in. reasonably attractive. stylish. seeks special girl who will join me in trying to find out ifthere is. Box No 201/28.

I What does a nice, quiet, considerate bloke need to do to get some affection around here? Male. 25. usual faults. usual interests seeks similar. shortish female. plucky enough to reply. Box No 201/29.

I Sophisticated man seeks sophisticated lady. Honest. reliable man (20). searching for attractive female. 18—21. for enjoyable times. sweet music. Now is the time for me and you. Photo ifpossible. Box No 201/30.

I Beautiful, Glasgowish woman with space in her life for Mozart and Springsteen. mountain tops and champagne in the bath with this 43-year-old male. Can find them all at Box No 201/31.

' I Glasgow-style 1960s tallboy

discarded by previous owner. Slightly damaged by pet cat. seeks matching side broad for fun with furniture and tortuous word play. Box No 201/32.

I Attractive, energetic, Ayrshire lesbian. 47, young at heart. in great shape for age. n/s. enjoys most outdoor pursuits. theatre. romantic evenings. Looking for special lady 35+. Interested please write. ALAWP Box No 201/33.

I Are you wasting 86.400 seconds a day waiting for a different experience? l‘m bisexual. 25. fit. very attractive and wanting a guy with similar attributes for hot-blooded action now! Box No 201/34.

I THE quintessential woman seeks smiling. spontaneous. stylish Adonis. (Burton/Shell suits need not apply.) Send photo/lock of your quiff and small donation/gift please. (1 am worth it . . .) Box No 201/35.

I Any gay men who don’t consider themselves straight- acting. straight-looking. What does it mean anyway? I’m 38. Glasgow. like laffs. reading. Guinness. cinema. video. good times. being safe. Photo. ALA.

Box No 201/36.


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74 The List 21 May—3 June 1993