Filo Basket of Poached Egg with Smoked Haddock and a Chive Cream Sauce to give it its full title is a dish from the a la carte breakfast menu at the Glasgow Hilton. Although it sounds and looks exotic, like many breakfast recipes, it is very simple to prepare. For two people:

‘A plnt double cream

6 chives, chopped finely

black pepper

2 poached eggs

1 filet of smoked haddock, diced

filo pastry

First, to make two filo pastry baskets, take four squares of pastry around three inches each - and brush with melted butter. Take one oi the squares and lay it over a small upturned ovenproof bowl, to form a cup shape. lay a second square on top of it, overlapping so as to make a star of David shape, and give eight points to the edge. ltepeat with the remaining two squares on a second bowl. Bake these in a moderate oven until crisp and golden - takes minutes.

For the sauce, bring cream to the boil and reduce until it coats the back of a spoon. Add the haddock, cook until fish is opaque - again, minutes - add chives and black pepper (salt shouldn’t be necessary). Place a spoonful of the sauce in each filo basket, put a poached egg on top, and spoon the rest of the sauce on top of that. Serve immediately, garnlshed with a sprig of watercress.

Glasgow llilton,

Breakfast is served between 6.30-10.3llam Mon—Sat, 7-10.30am Sun, and is open to non-residents. To eat from the buffet costs £12.50, all h.

Catherine Fellows goes in search of the perfect breakfast.

Breakfast for most people means a snatched cup of tea and a piece of toast or a bowl of cereal. But that is not to say it needs to be dull. Go into any supermarket these days and you‘ll find aisles full of luxury mueslis and psychedelic packets aimed at kids that look more like video games than food. Safeways alone stock over 80 varieties of breakfast cereal, and the range is ever expanding, particularly in the ‘value added' area country crisp with passion fruit. chocolate chip frosties, spaceship shaped shreddies . . . Brunch. on the other hand. is something altogether more civilised, more leisurely. Associated with weekends and holidays. late mornings in bed after later nights before. it can still have the decadent charm of the traditional breakfast - the row of sizzling dishes kept hot under silver lids that most of us have only read about. It is not just an opportunity to eat delicious breakfast foodstuffs kedgeree, scrambled eggs with anchovy




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toast, herby sausages and tomatoes it's the opportunity to eat them all together. to have a feast of incongruous but perfectly complementary bits and pieces: porridge, fruit, cream,juice, B&Bs make a point of offering the full works, but for a really sumptuous spread. the new Glasgow Hilton is hard to beat. The morning buffet there offers back and streaky bacon, beef, pork and game sausages. fruit and black pudding, fried haggis slices, fried. poached and scrambled eggs, potato

‘If an epicure could move by a wish in quest of sensual gratification, wherever he had supped, he would breakfast in Scotland.’ Dr Johnson

coffee, bacon. eggs. mushrooms, hot crusty rolls, croissants and. ideally. sunshine and papers as well.

Somerset Maugham once said that ‘if you want to eat well in England, you must breakfast three times a day'. which, anachronisms not withstanding, adds still more weight to the compliment paid by the usually



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and brunch

grudging Dr Johnson: ‘ln the breakfast, the Scots. whether of Lowlands or mountains. must be confessed to excel us . . . lfan epicure could move by a wish in quest of sensual gratification, wherever he had supped, he would breakfast in Scotland.’ Scotland, after all contributes those breakfast mainstays, porridge and marmalade, not to mention smoked haddock, herrings in oatmeal or kippers. One of


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